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  • Toshiyasu Sasaki Exhibition Talk event “Dialogue related to Multiple Base Habitation Promotion Conference II Base” will be held – Minami Echizen Town Flow Creation CrossOver

Toshiyasu Sasaki Exhibition Talk event “Dialogue related to Multiple Base Habitation Promotion Conference II Base” will be held – Minami Echizen Town Flow Creation CrossOver

Toshiyasu Sasaki Exhibition Talk event “Dialogue related to Multiple Base Habitation Promotion Conference II Base” will be held – Minami Echizen Town Flow Creation CrossOver
Minami Echizencho Mr. Toshiyasu Sasaki Exhibition Talk event “Dialogue related to Multiple Base Habitation Promotion Conference II Base” will be held – Minami Echizen Town CrossOver Q. Do my parents count to multiple bases? Exploring the essence of ‘base’ from speakers, participants and diverse perspectives ………………………………………………………………………………… Minami Echizen Town Collective Generation Project will be held on Saturday, March 9, 2019 at Creators District, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, “Dialogue on Multi-Site Housing Promotion Conference II Base”. Journalist Toshiyasu Sasaki, who is practicing multi-location residence, and other practitioners in each field welcomed guests as guests to create and support a way of life not to be bound by the place or organization, What is “What is” is a talk event that explores variously. ※ Details · Apply peatix site … https: //kyotenco.peatix.com/ [Image 1: https://prtimes.jp/i/31521/8/resize/d31521-8-696294-0.png] What is “base”? Think about rolling “multi-center habitation” rolling around. JOURNALIST / Mr. Toshiaki Sasaki, a multi-center resident practitioner, invited two people who tried multiple bases (two bases) while playing active at each site to explore the essence of the base by dialogue with two practitioners. We will think about new lifestyles including “multi-center habitation” from a wider angle centering on concrete cases and subjects. [Image 2: https://prtimes.jp/i/31521/8/resize/d31521-8-252060-1.png] Perspective viewpoint of exploring the way of life – What will happen to living with more places? Now, various services that support “multi-center residence” are beginning. Until now, “multipoints” that were only realized among limited people who have conditions, such as people related to special regions, people involved with work at work, and many others’ lifestyle It came up as one of the choices. However, there are various factors other than “Places to live” that influence “where you are”. Liquid creation thinks that it is necessary to arrange various elements such as “base”, “job”, “transportation method” and “rim (community)” in order to realize multi-center residence. These differ from person to person and are very complicated. There is no option to be the best for everyone. This time, we will identify elements related to the base by “Q & A session over 1 hour” with the speakers / participants and we will explore the essence of the “base” for each. A viewpoint of “rural” to review the richness – As part of promoting “related population” In regions where the depopulation of the population is advancing and the crisis of population declines, the idea of ​​’related population’ that shares diverse and unique personnel in multiple regions rather than competing for migrants is widespread. A multipoint resident who wants to play an active part across the region, although it does not settle in the region. I would be happy if you could find out the hints how rural areas can cooperate as one of “related populations”. A viewpoint of a “company” requiring change – I will re-capture inevitable talent flow As the talented people become more fluid, it is becoming more difficult for companies to secure talented personnel and keep them within the company. On the other hand, there are not a few people who want to mobilize human resources – firms belonging to companies or students who will be employed in the future who want to accumulate diverse experiences and careers with subjectivity rather than retrospective. I would like to think together about what people who want to jump over the existing framework can bring to society and business.
◆ Highlights of the event 1) Lecture by Mr. Toshiyasu Sasaki Toshinobu Sasaki talks about the current situation and future prospects of your own multi-site residence. 2) Dialogue related to the base I will think about each question from two guests and everyone from participants with Toshiaki Sasaki one by one concretely. Depending on the content of the question, participants may also ask about discussion tables. We are waiting for Good Question to encourage awareness and discovery. [Hints of questions about bases] · Work × Base? · Community × Base? · Family × base? · Technology × base? · Learning × Base? Etc Please give it along with your own experiences that led to the question.
