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  • 【KCCS】 About launching the new plan “ekul lite” using the IoT network “eig” of the simple data measurement service “Sigfox”

【KCCS】 About launching the new plan “ekul lite” using the IoT network “eig” of the simple data measurement service “Sigfox”

【KCCS】 About launching the new plan “ekul lite” using the IoT network “eig” of the simple data measurement service “Sigfox”
KCCS About the launch of the new plan “ekul lite” using the IoT network “Sigfox” of the simple data measurement service “ekul” ………………………………………………………………………………… Osaka Gas Co., Ltd. (President & CEO: Takehiro Honjo, hereinafter “Osaka Gas”) announced that Kyocera Communication System Co., Ltd. (President: Yoshihito Kurose, hereinafter referred to as ” “Ekulite” (hereinafter “new plan”) utilizing IoT network “Sigfox (SIGFOX)” featuring low price, low power consumption and long distance transmission developed by “KCCS” It will begin on April 1st. The Daigas Group develops services that enable information visualization and energy saving control by utilizing information and communication technology (ICT), such as “Enforeflex (* 1)” and “More save (* 2)”. From July 2016, we developed ekul, a simple data measurement service for business customers, and received high popularity as an inexpensive measurement service from a wide range of customers. In recent years, the use of IoT has attracted attention as a solution to social problems such as low birthrate, aging population, shortage of manpower, environment and energy issues, and there are many customers who wish to proceed with the introduction of IoT simpler and cheaper As a result, we will start a new plan for customers who wish to start with a small score measurement. KCCS monopolizes the IoT network “Sigfox” provided by Sigfox S.A. of France exclusively in Japan. “Sigfox” is a network representing LPWA (Low Power Wide Area) (* 3), developed in 60 countries mainly in Europe and the United States, and KCCS provides infrastructure building and network service in Japan. We have been promoting area construction since the start of service in February 2017, and the population coverage rate is 90% in November 2018, and we are expanding the area aiming at 97% in the summer of 2019. The service utilizing “Sigfox” is developed by 425 company-wide Sigfox partners nationwide, and it is utilized in a wide range of fields such as watching service for elderly people and children, remote meter reading of water meters, introduction of water level / rainfall monitoring system It is progressing. The main features of the new plan are as follows. 1. Simple device configuration With battery-powered and simple device configuration, the measuring instruments directly communicate with the Sigfox base station and transmit measurement information, which makes space saving and cheaper, and IoT introduction is possible with simple installation work. 2. Introduction of instrument that can select any installation location by battery drive By adopting “Sigfox” featuring low power consumption and long distance transmission, measuring instruments became available for battery-powered and wireless use, making it less susceptible to restrictions on power supply / signal wiring and installation location. 3. Conventional ‘ekul’ service function is also available You can also use the function to check the measured data at any time (* 4) via the Internet and the excessive energy monitoring function. It is also possible to combine non-energy data measurements (* 5). Moreover, it can be used in combination with the conventional “ekul” measuring instrument. Both companies will continue to contribute to the customer’s business development with various services. (* 1) This service provides visualization of the driving situation of Gas Engine Heat Pump (GHP) and Small Gas Cogeneration System “Genelight” of gas heating and cooling systems and energy saving control of GHP. (* 2) Simple BEMS that measures customer’s energy usage status and controls energy saving. It is relatively inexpensive, easy to install, expand and customize, such as browsing the usage situation using the Internet. (* 3) It is a generic name of wireless communication technology that can communicate with the distance of km with less power consumption. Since it is possible to deliver radio waves to base stations collecting data while suppressing battery consumption of equipment, it is attracting attention as being a technology that is particularly useful for IoT (Internet of Things). (* 4) Limited to our service implementation time zone excluding maintenance time etc. (* 5) Please prepare the measuring instruments that emit the electric signals for additional measurement by the customer. About “ekul lite” plan (1) New plan start date April 1, 2019 (2) Fee · Standard service charge One measuring instrument (Up to 2 points can be measured per unit): 3,000 yen / month (tax excluded, annual payment) · Standard installation cost: 42,000 yen (tax excluded, one installed, first initial payment) (3) Service image [Image 1: https://prtimes.jp/i/9956/101/resize/d9956-101-951011-0.png] (4) Measurement equipment image [Image 2: https://prtimes.jp/i/9956/101/resize/d9956-101-231764-1.png] Instrument (left) / Battery box (right) (5) logo [Image 3: https://prtimes.jp/i/9956/101/resize/d9956-101-861514-2.png]
■ Outline of Osaka Gas Company name: Osaka Gas Co., Ltd. Headquarters location: Osaka-shi Osaka-shi Chuo-ku Hirano-cho 4-2 chome 1-2 Establishment: April 1897 Representative: President and Representative Director Takehiro Honjosu Main business contents: Manufacture and supply of gas, Sales of LPG, Power generation and sale of electricity, etc.
■ Outline of KCCS Company name: Kyocera Communication System Co., Ltd. Head office location: Kyoto Prefecture Kyoto shi Fushimi-ku Taketadakeba-cho 6 Establishment: September 1995 Representative: President and Representative Director Yoshihito Kurose Main business: ICT, communication engineering, environmental energy engineering, management consulting
■ About “ekul” service (1) Service start date July 1, 2016 (2) Fee · Standard service charge Gas 1 point · electric 1 point measurement: 5,000 yen / month (excluding tax, yearly payment) Additional measurement 1 point: 1,000 yen / month addition (excluding tax, yearly payment, maximum 20 points) · Standard installation cost: 60,000 yen (tax excluded, in the case of initial lump-sum payment) (3) Service image [Image 4: https://prtimes.jp/i/9956/101/resize/d9956-101-144482-3.png] (4) logo [Image 5: https://prtimes.jp/i/9956/101/resize/d9956-101-403535-4.png] * The contents of the service may be changed without notice. ※ Product name and company name are trademarks or registered trademarks of each company.

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