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  • 【Aniplex Co., Ltd. “City Hunter theatrical version ”? Chain Birthday Commemoration With stage greetings “Mokkori” support screening meeting is decided

【Aniplex Co., Ltd. “City Hunter theatrical version ”? Chain Birthday Commemoration With stage greetings “Mokkori” support screening meeting is decided

【Aniplex Co., Ltd. “City Hunter theatrical version ”? Chain Birthday Commemoration With stage greetings “Mokkori” support screening meeting is decided
Dear media staff Aniplex Corporation “Theatrical version of City Hunter <Shinjuku Private Eyes………………………………………………………………………………………… In commemoration of 3/26 Braw-chan's birthday, it was decided to hold "Brow-chan's birthday commemoration stage greeting with" Mokkori "support screening meeting"! [Image 1: https://prtimes.jp/i/16356/1586/resize/d16356-1586-998348-0.jpg] (C) Hojo Hajime / NSP · "2019 Movie version City Hunter" Production Committee The original circulation is over 50 million copies all over the world, and the manga world “Legend” “City Hunter” is still very popular all over the world, but in 2019 the animated movie “City Hunter theatrical version <Shinjuku Private”・ EyesThe main character of this work played by Akira Kamiya, Roh soba (Sayou, Ryo) 's birthday is March 26th. In commemoration of KA's birthday, it has been decided to hold the “Mokkori” support screening meeting with stage greetings with stage greetings “City Hunter <Shinjuku Private Eyes■ Outline 【Activities】 March 26 (Tuesday) [Conduct theater] TOHO cinemas Shinjuku [Conduct time] After screening of 19:00 [P-code: 559-732] [President (scheduled)] General manager Kodama and general manager, Akira Kamiya, Kazue Ikura and others 【Ticket fee】 All seats specified: 2,000 yen, Premier box seat: 3,000 yen, Premier luxury sheet: 5,000 yen ※ The speaker is subject to change without notice. 【Ticket sale method】 Sold at <ticket Pia★ Advance lottery sale "pre-reserve" Reception URL: w.pia.jp/t/cityhunter-movie/
■ Application acceptance period: March 16 (Saturday) 11:00 to March 22 (Fri) 11:00
■ Drawing result announcement: 18:00 on Friday, March 22
■ Replacement start date: March 22 (Fri) 18:00
● What is pre-reserve? t.pia.jp/guide/prereserve.html «Precautions about advance lottery sales» ※ Application for tickets is limited to 2 per person. ※ You can not change or refund the ticket after winning. Please note. ※ Pre-reserve is a service that allows you to purchase tickets after applying in advance. ※ We do not necessarily prepare good seat by priority. ※ In the case of a large number of applications, the winner will be determined by lottery. (Not on a first-come, first-served basis) ※ You can apply anytime during the reception period. (Except maintenance time) ★ General sales
■ Sales period: March 23 (Sat) 10:00- «Notes on general release» ※ You can purchase at ticket Pia’s shop near you, the following convenience store, the Internet. ※ Available pick-up method becomes ticketing at Seven Eleven, ticket Pia shop. ※ You can not choose your seat. ※ Please be sure to come to the theater after exchanging at Ticket Pian’s shop, the following convenience store. Tickets can not be redeemed at the theater. ※ The sale of tickets is limited to 2 per person.
■ Internet purchase Ticket Pia: w.pia.jp/t/cityhunter-movie/
■ Direct purchase Ticket Pia’s store Opening hours 10:00 to 20:00 [Open hours vary depending on the store] Seven-Eleven Business hours: 0: 00-24: 00 [The first release date is 10: 00-]
■ Telephone reservation Ticket Pia voice automatic reply TEL: 0570-02-9999 ※ P code required · Automatic response 24 hours reception (We are closed for system maintenance from 2:30 to 5:30 every week on Tuesdays and Wednesdays)
● For inquiries regarding ticket purchase, TEL: 0570-02-9111 or t.pia.jp/help/ please. << other notes ※ We do not strictly accept on-site camera (including portable camera), video shooting and recording. ※ I will refuse the purchase for resale purpose firmly. ※ It is not possible to change or refund tickets after purchase or exchange under any circumstances. ※ Please note that there may be media coverage on the day. Let's celebrate Bray's birthday together! We look forward to your entry. Title: "The City Hunter City Hunter <Shinjuku Private EyesUnder big hit screening from February 8, 2019 [Image 2: https://prtimes.jp/i/16356/1586/resize/d16356-1586-315180-1.jpg] (C) Hojo Hajime / NSP · "2019 Movie version City Hunter" Production Committee ◇ Introduction In 2019, the smash hit anime "City Hunter" by Tsukasa Hojo is back in a new feature film! The original voice actors rally together including Akira Kamiya who is the protagonist and Aba. Aito Sinto, who is a member of the burogu, Mari Iito, a part-time buddy, an IT company manager with childhood friend of incense, Koichi Yamadera as the role of Shinji Okuni, and further tutorial ・ Yumi Tokui participates! The staff will be general director Kodama Kane and the screenplay Yoichi Kato, production will be Sunrise. With a completely new story, legendary masterpieces start moving again! [cast] Aiba KA: Akira Kamiya / Kaori SAKURAMA: Kazue IKURA / Ai Ai Shindo: Mari Ii / Seiji Mikuni: Koichi Yamadera / Reiko Nogami: Iryu Saishunsui / Sea Boward: Tetsuaki Genta / Miki Oyama / Yoshisu Oyama / Vince Ingurado : Yoshitaka Otsuka / Hitomi Akira / Aoi: Keiko Toda / Ai Akira: Chika Sakamoto / <Special Performer※ The “Brows” of the brow is “dormitory” in the book. [staff] Original work: Hoji Hajime / General director: Kodama Kensuke / Screenplay: Kato Yoichi / Chief director: Sato Teruo, Kyogoku Naohiko / Character Design: Takahashi Kumiko, Hishinuma Yoshihito / General Artistic Director: Yinuma Yoshihito / Art Director: Hiroshi Kato (Toto Nyan) / Color design: Yuichi Kubooki / Director: Yuichiro Nagata / Editor: Daisuke Imai (JAYFILM) / Music: Atsushi Iwasaki / Director of sound: Yukio Nagasaki / Production of sound: AUDIO PLANNING U / Animation: Sunrise / Distribution: Aniplex Ending theme: "Get Wild" TM NETWORK ◇ Let's have a good time together! "Theatrical version of City Hunter <Shinjuku Private Eyes[Video 2: https://prtimes.jp/api/movieim.php?t=youtube&url=www.youtube.com/watch?v=0vhX79OjFFE]
◆ Official site: cityhunter-movie.com/
◆ Social Media Official Account: @ cityhuntermovie [Twitter] https://twitter.com/cityhuntermovie [Facebook] www.facebook.com/cityhuntermovie/ [Instagram] www.instagram.com/cityhuntermovie/ When posting the image, please indicate the following copyright notice. (C) Hojo Hajime / NSP · “2019 Movie version City Hunter” Production Committee ※ Short notation: (C) T. HOJO / N, C

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