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  • [Adventure Time × Thankyou mart] Sale commemorative event holding!

[Adventure Time × Thankyou mart] Sale commemorative event holding!

[Adventure Time × Thankyou mart] Sale commemorative event holding!
Thank you mart [Adventure Time × Thankyou mart] Sale commemorative event holding! ………………………………………………………………………………… Spring 2019. That popular TV animation “Adventure Time” finally appears in Thank You Mart! \ Opportunity to get items before release! / [Image 1: https://prtimes.jp/i/2319/181/resize/d2319-181-779506-0.jpg] “Adventure Time x Thank You Mart” To celebrate the collaboration product launch, Thankyou Mart Twitter Official Account holds gift proposal. We will present a collaboration can badge (76 mm) scheduled to be released in spring 2019 ahead of time for 10 people. Duration: February 15 (Fri) – March 1 (Fri) of 2019 How to enter: Thank you Mart Twitter Official account “Follow” & Planning tweets “Retweet” Special page: https: //www.390yen.jp/event/index.php? No = 17 The collaboration product lineup will be released sequentially! ◇ Adventure Time Popular all over the world! A boy fin and a close friend Jake are adventurous in a mysterious continent · woo, popular TV animation series. Cartoon Network Original “Adventure Time” started in the United States in 2010 after a pilot version, and won the 1st place (*) of audience ratings at the time of the first nationwide broadcasting in the United States. Broadcast started in May 2012 in Japan. Currently, it is ongoing broadcasting at TOKYO MX 2. [Image 2: https://prtimes.jp/i/2319/181/resize/d 2319-181-910245-1.jpg] [Image 3: https://prtimes.jp/i/2319/181/resize/d2319-181-942861-2.jpg] [Image 4: https://prtimes.jp/i/2319/181/resize/d 2319-181-563609-3.jpg] www.cartoonnetwork.jp TM & (C) Cartoon Network. (S 19) · Adventure time HP: www.cartoonnetwork.jp/cn_programs/microsite/00483 · Adventure Time Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/AdventureTimeJP ◇ Thank you mart Popular Harajuku based petit price clothing garment souvenir shop centered on girls in their teens to twenties. We offer a total of 390 yen (excluding tax) in the store so that young people who want to enjoy fashionable easily and comfortably within the limited budget, are receiving high attention from the media such as magazines and SNS . “Of course all 390 yen in the store, to every day fun Thank you mart” Thank you Mart Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/thankyoumart
■ Sales store · Thank you mart nationwide stores www.390yen.jp/ · Thank you mart web shop [Official Online Shop] www.390yen.jp/39shop/ [Rakuten Market] www.rakuten.co.jp/thank-you-mart/ [Yahoo! Shopping] store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/thankyou-mart/
■ Company profile Elsonic Co., Ltd. 18-13 Toyotsu-machi Suita City Suita, Osaka Prefecture 564-0051 URL: http: //www.elsonic.co.jp/ Thank You Mart 48 stores throughout the country URL: http: //www.390yen.jp/
■ Inquiries concerning this matter Officer: Sano · Maeda Address: 18-13 Toyotsu-machi Suita City Suita, Osaka Prefecture 564-0051 TEL: 06-6339-5539 FAX: 06-6386-8839 E-mail: info@390yen.jp

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