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Branded movie production service for Greater China started “Engagement China”

Ozuma Pearl Inc. Branded movie production service for Greater China started “Engagement China” launched Information dissemination utilizing foreigners in Japan Ozma PIERE promoting “in to (R)” frame and FROGLOUD CO., LTD, which has about 50,000 creative networks worldwide ………………………………………………………………………………… Short Short Films Festival & Asia (SSFF & ASIA), the largest international short film festival in Asia, recognized as the Academy Award, and Ozma Pierre Inc. (Head office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Shokato Hatta, hereinafter referred to as Ozuma Pia- FROGLOUD (FROGLOUD, hereinafter referred to as “FROGLOUD”), which plans and produces images focusing on digital marketing, with creators from around the world, including video creators from all over the world, today signed a business alliance on February 22, Dead movie production service “Engagement China” will be available. [Image 1: https://prtimes.jp/i/39095/4/resize/d39095-4-663721-0.jpg] In China, which has transformed into an IT society at a phenomenal speed, the Internet users of video viewers account for approximately 579 million people and 75% (* 1) of net users as a whole, and communication with animation is a common society and I can say In the Chinese market which can be said to be a “super moving picture society”, Ozma Peer, which is developing a tombstone (R) (* 2) frame, and FROGLOUD, a pioneer of a blended movie that is a hybrid content of brand advertisement and movie Jointly developed a video communication service “Engagement China” in cooperation with the business. This makes it possible to produce high quality blended movies incorporating the Chinese viewpoint living in Japan. 【Image of initiatives of both companies】 [Image 2: https://prtimes.jp/i/39095/4/resize/d39095-4-968884-1.jpg] 【What is a blended movie】 In modern society where products become commoditized and information floods like a flood, enterprises can not fully convey the attractiveness of their own products and their products to consumers merely by communication design centered on mass media It was. What kind of appeal does the consumer feel for the consumers rather than communicating what they want to communicate unilaterally to the consumers? In other words, branding is the most important. One such means is a video content “blended movie” aimed at acquiring engagement, appealing to consumers emotionally, and is drawing attention as a new communication content. [Image 3: https://prtimes.jp/i/39095/4/resize/d39095-4-919403-2.jpg] 【Features of “Engagement China”】 1. Research on the Chinese viewpoint utilizing the to to outside (R) frame and diffusion diffusion Through marketing research and SNS analysis for Chinese international students, homemakers, wealthy people, and other communities, it is possible to create blended movies that incorporate the Chinese perspective from Japan. In addition, Ozuma Pearl’s unique network of Chinese influencers living in Japan can be used to spread blended movies to China’s home country. 2. High quality Suwa Kei, representative of FROGLOUD, has served as Chief Producer for many years at Asia’s largest international short film festival SSFF & ASIA. Short films and planned and produced short films and blended movies are nominated and awarded at more than 35 international film festivals From the experience we have acquired, we can plan and produce video content that combines entertainment quality created with excellent video artists both at home and abroad and enterprise communication design with high quality. 3. Effect validation Visualization of brand lift and awareness of products and services before and after implementation by quantitative analysis such as total impression number, reproduction number, viewing completion number and posted comment analysis. By doing this, you can realize a promotion strategy that turns the PDCA cycle and continues to improve the effect. □ “Engagement China” service frame [Image 4: https://prtimes.jp/i/39095/4/resize/d39095-4-433306-3.jpg] 【About to outside (R) frame】 In recent years, the population of foreigners who live in Japan continues to increase, and at the end of 2017, about 2.56 million (* 3) longest-term residents and special residents live in Japan. Of these, the Chinese are about 730,000. According to a survey conducted by our company, about 80% of Japanese residents in Japan have responded that they have the experience of requesting information about Japan from their acquaintances and their families on a daily basis (* 4). Information on foreigners living in Japan is highly credible and reliable information, which is an important information window for foreigners living in the home country. Under such circumstances, Ozuma Pearl created and sells an information dissemination frame named “To-Foreign (R)” to deliver information from ‘foreign residents’ to foreigners in ‘outside’ countries (home countries) I will. Based on a good influence in Japan, a unique community, a micro influencer with strong information spreading power, and a good relation with the media in Japan, we developed a communication model of town (R), various We provide services to companies. □ To to (R) communication service frame [Image 5: https://prtimes.jp/i/39095/4/resize/d39095-4-934415-4.jpg] ※ 1 National People’s Republic of China People’s Republic of China National Bureau of Confrontation (CNNIC) “41st China Inter-Union Development Status Report” (January 31, 2018) www.cac.gov.cn/2018-01 / 31 / c – 1122347026.htm * 2 Ozuma Peer Co., Ltd. is a registered trademark of “Osamu Tooru (R)”. * 3 Immigration Bureau of the Ministry of Justice “About the number of foreign nationals residing as of the end of 2007 (fixed value)” ※ 4 Ozumapiar / Koharu joint investigation (2017) Internet survey was conducted for 300 Chinese living in Japan. 【FROGLOUD CORPORATION】 FROGLOUD boasts about 50,000 creators network, including notable domestic and international filmmakers gathering at Asia’s largest international short film festival, Asia’s largest international short film festival, as well as prominent creators such as the Japan Academy Award Winning Director, who are accredited by the American Academy Awards, It is a planning and producing company of images focusing on digital marketing. We will respond to one stop from the planning development to the casting, the production production, the PR development in cooperation with the SSFF & ASIA, and the overseas film festival development, for the video contents to maximally satisfy the customer. Company name: FROGLOUD, Inc. Location: 4-12-8 Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, SSU Building 4F Establishment: November 11, 2014 Representative Director: Kei Suwa Business content: Planning, production, production of digital contents, etc. URL: frogloud.com 【Ozuma Pearl Co., Ltd.】 Company name: Ozma Pierre Inc. (OZMA Inc.) Location: Headquarters: 3-23 Kioicho Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo Bungei Spring & Summer New Building Kansai Branch: Imabashi 2-4-10 Imabashi Imaichi Building, Chuo-ku, Osaka Establishment: October 10, 1963 Representative Director and President: Shoketaka Hatta Business contents: Provide comprehensive public relations services from client planning to implementation to domestic, overseas companies, government related organizations, public organizations, etc. URL: ozma.co.jp
■ Greater China “To to to (R)” communication consultant: [Image 6: https://prtimes.jp/i/39095/4/resize/d39095-4-601608-5.jpg] Wu B (U-Yu / WU YU) Beijing Second Foreign Languages ​​University graduated from the Japanese department. After working for 4 years at a Japanese PR company, I went to the public relations department of the Japanese electronics manufacturer. After joining Keio University Masters Degree in Policy and Media, he joined Ozma Pier. Columns on daytime communication are serialized in the business site. It ranks fourth (530 thousand PV) and ranks sixth (480 thousand PV) in the 2011 annual access ranking of the site. Currently he is active as a Greater China communication consultant based on the company’s to-outside (R) communication promoted by the company. 【Inquiries concerning this release】 Ozuma Peering Co., Ltd. Communication Design Dept. Kure, Tan (Den) TEL: 03-4531-0232 E-wuyu@ozma.co.jp FROGLOUD Inc. Producer Makoto Yuri TEL: 03-5474-8201 E-toshiki@frogloud.com

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