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【Hacksii Co., Ltd.】 Confirm that brain activity of children becomes active in Hakushinorepi’s “kitchen studies”

Hacksii Inc. Confirm that brain activity of children becomes active at “Kitchen studies” of Hakushinorepi Joint experiment with brain science venture NeU CTO served by Mr. Ryota Kawashima of the brain train ………………………………………………………………………………… “Hakushinorepi” for business traveled to children managed by Hacksii Inc. (Head office: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, President: Tomohiro Takahashi, Hacksii), Neu Inc. (Headquarters: Chiyoda- Representative Director: Kiyoshi Hasegawa, NeU) In cooperation, we measured the brain function at the time of experiencing “Hakushinorekipi” based on “kitchen studies”, and “kitchen studies” gained results that increased brain activity I will inform you. [Image 1: https://prtimes.jp/i/39084/9/resize/d39084-9-189007-3.png] “Hakushinorepsi” is a business cooking class for children who learn cooking by active learning learning method. This service advocates this learning as “kitchen study”. In this “kitchen studies”, children can challenge cooking by themselves, and it is possible to acquire thinking ability, judgment ability, expressive power as well as subjectivity. In the society where digitization and AI are progressing, not only the knowledge and techniques that have been required until now, but also the above three powers (thinking ability, judgment power, expressive power) to create new ideas by utilizing them It is said that it is necessary. It is thought that the brain activities of the prefrontal cortex that govern thinking, creation, intention, plan, etc. are related to these three powers. This experiment was conducted to confirm how much brain activity “kitchen studies” advocated by Hakushinorepi raises. Experimental results show that “kitchen study” is effective for activating your child’s brain activities. Details of the experiment are as follows.
▼ Experimental contents In this experiment, we are measuring and comparing the activities of kitchen studies (cooking) and brain activities while watching movies for children from first grade to third grade. Also in this experiment, we aimed to observe “prefrontal cortex of children working in cooking process created by kitchen studies”.
▼ Experiment result In watching movies, I watched 90 minutes or more of the movie with the sitter, but although I was enjoying it, the brain activity of the prefrontal cortex did not become high. On the other hand, in the kitchen science experience, overall high brain activity was seen (lower part of the figure). Also, in the process of the kitchen study experience, brain activity is seen in the process of deciding what kind of dish to make from the explanation of the vegetable, and brain activity rises in the right prefrontal cortex when cutting the material (Upper part of the figure). Even in the scene where he kneeling while talking to husband with teacher apron, the brain activity of both left and right was seen to rise. From the observation of brain activity, “kitchen studies” is thought to be active in the prefrontal cerebral activity by requiring a lot of thinking by creating cooking while talking with Professor Apron. [Image 2: https://prtimes.jp/i/39084/9/resize/d39084-9-872607-1.jpg]
■ About NeU Inc. NeU neu-brains.co.jp/ Neu (cooperation) for cooperation in the experiment, Professor Ryota Kawashima, the leading expert on “brain training” development, will serve as CTO. It is a brain science venture company by Tohoku University and Hitachi High-Technologies Corporation. As a solution provider that utilizes brain science, we are promoting the creation of new solutions focused on “people” through visualization of brain activity. [Image 3: https://prtimes.jp/i/39084/9/resize/d39084-9-109085-0.jpg]
Mr. Ryota Kawashima CTO, NeU Co., Ltd. Tohoku University Institute of Aging Medical Research Director Research Theme: Brain function imaging, brain function development research
To measure brain activity this time, we used HOT – 1000 made by NeU Corporation. The HOT – 1000 is compact and lightweight and can be measured without incurring a large burden even in elementary school grade. Moreover, because it is a wireless connection, it can measure without constraint. About “Hakushino Recipe” [Image 4: https://prtimes.jp/i/39084/9/resize/d39084-9-237433-2.jpg] “Hakushinorekipi” is a business cooking class for children who learn cooking by active learning method of learning. This service advocates this learning as “kitchen study”. In this “kitchen study”, it is possible for children to acquire three power mainly by challenging themselves cuisively.
◆ Three powers to learn in Hakushino Recipe Thinking power: Thinking power is cultivated by looking at the contents of the refrigerator and thinking what the children themselves will make. Judgment: Mr. Apron will support you so that the child can act actively in each process. By doing so, the ability to judge yourself is nurtured. • Expression: By completing the recipe you thought, you will acquire expressive power to shape your thoughts. By doing the presentation process “show & tell” overseas at the end of the service, we will also review the actions of the day and do the training to express in your own words. “Hakushino Recipe” service introduction site hakushi-no-recipe.com/
◆ “Hakushino Recipe” SNS is updating campaign information etc.! · Facebook page www.facebook.com/ hakushinorecipe · Instagram account www.instagram.com/hakushinorecipe(@ hakushinorecipe) · Twitter twitter.com/hakushinorecipe(@ hakushinorecipe) · LINE @ line.me/R/ti/p/%40bdq4371y (click to register as a friend) · Dr. Apron’s Instagram Account www.instagram.com/hakurepi_apron(@ hakurepi_apron) Company name Hacksii Co. (Hacksy) Representative Representative Director Takahashi Mirai Location 1-7 Osaki 4-chome Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 141-0032 Established October 2018 URL hakushi-no-recipe.com/ 【Inquiries concerning this matter】 Hacksii Corporation Public Relations Mail: info@hacksii.co.jp

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