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  • 【Press Release Notice】 Trend Express, New Service “Trend Movie” Started

【Press Release Notice】 Trend Express, New Service “Trend Movie” Started

【Press Release Notice】 Trend Express, New Service “Trend Movie” Started
Hotlink Trend Express, a new service “Trend MOVIE” started Expand product recognition to Chinese consumers · Create the most effective “video content” currently at present for brand image formation based on SNS reviews tailor-made and implement thorough diffusion promotion at SNS! ………………………………………………………………………………… Trend Express Co., Ltd. (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO Tomonari Hamano, hereinafter: Trend Express), a hot link group that carries out market research and promotion based on social big data and cross-border EC support, , We will launch a new service called “Trend Movie (Reading: Trend Movie)”, which will create high-impact video content for consumers’ purchasing behavior in China and will expand product recognition through SNS. Based on SNS data (word of mouth) analysis which is our strength, we have high information spreading ability, and it is KOL (synonymous with key opinion leader, synonymous with influenceer) suitable for product brand concept We compiled productions and campaign planning in Weibo into one package product, making it easier for companies to conduct promotion to China for the first time.
■ Background of New Service Expansion In recent years, cross-border EC between Japan and China has been booming against the backdrop of strong growth in inbound and growth of the EC market represented by “single day” on 11th November, active participation of social buyers (see reference material) We are exhibiting. In the Chinese market where information distribution by word-of-mouth communication etc. such as posting SNS is popular, cases where promotion that adopted KOL with high influence at SNS is carried out is often seen, while promotion stays in transient measures, product brand value There are not many cases contributing to the sustained growth of the current situation. Trend Express has provided support for about 100 Chinese firms, mainly Japanese companies, through “Trend PR”, a service that provides one-stop services from content creation to measurement of effect based on unique SNS analysis I have done it. “Trend MOVIE” announced this time will strategically produce video content that is likely to cause proliferation of reviews that greatly affect product recognition and brand image formation in current China through SNS analysis and KOL cooperation , SNS diffusion promotion, SNS analysis after the measures are performed, thereby operating the PDCA cycle package service. In the future, as a new main service aligning “trend movies” with “trend PR”, for companies looking to enter new markets in the Chinese market, enterprises looking to introduce new products to the Chinese market etc. I will prospect. Features of “Trend MOVIE” 1. Policy analysis and problem extraction by word of mouth analysis are possible For multifaceted analysis of posting data (word of mouth) on China’s SNS about goods to be marketed in the Chinese market, we can find consumer insight (potential needs) for the product. We will promote measures that make use of them, and then analyze reviews that have appeared afterwards, we will turn the PDCA cycle. 2. Produced KOL appeared video content based on consumer insight etc derived from word-of-mouth analysis, disseminated from KOL! In addition to the findings of the word-of-mouth analysis, KOL’s knowledge is also made, and movie contents that the product feature most easily transmits is produced. KOL appeared and appeared as objective information easily and sticking to consumer needs by sending video content including product usage scenes and before-after comparisons from KOL’s account. KOL will propose optimum human resources such as top class and engagement efficient KOL. 3. KOL Video content and campaign information thoroughly diffused by SNS (Weibo)! Campaign plan using the keyword formulated based on word-of-mouth analysis as a hashtag and thorough proliferation of the produced KOL video content on Weibo. By collecting postings containing keywords on the topic page on Weibo, we will construct it so that it can be used as a delivery base of product PR even after the campaign. The number of video content playback is about 3 million times, Weibo topic page viewing number is expected to be about 5 million PV. <"Trend MOVIE" service logo / overview image diagram> [Image 1: https://prtimes.jp/i/2235/186/resize/d2235-186-905478-1.jpg] [Image 2: https://prtimes.jp/i/2235/186/resize/d2235-186-734029-0.jpg] Based on the mission “Connect people and the world”, Trend Express will continue to promote the understanding of global markets and consumers through the use of social big data and implement support for the success of customers’ global business I will do it. * HP press release page URL (We prepare download materials etc. for corporate officials) www.trendexpress.jp/news/20190219-2 【About Trend Express Co., Ltd.】 Trend Express offers promotion based on consumer insight (potential needs) analyzed from social big data (word of mouth), cross-border EC support project, web media management. As a general rule, by conducting a word-of-mouth analysis before and after the measures to be offered, we are realizing the operation of the PDCA cycle of marketing that is not only temporary but also highly self-contained. Location: Fujimi 1 – chome, Chiyoda – ku, Tokyo 3 – 11 Fujimi Duplex Biz 5th Floor Representative Director and President: Tomonari Hamano (Hamari no Hatari) Business description: (1) Market survey and analysis using social big data around the world · Demand forecast for inbound consumption · Insight analysis of overseas consumers · Company brand survey · competition survey · Marketing strategy formulation analysis etc. (2) PR and promotion based on social big data analysis (3) Edit / issue marketing media for China “China Trend Express” (cte.trendexpress.jp/blog/) (4) Cross-border EC support (Sales, CS compliance, logistics, promotion, operation of cross-border EC X (cross)) 【Reference information】
■ What is “social buyer”? · Social buyer is a person who buys goods individually in Japan, introduces product features · feeling of use etc. (posted as a review) to consumers (own SNS follower) using SNS such as “WeChat” It is a collective name of those who sell. It is said to be the fire of the “bombshell boom” that became a topic in about 2014. · Because social buyers do not trade unless trust is obtained from SNS users, “sophisticated explanation / question correspondence”, “clear price setting”, “prompt delivery of goods” etc. are competed among social buyers It is widely acknowledged by consumers as “a way to get real genuine at ease”.

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