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  • 【Sega Games Inc.】 “BLADE ARCUS Rebellion from Shining” Release Commemorative Meeting 【Report of Implementation】

【Sega Games Inc.】 “BLADE ARCUS Rebellion from Shining” Release Commemorative Meeting 【Report of Implementation】

【Sega Games Inc.】 “BLADE ARCUS Rebellion from Shining” Release Commemorative Meeting 【Report of Implementation】
To the press people SEGA Games Corporation “BLADE ARCUS Rebellion from Shining” release commemorative official meeting [report of conduct] A high-level battle comparable to the national tournament is developed! ………………………………………………………………………………………… Thank you very much for your continued patronage. SEGA Games, Inc. released “BLADE ARCUS Rebellion from Shining” for “BLADE ARCUS Rebellion from Shining” software for PlayStation (R) 4 / Nintendo Switch (TM) released on March 14, 2019. The official commemorative event was held on March 16 (Saturday) at Red Bull Gaming Sphere Tokyo. In this tournament, guest voiced actor Asami Shimoda who plays pylon as a guest, Mr. Kamizono of Team Godsgarden, and Mr. sexy Saito as MC will be on stage, and Mr. Makoto Suzuki of “BLADE ARCUS Rebellion from Shining” commented on it. I served. The tournament will be held in the form of a tournament with 29 participants, and will carry out live WEB broadcasts with the quarterfinals as the finals. Eight people who won the fierce battle aimed to win the battle. In the quarterfinals, national contestants experienced strengths, and four players, Pampina, women’s toilet players, gamera and Jankenman, advanced to the semifinals. Semifinal 1st game Pampina player vs female toilet player Two players with a distinctive battle style, such as the defensive player Pampina and the offensive female toilet player, play against each other. Pampina player chooses Ryuga with various skills, and female toilet player chooses Power Fighter Roselinde. Both sides take a slight gap and hit a combo, and do battles that do not yield to each other. On the way, Pampina will change the character to Sakuya and return to Ryuga again, but the onslaught of the female toilet player will put him in the middle of defeat in a single move. The win and loss until here is both 2 wins and 2 losses. Such a last-minute battle, Pampina wins the game by winning another match. There were cheers and cheers up from the venue. Semifinal 2nd game gamera player vs Jankenman player The gamera player is a new character named Excella with a long reach and a light weight, and Jankenman is a Rage who specializes in a wide range of attacks with a sword. The two players who had fierce battles in the final match of “BLADE ARCUS from Shining VER.2.1 EX” which was held at “God to Fight 2017 1 DAY Match Carnival”. This was a revenge match for Jankenman, who was runner-up to Toshinsai. A gamera player who shows a battle of outstanding stability by recovery using character skills. Offensive Jankenman changes the character to a high-fired Dylan, and measures the timing to attack, but he does not decide as he thinks. The last was not to revenge before the impassionate gamera player. Final game Pampina vs gamera In the final match, which was held in two games, two players who had won in the “BLADE ARCUS from Shining” series clash. In contrast to Pampina’s intention to bet in the final as “I’ll try hard because I’ve been out for a long time in a long time game,” gamera’s player is “a new version of so much, so new characters for other people “I want to show it to be a model,” commented, and he kept his record. The Pampina player selected Ryuga and the gamera player selected the Exera. In the first round, Pampina did not get impatient and dealt solid damage and won firmly. The game heats up from here, and if you think that gamera player shows a fierce attack that takes 60% of the physical strength, there is a fierce battle that the Pampina player will return the same damage immediately. The gamera player who took the first match shows overwhelming strength with the high level of risk response and the accuracy with which he strikes the attack without missing a gap. Pampina, on the other hand, changes his character to Sakuya and boldly attacks, but defeats before the solid defense of gamera. gamera players won two games in a row and won an impressive victory. Gamera player who won the title with a new character At the award ceremony, the winning gamera player was awarded a trophy from Mr. Shimoda. While cheers buzzing from the venue, gamera players commented, “I am glad that both the new character and the previous character were able to show the fit.” To gamera player who showed overwhelming strength from beginning to end, Mr. Shimoda said, “It will be invincible every time you increase and how strong you will become.” I think it would be good if the “Gamera Cup” could be realized I was very excited about that. “I was at the same level as the national convention. I think it’s strong if I choose the character I used, but among those people who were winning using the new character were very impressive. I think that the capture is fast, and I have a high level of understanding of the game, ”said Suzuki producer,” Everyone who lost today was playing, and it was a game that one game could not be missed. Those who were not experienced were also actively participating, and there were a lot of high-profile games from the preliminary round, “he said. Interview with the winner, gamera — What are your feelings for being won? “It was good because I was able to show the results I used in with the new characters.” ―― Although “BLADE ARCUS Rebellion from Shining” has been released for only 2 days, what kind of practice and measures have you taken? “I was looking into the rigidity of the new character’s guard, whether it would come after this, and how long I could move forward. So I thought it was” this character is strong. ” I practiced while thinking if I could win if I made a move. ” — How long did you spend on practice? “Because I was away from work, it would be around 20 hours” — Did you sleep well before the tournament? “I am told that I often have a sleepy face, but I went to bed with him for a while. I always go to bed before the tournament. I always go to bed late, but when I go to bed The reaction speed is too different from when I am not sleeping, so I try to sleep for about 7 hours if possible. ” ―― I think that you were lost in choosing your character skills, but please tell us how you got to recovery. “Even if you increase your attack power, you can get up to 16% at maximum. This game is about 10,000, and even if you increase your attack power, you can only increase the damage up to 11,600. Recovery: In this game, it is not a bad thing to do any damage, and because the support gauge is accumulated, you can reach the conclusion of the heel if you also include the recovery of that amount, or you have the skill to increase the movement speed of “light lightning” However, I was only worried about which of these skills I would like to use (Recovery) .The movement speed would increase, and I could not cope with the other party alone, so I’m pretty worried about it. ” -Will it be the second choice between recovery and lightning in the future? “If you get faster, that makes it harder to operate.” -Do you have any other skills that are likely to grow? “Honestly, at the moment there is no point in physical strength improvement. If there is such a force gauge, etc. Because this does not accumulate even if attacked, etc. This time it will be a specification that does not accumulate too much force gauge unlike the previous work If you get it first to complement it, you will get + 120% of the force gauge at the start of the game, so the gap is too small, so long as your opponent does not read one point there I can’t get any damage depending on what I do, so I think now it’s about heels, lightning and force gauges up. ” -What’s the secret of calming down, even if you’ve got a great deal of damage or taken a round? “If I usually do my best until I think I’m the strongest, even if I take it once, I think it’s bad luck. If I’m bad I can win it. It’s just practice. It is practice and ability.” Now showing the tournament on YouTube Live! “BLADE ARCUS Rebellion from Shining” release commemorative event https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tAqQdmi7RB0

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