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SUSE Completes Migration to Independent Company-Representing Commitment to Customers, Partners, and Open Source Communities as the Industry’s Largest Independent Open Source Company

SUSE Completes Migration to Independent Company-Representing Commitment to Customers, Partners, and Open Source Communities as the Industry’s Largest Independent Open Source Company
To the press people SUSE Software Solutions Japan Ltd. SUSE Completes Transition to Independent Company-As the largest independent open source company in the industry, renews its commitment to customers, partners and the open source community ………………………………………………………………………………………… SUSE strengthens its management team to accelerate its success as a world-class provider of enterprise-grade open source hybrid / multi-cloud applications and workload management solutions NUREMBERG, Germany | March 15, 2019 SUSE (R) today announced the completion of the acquisition of SUSE from microfocus by EQT, a leading investor, and established itself as the largest independent open source company. did. SUSE has been successful in the market by sustaining momentum and expanding its portfolio. Now, as one of the world’s leading providers of enterprise-class open source software-defined infrastructure and application delivery solutions, SUSE is ready to focus more on the needs of its customers and partners. This enables us to provide customer workload management with unsurpassed service, value and flexibility in any on-premise, hybrid or multi-cloud environment. The newly independent SUSE will strengthen its management team and add new leadership roles and experience to accelerate momentum towards the next stage of corporate development. Enrica Angelone was appointed to the new Chief Financial Officer (CFO) position, and Sander Huyts was appointed to the Chief Operating Officer (COO). SUSE’s former Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Thomas Di Giacomo has become President of Engineering, Products and Innovation. These three executives report to CEO Nils Brauckmann. “With the current IT trends, it’s clear that open source is more important than ever in a company,” says Brauchman. “We believe that our presence as a truly independent open source company is more important than ever. Our truly open source solution, flexible business practices, forced vendors Lock-in avoidance and outstanding service are essential for customers and partner organizations, and this independence is in direct communication with our enthusiasm to offer the best. SUSE’s ability to meet needs creates a cycle of success, promotion and growth, which enables SUSE to provide the innovation customers need to achieve their Digital Transformation goals, innovate and compete. , And a hybrid / multi-cloud that will help keep growth going Implement workload management. ” With containers providing new levels of agility and the need for digital transformations based on open source software-defined infrastructures and application delivery technologies, the transition to SUSE’s independence is very timely. It can be said that you are getting With the wealth of open source software assets from SUSE, strong brands built on open source technologies like Kubernetes, and innovative solutions like a series of container management, the vitality of this market is in an ideal form It can be leveraged to create tremendous value for customers and partners. Having become an independent company based on EQT’s support, SUSE has made it possible to achieve sustainable expansion as advanced technological innovation promotes the growth of core businesses and emerging technologies through its core business and technology acquisition. Al Gillen, Group Vice President of Software Development and Open Source at IDC, said: “SUSE’s role as an independent open source software company is a major turning point for the industry. Open source software is a highly preferred way to build new solutions today. As an invaluable foundation for most public cloud services, SUSE, as one of the largest complete open source software companies in the industry, has a tradition of technology excellence, value-driven partnerships, and community engagement By delivering technology solutions to the market on a timely basis, we will bring immense benefits to our customers. ” By strengthening the leadership team led by CEO Braumann, SUSE will continue to provide and innovate solutions based on current and future market needs, building on the rapid growth of the past eight years. Based on 25 years of history, SUSE is committed to open source development and business models, actively participates in communities and projects, and makes open source innovation a company with high quality, reliable, easy-to-use solutions Offers. This truly open, open source model means that customers and partners have the flexibility and freedom to choose to build a best-of-breed solution, open standards without forcing stack vendor lock-in. It combines SUSE technology with other products in the IT landscape and its technologies at various levels within the architecture. This strong commitment to openness is embraced by the culture of SUSE Be differentiated in the field and hold the key to success. According to EQT’s partner Johannes Reichel: “SUSE’s market presence, strong leadership, commitment to customer success, and the ability to drive partnership success are vital to SUSE moving into the next phase of evolution. To transform the way we do business, we put the right resources in the right place, at the right time. As a trusted partner for companies promoting digital transformation, SUSE provides software solutions, support and services through a multinational enterprise and an ecosystem of certified partners backed by secure enterprise grade technology. You Currently, SUSE is involved in over 100 open source projects, supported by employees around the world. SUSE will continue to grow as an independent vendor of open source software by helping organizations of all kinds transform and compete in today’s business environment. For more information, please visit www.suse.com.
■ About SUSE SUSE is a pioneer in open source software, providing reliable software-defined infrastructure and application delivery solutions to increase enterprise control and flexibility. With its unsurpassed engineering capabilities, unsurpassed quality of service and an unrivaled partner ecosystem, it has a history of more than 25 years, backed by products and support that help clients manage complex elements Helping you reduce costs and deliver mission critical services with confidence. In addition, by building long-term relationships, we are able to develop and provide more advanced innovations that are essential to our customers’ success now and in the future. For more information please visit www.suse.com.
■ About EQT EQT is a leading investment company with more than 61 billion euros raised in 29 funds and approximately 40 billion euros managed assets. EQT has portfolio companies in Europe, Asia and the United States, with a turnover of over 19 billion euros and approximately 110,000 employees. EQT works with portfolio companies to achieve sustainable growth, operational excellence and market leadership. For more information please visit www.eqtpartners.com. Copyright 2019 SUSE LLC. Impossible reproduction. SUSE and the SUSE logo are registered trademarks of SUSE LLC in the United States and other countries. All third party trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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