◆ Recommended for people like this · Who are interested in “Multiple base habitation” that I often hear frequently · People who already practiced 2 bases, multiple bases, no bases etc. · Those who are interested in diversifying working style, way of living · Regional officials who want to accept multipoint residents as related population ※ What is liquidity creation It is a project to verify, advocate, and support a fluid lifestyle that is not tied to a place or organization. Started in 2015 as a regional creation project in Minami – Echizen town in Fukui Prefecture, it consists of a StopOver series that stays in the area with the obligation of Ichiban – ei and acts, and a roundtrip that takes a region over the country for several days by ride sharing. CrossOver is an event held every year in the urban area, and we are carrying out a talk session etc. to think about the fluid lifestyle. Event overview
◆ Date and time Saturday, March 9, 2019 from 19: 00 to 21: 00 Opening · Opening reception … 18: 30 A place Creator’s District Jimbocho www.koujiyahakokikou.com/2013/05/storage.html 4 minutes on foot from Jimbocho station A5 exit 4-minute walk from Ogawa-machi station B 5 exit 4 minutes on foot from Shin-Ochanomizu Station B 5 exit 6 minutes on foot from Ochanomizu Station Ochanomizu Hashiguchi
◆ Introduction of the speaker (honorific title omitted) Takeshi Sasaki (Sasaki · Toshinao) A writer / journalist. Born in Hyogo Prefecture in 1961. Aichi Prefecture Okazaki high school graduate, Waseda University Political science department department dropped out. After Mainichi Shimbun and others, he became independent in 2003, he covers, writes, and disseminates a wide range of technologies to politics, economics, society and lifestyle. Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications Communication White Paper Editorial Board. “And life becomes a community.” Many books such as the liberty of the 21st century – the era of “gentle realism” “the era of curation”. Twitter’s followers are about 780,000 people. [Image 3: https://prtimes.jp/i/31521/8/resize/d31521-8-280408-5.jpg] Ezami Zehiru (え 本 · じ ゅ り) Born in 1990. I live in Hyogo prefecture and live in Tsukuba city, Ibaraki prefecture. up Tsukuba Woman, a joint venture company for here representative, editor of the Tsukuba economic newspaper, director of Radio Tsukuba. While working as an office worker in Tokyo, we are involved in setting up a neighborhood “Sina and Ippei” as a neighborhood gathering. Then the same cooking space management in the same Ikebukuro. June 2018 Tsukuba established a joint company for here. I moved to Tsukuba in the summer. We operated co-working “up Tsukuba” in front of the station from October. While entering and leaving local media launching and management and community FM, we are expanding our work both inside and outside Tsukuba. [Image 4: https://prtimes.jp/i/31521/8/resize/d31521-8-168631-3.jpg] Izuo Satoshi (Ichuoka) I work for IT company in Tokyo. After working in SE, I transferred to the employee education department. I got a career counselor qualification from my own troubled experience. Since then, engaged in human resources department. The two bases are oriented, and the vacant house in Nara prefecture where grandparents lived is named “book center”, and once in every two months, working with local friends. Currently I also helped manage “Senpaku Bookbase” (Matsudo city in Chiba Prefecture) and “BookshopTraveller (Shimokitazawa)”, learning about the “book” knowledge. [Image 5: https://prtimes.jp/i/31521/8/resize/d31521-8-841736-4.jpg] Sakiko Araki (Aki · さ ち こ) I am from Yokohama city. He belongs to a consulting unit for five years at a SIer company in Tokyo. From the experiences of the Great East Japan great earthquake disaster, in order to explore ways to live without being threatened by the fluctuations of the big society, I will act as a regional cooperation party of Minami-Echizen town in Fukui prefecture from 2013, and from 2015 the official project of Minami Echizen town ” start. FlowLife Laboratory is examining and advocating social and individual liquidation. [Image 6: https://prtimes.jp/i/31521/8/resize/d31521-8-595888-6.jpg]
◆ Time schedule 18: 30 opening, reception starts 19:00 opening 19: 10 Mr. Toshiyasu Sasaki Lecture 19: 30 Liquid creation explanation 19: 50 Dialogue around the base ___ 0 20:50 Summary, Information 21: 00 Termination ※ The details may be changed.
◆ Registration fee ¥ 2,000 per person
◆ Application kyotenco.peatix.com ※ Please apply in advance at Peatix. Organizer Minami Echizen Town Office
◆ Planning · Administration · Inquiries Flow creation management team / FlowLife Laboratory Representative: Sachiko Araki Email: n.perditi65@outlook.com Liquid creation Official website URL: http: //ryudou-sousei.jp/

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