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  • 【Mr. Donut】 Launched “Dust Fruit Stick” from February 22 (Fri)

【Mr. Donut】 Launched “Dust Fruit Stick” from February 22 (Fri)

【Mr. Donut】 Launched “Dust Fruit Stick” from February 22 (Fri)
Duskin 【Mr. Donut】 Launch “Dust Fruit Stick” from February 22 (Fri) Featuring glucomannan-containing fabric kneaded with 3 types of dried fruits

Mr. Donuts operated by Duskin Corporation (Headquarters: Suita City, Osaka Prefecture, President: Teruji Yamamura) will release two types of “Dust Fruit Stick” from February 22 (Friday). “Dust fruit stick” to be launched this time has been developed for the purpose of “Everyone can enjoy Mr. Donut together with people who are concerned about health”, Mr. Donut’s category ” It is a commodity of the series. “Dust fruit stick” is a stick-like donut easy to eat, which contains mango, cranberry, orange, and 3 types of dried fruits in doughty textured glucomannan cloth. By cutting glued dough lipids as much as possible, using glucomannan, which embraces moisture, and so on, it is made to formulate to suppress oil absorption, while 144 kilocalories of honey is 144 kcal and 1 cinnamon is 140 kcal, while the donut’s taste is good It is also a commodity stuck. Please refer to the details of goods below.

************************* Product Summary ********************* ****
● Cinnamon (140 yen) A donut in a stick shape kneaded with three different kinds of dried fruits in a fabric with a refreshing sense of glucomannan. I covered cinnamon sugar. ※ 140 calorie

※ The above figures are approximate. ※ The above is the calorific value per piece. ※ Because you are handmade one by one, errors may occur in numerical values. ※ The values ​​shown are calculated values ​​based on formulation.

■ Sales period February 22 (Friday) ~ ※ year-round sale

■ Target shop All Mr. Donuts stores (except some shops)

For details on this release:


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