Living in the only one art town

Living in the only one art town
To the press people Takumi Co., Ltd. Development I live in the only one art town … in daily life, play Gokoro and color ~ ………………………………………………………………………………………… Founder Takumi Pioneer (Chiba: Chiba Prefecture, Chiba Prefecture; Representative Director: Hideyuki Kudo), which boasts a residential area development track record of more than 3,800 blocks for 30 years, is a newly built detached house for sale in all seven residences in Wakaba Ward, Chiba City, Chiba Prefecture. We started selling land “La la Wakaha Sakuragi”. [Image 1:] Local street The newly-painted detached housing site “Ara La Wakaba Sakuragi”, a town inspired by the city planning of Portland, the state of Oregon, is drawing attention, and the cityscape has been completed. Portland is ranked No. 1 in the US as a city where people and eco-friendly cities live. “Ara La Wakaba Sakuragi” was designed based on Portland’s green environment and the idea of ​​a living environment and art design with community formation. Large numbers on the outer wall art paint house numbers. Only one design by drawing things unique to each house. In addition, there is a hidden art with a picture of the monster “7 Patterned Dwarfs” near the entrance of each house and on the outer wall. The monster means “Gnorm: a fairy who controls the ground” and is drawn with the concept that seven dwarfs with different personalities gather and live in one city.
Four shares form [Shared community] 1. Share of space [Image 2:] community It is possible to color the city with art paint just because it is a “common passage” that has signed an architectural agreement with Chiba City. If art eventually fades, residents will gather and perform regular maintenance to create a community repair facility. Residents can also freely draw art with chalk.
2. Share of greening environment [Image 3:] Cityscape
We planted evergreen Shima Tonerico to be a rich city. We have created an environment where people can seek healing and gather easily.
3. Share of DIY tools [Image 4:] Sharing post Installed a tool library (sharing post). You can share books and old clothes you have read, and the nature and community will expand.
4. Share of values [Image 5:] Local street We unified the appearance of the house and the color scheme of the exterior and made it a one-of-a-kind landscape design full of play Gokoro. By unifying the design, the city becomes one, and the values ​​of the residents are shared, making it a livable city. Through these “sharing communities,” children’s free ideas create many unique stories. Early childhood experiences are said to have a major impact on their subsequent growth. It is also said that the presence of art in everyday life enhances sensitivity and sense as well as communication and expression that are required after leaving the society. And we have created a mechanism that naturally creates a community for all people living here, not just children. “Ara La Wakaba Sakuragi” is not a full-blown city design, but aims to create an art-designed city that takes advantage of the characteristics of that land.
[Artist introduction] [Image 6:] Artist Nozu Akira Nozu Akira I am from Shimane Prefecture. After graduating from high school, he entered California State University Long Beach and graduated in art (graphic design) major. We have won awards in various chalk art contests while attending school and know the fun of live art. After graduation he worked in California as a graphic designer and painter. After 10 years, I am currently working in Japan. [Origin of the name of “ara · la”] Ara La is a series of single-family homes produced by Takumi Development. With the meaning of the sun (ara) · a path (la) in the language of Hawaii region, the image of a life full of light, aiming for the special living space and the cityscape of everyone who lives there, “the sun and a path It was named = “ara la la”.
● Property details [Name for sale by lot] Ara · La Wakaha Sakuragi 【Open House】 Every weekend, holidays are available from 9:00 to 18:00 on weekdays. 【Special site】 【Address, access】 1784-1 Wakaba-ku, Chiba City A 19-minute walk from Chiba Monorail Sakuragi Station ※ There is a parking lot, so you can come by car. [Seller] Takumi Co., Ltd. Development 【Contact Us】 Toll free number 0120-957-927 【Corporate Site】

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