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  • The most difficult thing at Lawson Store 100 is … A major survey of the dry menu you want to eat in summer!

The most difficult thing at Lawson Store 100 is … A major survey of the dry menu you want to eat in summer!

Lawson Store 100 Inc. The most difficult thing at Lawson Store 100 is … A major survey of the dry menu you want to eat in summer! ………………………………………………………………………………………… Why don’t you want “spiky things” to make your body crisp when it’s wet and painful. Therefore, we made a major survey on the “dry menu” in “Rawson Store 100” (798 stores / as of the end of April 2019) operated by Lawson Store 100 (Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo). There was also a very hot product that jumped.
■ Speaking of “striking things,” it’s still Kore! Curry department [Image 1: https://prtimes.jp/i/25635/120/resize/d25635-120-673799-1.jpg] VL special curry super hot / chicken and Thai curry (green curry) (each tax-included 108 yen) First of all, curry is a representative of “spiky things.” From this department, I chose these 2 products. “VL Tosho Curry” is a popular series of Lawson Store 100 original that you can enjoy plenty of curry. There are four types, from sweet to spicy, but of course we will introduce the “super hot” of the highest level in the series. This curry, which contains vegetables in a rumbling, is quite normal in appearance, but when you try it, its super hot power bursts out immediately. The irritability of the piri piri first travels around the tongue and then the whole body. Once I felt the pain, I will overlap firmly in my mouth, so I just enjoy the heat-up condition. The unique “excellent hotness” is extremely attractive. It contains plenty of 300g, but the sour taste of tomato is also felt, so the aftertaste is surprisingly fresh. It can be said that it is a super hot curry perfect for summer. [Image 2: https://prtimes.jp/i/25635/120/resize/d25635-120-553889-2.jpg] Next, “Chicken and Thai Curry” is a product of Inaba Food. Package is marked with four peppers, which is also the highest level of hotness in the series. There is a spicy smell when you open the can and you feel like a foreign country. That is also true, it is authentic curry manufactured in Thailand. The sweetness of coconut milk and the well-balanced balance of the pungent flavors that come with it are just the real taste. It also contains a big chicken and Gorogoro, so it’s good to eat. Rather than being hot, it’s hot and cold. It is recommended when you want to enjoy authentic taste easily.
■ I want to be ready! Instant noodle and soup section [Image 3: https://prtimes.jp/i/25635/120/resize/d25635-120-965382-3.jpg] Ace cook special spicy noodle / VL soup vermicelli Korean style chige taste (each, tax-included 108 yen) Then, we introduce two products from the dry menu of instant noodles and soup section. From the package design and its product name, the expectation for hotness is increasing, “Udonuki Noodles” and the calories are low, and it is perfect for filling the belly. [Image 4: https://prtimes.jp/i/25635/120/resize/d25635-120-726429-4.jpg] Umami Noodles are the appetizing colors of the red soup as expected. Every time the soup is included in the mouth, it is pilingly and the stimulus is piled up, and while feeling the sweat on the fine forehead, it is the taste that becomes the other bite and the habit. For example, it has a good garlic flavor and a good balance of pork, scallops and other types of soup, making it a hot and cold soup. On the other hand, it is “VL soup vermicelli Korean style chige taste” that is a bit sober impression. I feel a spicy aftertaste, but it may be the point that it is not too hot. I also recommend the usual dish because it also works well with seafood. It is very convenient if you keep your room in the office, when your body gets cold with a cooler.
■ Various hotness! Retort department [Image 5: https://prtimes.jp/i/25635/120/resize/d25635-120-393009-5.jpg] May 22nd (Wednesday) new release of VL aso mix noodles! / VL clam containing sundub (dry) / VL ground meat with maso tofu (sichuan dried) (each · 108 yen including tax) Then, next time, just mix the noodles with “Va-maze mix noodles ingredients”, just put the tofu and warm-up with “a piece of sundub with dry asari (dry)” and “a raw material with vulp Three kinds of retorts). Both are co-developed products of Nagatanien and Lawson Store 100. The package has a unity design, but the content is quite different from the direction of the hotness, which is an interesting result. [Image 6: https://prtimes.jp/i/25635/120/resize/d25635-120-836486-6.jpg] Photo top left VL Maaze noodle noodle origin / Center VL Asari sundebu origin (dry) / right VL ground minced meat with Makoto tofu (Sichuan style dry) First