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  • 【Morinaga Milk Industry Co., Ltd.】 “Juré ORANGE with fruit and mineral” New release in Japan from March 19 (Tue)

【Morinaga Milk Industry Co., Ltd.】 “Juré ORANGE with fruit and mineral” New release in Japan from March 19 (Tue)

【Morinaga Milk Industry Co., Ltd.】 “Juré ORANGE with fruit and mineral” New release in Japan from March 19 (Tue)
Morinaga Milk “Jure ORANGE with fruits and minerals” New release in Japan from March 19 (Tue) “Morinaga Jure” series “Fruit and minerals jelly” From the coloring, fragrance, preservatives, artificial sweetener-free material taste gained, gentle hydration Jelly ………………………………………………………………………………… Morinaga Milk Industry will release a jelly-oriented jelly drink for children from around 1 year old “Jure ORANGE featuring fruits and minerals” from March 19th (Tuesday) across the country. [Image: https://prtimes.jp/i/21580/288/resize/d21580-288-173477-0.jpg] <Morinaga Milk Industry Pregnancy and Child Care Information Site<Official Facebook PAGE GROUPSIn recent years, the baby food market has expanded due to women's social advancement and nuclear familization due to the declining birthrate, but the baby food population is decreasing, and in 2017 the baby food sales volume is recorded in 2017 I did (* 1). Among them, the "Morinaga Jure" series, a pioneer of children's jelly drinks using straw-containing pouch containers in Japan, has been promoting "vegetables more! Fresh juice" after 2015 "fruit delicious juice" "Juré with fruit and mineral" has grown and expanded, with the manufacturer shipment price more than twice the previous year in FY 2017, more than 1.5 times in the previous year compared with the previous year in the period from April to December 2018 We are driving the jelly drink market for children (* 2). "Juare which can be fruit and mineral" is a product developed based on the concept of "gentle hydration supplemented juice" which deliciousness of the material was lived. It does not use coloring matter, perfume, preservatives, artificial sweetener, but uses the natural ingredients of the three kinds of fruits to moisturize your child's thirst. The new product "Juare ORANGE with fruits and minerals" blends well-balanced oranges oranges, oranges and cherries in a well-balanced, refreshing taste. It adopts a pouch container with a straw easy to drink in hand, and even for children from around 1 year old, it designs products that are easy to drink by yourself. By all means, please try your child's daily hydration. ※ 1 Baby Food Association Production Statistics From January to December 2017, amount basis ※ 2 According to our company Click here for details prtimes.jp/a/?f=d21580-20190218-6128.pdf 1. Product features 1. It is a jelly drink with a gentle taste that makes use of the materials of three kinds of fruits. 2. Jelly like children’s drinking easier, you can easily rehydrate with a sense of snack. 3. 100 g design drinking lot (1.4 times as much as our “jujube”). 4. We do not use coloring, perfume, preservatives, artificial sweeteners, we stick to the original taste of the ingredients, finished in a gentle taste. 5. It is a pouch container with a straw easy to drink in hand. I will support “I want to drink myself!” Of a child from around 1 year old. Because it is easy to carry, it is also ideal for hydration at the time of going out. Considering the prevention of accidental ingestion, we adopted a large cap. We mixed well with the oranges oranges, oranges and cherries in a well-balanced manner, and finished in a refreshing refreshing taste. 2. Product Summary 1. Product name Juré with fruit and mineral ORANGE 2. 14% mixed juice beverage (jelly beverage) by type 3. Packaging form Cheerpack 4. Contents 100 g 5. Calories 30 kcal (per 100 g) 6. Storage method Normal temperature 7. Shelf life 9 months 8. Main Target From the age of about 1 year ago 9. Main sales area Baby specialty store, drug store 10. Suggested retail price 160 yen (excluding tax) 11. Release date · District March 19 (Tue) · National 12.JAN Coat 4902720 137805

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