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  • 【Antenor】 Spring limited sweets! Spring rabbit, cherry tree, strawberries delivered just now.

【Antenor】 Spring limited sweets! Spring rabbit, cherry tree, strawberries delivered just now.

Edelweiss Corporation 【Antenor】 Spring limited sweets! Spring rabbit, cherry tree, strawberries delivered just now. March 1 – nationwide release ………………………………………………………………………………… Spring cake will be released on the theme of “Spring Usagi”, “Sakura” “Strawberry” that pleases the spring visit from March 1 (Fri) from Kobe born patisserie “Antenor”. www.antenor.jp [Image 1: https://prtimes.jp/i/17643/292/resize/d17643-292-653203-0.jpg] The taste delivered by the rabbit of the pink ears is the mousse of Mascarpone cheese wrapped around the sweet and sour strawberry mousse. Spring rabbit creates luxurious sweet time. In addition, we deliver taste unique to spring such as Mont Blanc, decorated with Sakura jelly and finished in an elegant fragrance and sweetness, in the cherry blossom cream cherry blossoms of Sakura scent. [Image 2: https://prtimes.jp/i/17643/292/resize/d17643-292-380033-2.jpg] Rare cheese rare cheese Price 648 yen including tax Product features I wrapped a sweet and sour strawberry mousse with a mouth-cleansing mascarpone cheese mousse. Put on a round face of white chocolate mousse wrapped in cream brulee. It is delicious rich taste with various delicious taste.
■ Sales period March 1 – April 30 [Image 3: https://prtimes.jp/i/17643/292/resize/d17643-292-357590-3.jpg]
Sakura’s Mont Blanc Price 594 yen including tax Product features I gathered a smooth cherry blossoms jelly with a sweet scented cherry bean jam cream on Duckwards fabric, strawberry contours and cream.
■ Sales period March 1 – April 14 [Image 4: https://prtimes.jp/i/17643/292/resize/d17643-292-847183-4.jpg] Strawberry Chocolat Blanc Price 605 yen including tax Product features A sweet and sour strawberry mousse, a mellow white chocolate mousse, a flavorful pistachio sponge superimposed. The clean acidity of strawberry and the milk feeling of white chocolate are compatible.
■ Sales period March 1 – April 30 We prepare a gorgeous decorated cake perfect for admission, graduation and spring celebration [Image 5: https://prtimes.jp/i/17643/292/resize/d17643-292-494068-1.jpg] Spring color decoration
■ Price 11.5 cm tax included 2,268 yen / 14.5 cm tax included 3,240 yen
■ Product features The cream and strawberries colored with strawberry juice were decorated in moist moist crisp sponge cake sandwiching strawberries and white peaches. Recommended for spring celebration.
■ Sales period: March 4 – April 30 Spring limited gifts delivered in the spring color package designed Sakura is recommended for “White Day” [Image 6: https://prtimes.jp/i/17643/292/resize/d17643-292-238187-5.jpg] Biscuit O. Chocolat Price 8 pieces Tax included 648 yen 16 sheets Tax included 1,296 yen Product features I sandwich a mellow white chocolate in a delicate and light texture chocolate cookie dough. It is an exquisite balance of slightly bitter dough and white chocolate. The elegant Sakura package is also recommended for White Day gift.
■ Sales period From sale to early April
■ Sales outlets: 42 stores nationwide Antenor * There are shops not handled by products.
■ What is “Antenor” … In 1978, it is a sweet brand developed by Edelweiss Co., Ltd., which was born from the thought of a confectionery craftsman, “I want to make the best sweets in the country” in the port of Kobe, a port city where the harmony between Japanese and Western blends. We expand 42 stores mainly around department stores nationwide, we sell cake made from artisan (craftsmanship) and technology, including raw cake to finish in the store kitchen and baked snacks for gifts.

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