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  • 【Al Balk Tokyo】 Sales of ARVALK Tokyo × “Tokyo Caramel Baum” collaboration product “Luke’s molded Baum” sold

【Al Balk Tokyo】 Sales of ARVALK Tokyo × “Tokyo Caramel Baum” collaboration product “Luke’s molded Baum” sold

Arvalval Tokyo Arvalq Tokyo × “Tokyo Caramel Baum” collaboration product “Luke’s molded Baum” sold ………………………………………………………………………………… At this time Arvaq Tokyo collaborated with “Tokyo Caramel Baum” and decided to sell limited edition “Luke’s undead type baum.” [Image 1: https://prtimes.jp/i/35222/22/resize/d35222-22-570887-2.jpg] [Image 2: https://prtimes.jp/i/35222/22/resize/d35222-22-493087-3.jpg]
As Tokyo souvenir, it’s cute! And “Tokyo caramel baum” which is the subject of the current topic is a baked Baumkuchen that can enjoy die cutting. Fabrics with nine superimposed layers are bittersweet and plump caramel taste. Mascot character “Luke” of Arvalq Tokyo was printed on the front white fondant campus and cut processing was done with a special cutter (water cutter). Following the clipping, when you remove the cheek around, Luke jumps out of the square Baumkuchen. It is Baumkuchen, which is not only delicious, it is also cute and it can enjoy die-cutting. [Image 3: https://prtimes.jp/i/35222/22/resize/d35222-22-504100-0.jpg] “Luke’s typewarm baum” will be sold exclusively at the following home games. 【Sales schedule】 March 2 (Sat), 3 (Sun) All 15:05 TIPOFF Arvalq Tokyo vs. Toyama Grouse [Sales Items] Luke’s typewritten Baum 600 yen (tax included) * Limited quantity Pun soled bamboo 540 yen (tax included) Nya – Child ‘s typewritten baum 540 yen (tax included) Inagi no Tsubaki Baum 540 yen (tax included) Tokyo Caramel Baum 3 pieces set (Panda wo yuya ~ child / Inuji) 1,620 yen (tax included) [Image 4: https://prtimes.jp/i/35222/22/resize/d35222-22-895731-1.jpg] – ー ー ー ー ー “Alvark Girls Day” is held on March 2 (Saturday) and 3 (Sun)! Match information · Ticket purchase here www.alvark-tokyo.jp/lp/lp_20190302/ – ー ー ー ー ー
● Sales store ※ There is no permanent store. Narita Airport Terminal 3 Tokyo Food Hotel Ueno Information Office (PARKOYA UENO store) * Only soldered paired with bamboo
● At the Instagram below, event information etc. are being delivered. Tokyo caramel baum (@ tokyo_caramel_baum) www.instagram.com/tokyo_caramel_baum/ 【Arbark Tokyo】
■ Official website: www.alvark-tokyo.jp/
■ Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/ALVARK_TOKYO
■ Official Facebook: www.facebook.com/ALVARKTOKYO/
■ Official Instagram: www.instagram.com/alvark_tokyo/ 【Sweet Concierge Special Ambassador】 # 10 Zack · Balance key player, # 13 Shohei Kikuchi player www.alvark-tokyo.jp/news/36584/

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