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  • 【HJ Holdings Co., Ltd.】 Programming Education Program “Mezase! Programming Star-Prosta ★ Kids Large Assembly-“-Launched on Hulu from April 6 (Saturday)

【HJ Holdings Co., Ltd.】 Programming Education Program “Mezase! Programming Star-Prosta ★ Kids Large Assembly-“-Launched on Hulu from April 6 (Saturday)

【HJ Holdings Co., Ltd.】 Programming Education Program “Mezase! Programming Star-Prosta ★ Kids Large Assembly-“-Launched on Hulu from April 6 (Saturday)
To the press people HJ Holdings Ltd. Programming Education Program “Aim! Programming Star-Pross ★ Kids Large Assembly-“-Launched on Hulu from April 6 (Saturday) …………………………………………………………………………………………

With the IOT * / AI showing remarkable progress since April of this year, NTV plans and produces content that deals with “programming” that has a hot eye on it. Programming will be a compulsory subject in elementary school from April 2020. In Japan, where there is a concern for lack of IT personnel, it is considered as one of the important roles of TV stations to convey the essence of programming thinking and programming to Japanese children, and it will start one year ago, ahead of 2020. The content will be distributed by BS TELE TV and Hulu. At BS Nippon Telegrapher, it is easy for elementary school students to understand programming that tends to be “hard hurdle seems to be difficult” or “it seems difficult”, and enjoys using programming thinking and simple software rather than learning difficult programming languages. The program content is to understand programming. Specifically, with the slogan “EDUTAINMENT”, which combines education (EDUCATION) and entertainment (ENTERTAINMENT), programming for entertainment, such as music, games, and drone, to performers and viewers as teaching materials Have fun learning with. Also, IOT reports cases where people in need are helping or convenient. I think that programming has the potential to expand the choice of occupation for people with disabilities, and I formed a tag with Deaf school to closely adhere to what I actually learn in the course of a year. “?” That It is a program that learns and delivers the essence. In addition to the missed delivery of NTV programs, Hulu also distributes original content together with the title “Supplementary Study” for those who want to know a little more. We believe that BS Nippon Tele Broadcasting and Hulu broadcasting will be consistent with the basic policy of education that makes it possible to have educational opportunities equally throughout the country, and the new possibilities of BS broadcasting and education in online video distribution services It is also a challenge to the potential of the content business. The co-sponsored to the challenge is Mr. M. Developing FC Schools of Programming with Over 100 Schools nationwide. It is Fusion (MRF). Not to mention the program production from MRF, we will make use of the programming methods and abundant experience possessed by MRF in making programs. In addition, the children who study in over 100 FC schools are regarded as friends of this program, and a plan that integrates television and distribution and offline of actual classrooms is assumed. At the time of compulsory in 2020, the know-how experienced a year ahead will contribute to the benefit of primary school children who will study programming all over the country. ※ IOT is an acronym of “Internet of Things”, which means that everything around you can connect to the Internet. □ Program summary <Program Title<DeliveryHulu original "Aim! Programming Star-Prosta ★ Kids Large Set-Supplement Lesson"

■ Shinra Shinji (Shonan No Wind Wakadanana)
■ = LOVE
■ ≠ ME
■ Noboru Ando (Instructor)
■ Koji Koji (Nippon Television Announcer)

The idol who can do programming is unheard of! I want you to squeeze various things so that Call Love and Not Equal Me can be professional. I also support you. I am looking forward to it. About Hulu


Hulu is an online video distribution service that allows you to enjoy over 50,000 movies, dramas and animations. With monthly basis 933 yen (tax not included), you can see all the works anytime, anywhere. It can be viewed on a TV, PC, smartphone, tablet, etc. connected to the Internet. The lineup to be delivered includes “Hulu Premier”, which distributes Japan’s first landing overseas dramas, and “Hulu original”, which is produced independently, and misses popular programs being broadcast on television, and live music distribution, etc. . There is also a lot of content that can only be viewed on Hulu, and you can enjoy it all with a flat rate and unlimited viewing.

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