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  • 【Sanya Shobo】 Traditional automobile comprehensive media “Motor-Fan.jp” managed by Sanei Shobo Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, President and Representative Director: Kunihisa Hoshino), at a phenomenal growth speed ” “Achieved!

【Sanya Shobo】 Traditional automobile comprehensive media “Motor-Fan.jp” managed by Sanei Shobo Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, President and Representative Director: Kunihisa Hoshino), at a phenomenal growth speed ” “Achieved!

Sanei Shobo Traditional automobile comprehensive media “Motor-Fan.jp” operated by Sanya Shobo Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, President: Kunihisa Hoshino) achieves “monthly 10 million PV” at a phenomenal growth speed did! ………………………………………………………………………………… [Image: https://prtimes.jp/i/23526/31/resize/d23526-31-101358-0.jpg]
■ What is the oldest automobile general media “motor fan” in Japan? The magazine “Motor Fan” was launched in 1925 (Taisho 14th year). It started as an industry magazine, but it turned into a general magazine with no popularization of automobiles. During the wartime, the title of Katakana notation was subject to regulation of the authorities and sometimes changed the title as “automobile Japan”. Following the trend of the times and changes in the media, the magazine “Motor Fan” evolved to Motor-Fan.jp.
■ What is Motor-Fan.jp (motor-fan.jp/) Automobile comprehensive media Motor-Fan.jp started in April 2017. “Motor fan festa” was held at Fuji Speedway as a kick-off event. The management know-how of the world’s largest custom car show “Tokyo Auto Salon” was included, and everyone over 20,000 visitors participated. Since then, site performance has improved rapidly. PV (all page views) average 134% on average. UU (the number of people visiting the site) maintained the overwhelming growth potential of 142%, and achieved January 2019 monthly cumulative total of 10 million PV and 2 million UU (including external distribution) We have maintained growth curves. In addition, the brand power and content power as the oldest automobile comprehensive media in the country is supported, the total number of mail members exceeds 10,000, and the latest information on distribution every week from the editorial department is viewed. User attributes are mainly from experienced automobile users, 35% for men aged 35 to 44, 30% for 45 to 54 years old, 20% for 25 to 34 years old. Meanwhile, the core user of our site’s popular project, Automobile Comprehensive Information and Specialized Vocabulary Search Service “Large Vehicle Forest”, is 25 to 34 years old, showing a new possibility of serious automobile media away from young people We are.
■ Automobile magazine editorial department that supports expertise unique to Sanya Shogo edits the web directly Motor-Fan.jp makes full use of the automobile-related resources of Sanei Electric Shop and offers websites that deeply report all aspects of automobiles such as technology, tuning, custom, motorcycle, design as well as general automotive information is. Supporting that is a highly specialized automobile magazine, an editor who produces events. Motor-Fan.jp has the advantage of having more than 30 editorial reporters familiar with cars, and it is a strength. As a car website it will be later, but we will deliver articles rich in expertise and entertainment. Please stay tuned.
■ What is Sanei Shobo? Sanya Shobo was born in 1947 (Showa 22) in order to issue “Motor Fan”. Since then, it is a publisher that publishes a wide range of magazines such as fashion magazines “FUDGE” “GO OUT” and golf specialty magazine “GOLF TODAY”, centering on motorcycle motor sports magazines. In addition, we are working on the cooperation of the “Tokyo Auto Salon”, the world’s largest custom car show, information dissemination utilizing e-books and the Internet, and focusing on video distribution, and are developing a wide range of businesses.
● Sanei Shobo, based on the growth of this “MotorFan.jp” (motor-fan.jp/), announced the 8th anniversary of the automobile news media “clicccar” (clicccar.com/) , Original female fashion media “Pelulu” (pelulu.jp/), paper-derived “STYLEWAGON dressup navi” (dressup-navi.net/) “RevSpeed.jp” (http: // /revspeed.jp/)web option “(option.tokyo)” GENROQ Web “(genroq.jp/)” FUDGE.jp “(fudge.jp/)” GO OUT WEB “(web.goout.jp/)” GOLF TODAY NEXT “( We will offer useful comprehensive contents on each comprehensive media including golftoday.tv/). From now on, please look forward to the comprehensive information site of Sanei Shobo.
■ San-Ei Shobo Company Outline · Headquarters location: Shinjuku East Shibuya 7th Floor, Shinjuku 6 – chome Shinjuku, Tokyo 27th · President and Representative Director: Kunihisa Hoshino · Founding: October 1947 · Business contents: publication and sale of magazines and books, operation of website · URL: https: //www.sun-a.com

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