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  • [NC Japan Ltd.] “Lineage 2” has already played! ? We will deliver the charm of the ADEN server opened on 2/27! If you haven’t played yet, come and enjoy it!

[NC Japan Ltd.] “Lineage 2” has already played! ? We will deliver the charm of the ADEN server opened on 2/27! If you haven’t played yet, come and enjoy it!

[NC Japan Ltd.] “Lineage 2” has already played! ? We will deliver the charm of the ADEN server opened on 2/27! If you haven’t played yet, come and enjoy it!
To the press people NC Japan Ltd. “Lineage 2” has already played! ? We will deliver the charm of the ADEN server opened on 2/27! If you haven’t played yet, come and enjoy it! ………………………………………………………………………………………… NC Japan Co., Ltd. (Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Kim Tek-hon), who provides and operates the online game “Lineage 2” for PCs, will be released on February 27, 2019 A new server “ADEN” (hereinafter referred to as “Aden”) specialized in solo play was opened in 2 Classic Services. Two weeks have passed since the opening, and we will re-send the appeal of the successful “Aden Server”. [Image 1: https://prtimes.jp/i/1868/1298/resize/d1868-1298-427760-0.png] 挨 拶 Greetings from Lineage 2 Japan General Producer Arai≫ [Image 2: https://prtimes.jp/i/1868/1298/resize/d1868-1298-31257-2.jpg] Lineage 2 is 15 years from the service start this year. We took a new step in the “Aden Server”, which opened on February 27th. Aden Server is a new server that focuses on “hunting”, the origin of Lineage 2. Aden server is about 10 times faster (*) than existing Classic servers because it can be concentrated on hunting. I would be glad if you could not take the time to enjoy your character development on the Aden server. There is no doubt that you can not get out of the Aden server with comfortable gameplay! In the future, we will operate to become “Lineage 2” that is loved by everyone. I look forward to working with you. ※ We compare in play time until actual level up [Aden server review] If you’ve been playing long ago, of course, you’re a must see if you haven’t played yet! ! We will promise comfortable play with smooth growth and UI that has completely eliminated waste, as it is, with the solid story of Lineage 2! ! «Features of Aden server» 1) Play fee free! 2) The automatic hunting function can train even those without time! 3) Completely improve the inconvenience such as movement in the game and how to use consumable items, enabling rich play! 4) Dokan and experience points instantly get in the new system [magic lamp]! [Image 3: https://prtimes.jp/i/1868/1298/resize/d1868-1298-365601-2.jpg] ※ State of game play in aden server << Please see here for details of Aden server event2.ncsoft.jp/1.0/lineage2classic/1902adenOpen/
◆ If you start now! Receive luxurious privileges and enjoy Lineage 2! We will be waiting for you to prepare luxurious benefits as Aden Server OPEN Commemoration! 1) Simply log in to the game and get items GET! “Aden server only! Attendance check” www.ncsoft.jp/lineage2classic/news/notice/view?bbsNo=3251&articleNo=894 2) GET additional items according to login time! “Update commemorative! Login campaign” event2.ncsoft.jp/1.0/lineage2/1902loginCampaign/ 3) Limited time! Crisp level up with bright red weapons! “Newcomer adventurer support package” www.ncsoft.jp/lineage2classic/news/notice/view?bbsNo=3251&articleNo=893 4) Get items once a day for free! “ADEN charge station” www.ncsoft.jp/lineage2classic/news/notice/view?bbsNo=3251&articleNo=918 5) Give to the brave men of the Aden continent who have started a new adventure! “Newcomer adventurer support mission” www.ncsoft.jp/lineage2classic/news/notice/view?bbsNo=3251&articleNo=892 Take this opportunity to take a new adventure on the Aden server. 【Special site is here】 event2.ncsoft.jp/1.0/lineage2classic/1902adenOpen/
◆ Amazon gift card wins! Under video contest holding! [Image 4: https://prtimes.jp/i/1868/1298/resize/d1868-1298-929673-3.png] 【Holding period】 After regular maintenance on March 6, 2019 (Wed)-Before regular maintenance on April 3, 2019 (Wed) 【Overview】 Lineage 2 Classic Service We are looking for YouTube videos featuring Aden Server. After posting the video to your own YouTube account, you can participate in the contest by entering the video sharing URL and required information from the dedicated application form on the special site. The genre does not matter if it is a play video of aden server! We look forward to receiving many applications such as live-action videos, super-play videos, PVPs, news videos and more! For those who do not know Aden Server, the point that it is a video that conveys the attraction of Aden Server is the evaluation criteria. 【prize】 The best award for one Amazon gift voucher for 300,000 yen Excellence Award for 2 people Amazon Gift Voucher for 50,000 yen Participation award Amazon gift certificate 500 yen (100 first arrivals) ※ Please confirm the details and notes about the post on the following special site. 【Special site is here】 event2.ncsoft.jp/1.0/lineage2/1903movieContest/
■ Game outline A work created as a story about 100 years ago of “Lineage” representing NCSOFT, a dwarf, an elf, an MMORPG in which familiar tribes appear in western fantasy such as oak. In Japan, it is called by nickname such as “Rine” and “Rine 2 (Rinetsu)”. Even though it is easy to progress the game with just a mouse click, massive siege battles and raid punishments that take part in the clan (alliances and alliances) community are a masterpiece. In addition, there are a number of great songs created along the worldview. Currently, you can enjoy two types of “Live Service”, which has been updated since the service, and “Classic Service”, which provides the initial world of the service. [Image 5: https://prtimes.jp/i/1868/1298/resize/d1868-1298-691458-4.jpg] Lineage 2 live service official site www.ncsoft.jp/lineage2/ Lineage 2 Classic Service Official Site www.ncsoft.jp/lineage2/ Lineage 2 Official Twitter Account https://twitter.com/lineage2_FS Lineage 2 LINE @ QR code [Image 6: https://prtimes.jp/i/1868/1298/resize/d1868-1298-469005-5.png] NC Japan official YouTube: www.youtube.com/user/NCsoftJP? Sub_confirmation = 1 Copyright (C) NCSOFT Corporation. NC Japan KK was granted by NCSOFT Corporation. The right to publish, distribute and transmit Lineage (R) II. Lineage (R) II and Lineage II Epic tale of Aden (TM) are registered trademarks of NCSOFT Corporation. in Japan. All rights reserved. ※ The contents of this press release are as of March 12, 2019. The schedule may be changed due to various circumstances. [Image 7: https://prtimes.jp/i/1868/1298/resize/d1868-1298-369809-6.jpg]

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