of all, “VL aso mix noodle noodle” is a new product that has just been released in May and contains 180g (for 2 people). Please eat it with your favorite noodles such as udon, somen and Chinese noodles. Because it is thick and entwined with noodles, the flavor of the spice can be tasted well from the moment it is put in the mouth. After the exciting hotness of chili peppers, the colorful scent of flowers and numbness are spread. Even after eating, there is still the feeling of echoing with gingin, and you can enjoy a different hot taste than pepper alone. The next “VL asari sundub of raw ingredients (dry)” is a Korean dish in which the hot peppers are completely washed out. This is 250g (2 servings). There are two types in this series, medium and hot. From the first bite, pili and pungent stimulate the tongue, but with plenty of clams, you can also enjoy the umami of seafood together. Therefore, it is good as a meal that goes well with Hokahoka rice. You can also enjoy toppings as it is mild when you add egg and cheese. And lastly, “V with ground meat and stuffed with Makoto tofu (Sichuan-style dry)”. It contains 250g (2 to 3 servings), and it contains minced meat, so just putting the tofu and warming it will produce a full-fledged mapo tofu. There are also two types of series here, medium hot and Sichuan dry. The Sichuan-style dry that I chose this time has a flower pot, so it’s also a good flavor and taste. Spicy and numbness are well-matched, and it is a spicy taste that is appetizing.
■ Result of the day! ? Sweets department [Image 7: https://prtimes.jp/i/25635/120/resize/d25635-120-555857-7.jpg] From the top right of the picture clockwise around Bull Duck Spicy Spicy Chicken Taste / Tyrant Habanero / Spicy Spicy Seeds & Peanuts / Spicy Dandon Topo Pokki (each · 108 yen including tax) The last choice is 4 products from the candy department. Out of these sweets, I have found a terribly hot product. A sense of party comes out when four types of snacks are lined up, but such hot snacks are also hidden in this. [Image 8: https://prtimes.jp/i/25635/120/resize/d25635-120-132719-8.jpg] From the top right of the picture clockwise around Bull Duck Spicy Spicy Chicken Taste / Tyrant Habanero / Spicy Spicy Seeds & Peanuts / Spicy Dandon Tokko Pokki First of all, let’s start with “Saikidandontopokki”. Toppokikki is a Korean food that stir-fried thin and thin chopsticks. This Toppokki is reproduced with snacks. The color looks red and it looks hot, but the surface is coated with a blister so that it feels sweet first, and the spicy taste feels so well on the tip of the tongue. It is also a good snack. And the next is “Haunter Habanero” using the hot pepper Habanero, which is quite obvious. The savory texture and the umami of potatoes, and the pungent and habanero pungent trails behind it, it’s recommended for snacks as well as snacks. It’s definitely a snack as a beer partner. And so far, “I’m sorry-” is a product that can be enjoyed laughing. The other two products are recommended products for those seeking straight stimulation. “Bul duck super spicy spicy chicken taste” is the same as “spicy dandontopokki”, and it starts to be started from the moment when you feel sweetness first and think “Oh, what are you alright …” . It should be that “bull” is a Korean word that means “fire”, and it means that “If you eat it, it’s hard enough to blow the fire”. Certainly, if you are offended you can blow a fire from your mouth, it’s so painful that you worry. And “Seriously Hot Seeds & Peanuts” is not hot and cold, but it’s really hot, so it’s hard to hit the whole body. It is said that it is using a super hot pepper called “red bee” of Okinawa that contains 3.4 times as much capsaicin as habanero. The degree of hotness is great too, but it’s amazing how persistent it is. The aftertaste is the strongest class so that you will think, “Because I can not speak forever”. If you like painful things, please try a challenge. As a conclusion, “Bul Duck Spicy Spicy Chicken Taste” and “Straight Spicy Seeds & Peanuts” are the top class hot spots in Lawson Store 100? I came to the conclusion. However, though he was saying hee hee, the magic of the spicy food that the hand stretches out again when it settles down. Is it a naze? Everyone, please try to find “a hard thing of your own” at Lawson Store 100. ※ There are individual differences in how you feel the pain. ※ VL (Value Line) is a private brand of Lawson Store 100. ※ 100 yen is 108 yen including tax. ※ There may not be handling in some stores. ※ All images are images. ※ Package design may be changed. ※ Please search for Lawson store 100 near you here. www.e-map.ne.jp/p/lawson/ ※ Customer inquiries regarding products 0120-07-3963 (Monday to Sunday 9:00 to 17:45)

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