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  • The job change site “Tamariba” specializing in “Kagoshima” released on Monday, July 1, 2019!

The job change site “Tamariba” specializing in “Kagoshima” released on Monday, July 1, 2019!

Tamariba Corporation The job change site “Tamariba” specializing in “Kagoshima” released on Monday, July 1, 2019! A career change site for mid-career hires who want to work in Kagoshima ………………………………………………………………………………………… Tamariva Co., Ltd. (Head office: Takeshi, Kagoshima City 1-chome 24-11, Representative Director: Koji Shimotamari) is a Kagoshima-based career change site “Tamariba” that provides information on attractive companies and people in Kagoshima. Will be open from Monday, July 1, 2019.
■ Web service outline We will provide mid-career and regular-employment jobs specializing in Kagoshima. www.tamariba.co.jp ※ It is released from Monday, July 1, 2019 Service fee: Free (Please contact us for listing of companies)
■ Features of career change site “Tamariba” 1. A career change site for people who want to work in Kagoshima. 2. Recruitment information updated daily. 3. Business philosophy, working colleagues, rewards, gender ratio, age ratio etc. 4. Tamariba’s staff were born in Kagoshima and grew up in Kagoshima. This job is carefully selected by staff familiar with Kagoshima. 5. We also support job change activities such as interview guidance and CV correction.
■ Future development Recruitment and recruitment events are held while managing job change sites. It is a career change activity that tends to be lonely, but in Tamariba you can find jobs that match your wishes and skills. Some companies, such as projects, managerial staff, and hiring of executives, can not open to the public without hiring job information. In such a case, based on the experience and hope of registered people, we will inform you of private information individually. Please consult with I / U-turns.
■ Background of birth Make Kagoshima healthy through employment. Young people say, “There is no attractive company in Kagoshima,” and they move out of the prefecture, and even after an age that is conscious of the local community, they can not return because they have no work. By the way, is it really so? Although we have many companies and attractive people with uniqueness in Kagoshima, we have become aware of the problem that useful information can not be delivered to people in need. We hope that the city of Kagoshima will become more enjoyable as we send out the real of the area and create opportunities for companies, people and people to meet. As a human resources department in Kagoshima, we will strengthen Kagoshima through employment so that a society full of hope can be created in Kagoshima.
■ Company Profile Business name: Tamariba, Inc. Representative: Representative director Koji Shimodama Location: 〒 890-0045 Kagoshima City Takeshi 1-chome 24-11 Established: April 1, 2019 Business description: General human resources service Capital: 5 million yen URL: www.tamariba.co.jp/ Vision: Become the most needed in the human resources field in Kagoshima. [Contact regarding this matter] Tamariba Corporation Iwakiri Rei (Iwakiri Aya) TEL: 099-297-5007 E-mail: iwakiri@tamariba.co.jp FAX: 099-297-5007 “Tamariba” where people, work and information of Kagoshima gather

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