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  • [Kodansha Co., Ltd.] Nicola Fujita, the second ViVi alone cover is realized in the sexy swimsuit! Also come with the Heisei sayings sticker of kemio collaboration of buzz ri rolling from before release, ViVi May issue is released on March 23!

[Kodansha Co., Ltd.] Nicola Fujita, the second ViVi alone cover is realized in the sexy swimsuit! Also come with the Heisei sayings sticker of kemio collaboration of buzz ri rolling from before release, ViVi May issue is released on March 23!

Kodansha Co., Ltd. Nicole Fujita, the second ViVi solitary cover is achieved in the sexy swimsuit! Also come with the Heisei sayings sticker of kemio collaboration of buzz ri rolling from before the release, ViVi May issue is released on March 23! Rainy day type sticker in the end of Heisei! Kemio world full opening, the whole picture of the sticker that the world has been squeezed before the release is finally clear. ………………………………………………………………………………………… [Image 1: https://prtimes.jp/i/1719/2101/resize/d1719-2101-638753-0.jpg] Nicola Fujita’s second solo cover is “show all” swimsuit styling! The cover of the ViVi May issue is Nicola Fujita! It is the second single cover for the first time in about 1 year since decorating the cover at the same time as the ViVi model debut in the December 2017 issue. From the last time I had a cool atmosphere, this time I made a girly and sexy swimsuit styling! My chest, my stomach, my legs are all visible! The Heisei which lasted for 30 years is finally over, and it is a little more until a new era is announced. Nicole came in on the spot with enough spirit to cover the large-scale cover at such a timing. Before taking the picture, I went to the gym and had a meal restriction, and I made a pretty stoic body, and at the moment Nicole came into the studio on the day of shooting, all the staff said, “I was tightened!” About. Even though it was taken in the morning, “I’m going to be hungry …” and rushed to shoot without putting his hand in the breakfast. The ViVi cover also wears a bathing suit code that will be a must-have, almost finished with one shot OK. In terms of the magazine, Nicole’s sayings for “new age, bran ni I myself” is plentiful! “It’s not a time to put out your personality. It’s good to enjoy yourself and all you like at that time.” “Only positive things are spoken. Because talking is a face.” Nicol buzz that resonates with my heart is fully open! For a new era, please check it out because there are so many words to send to people who want to be yourself. Actually, I was shooting one more pattern on the cover, but I miss it. I’m planning to announce it in some form, so stay tuned! www.vivi.tv/topics/2019/03/8938/ Buzzing with SNS before release! Kemio x ViVi original collaboration sticker is attached! The first half of 2018 JC · JK buzzword award “Age Mizawa” is the creator of “not a”, YouTube, SNS, etc. Creator more than about 3 million followers · kemio. I asked you to use the last quote of Heisei as a sticker for “Let’s make it happen for a while in Uchi and others!” Hilnandes was in charge of the illustrations! But active topic university student monet of the topic featured. [Image 2: https://prtimes.jp/i/1719/2101/resize/d1179-2101-802231-5.jpg] The hot voice from the kemio fan such as “Where can I buy it?” And “I want you!” Before the information ban, it keeps rolling, and the sticker of all humanity long-awaited (!) Is finally available! In addition to the pop and cute illustrations “Age Misowa”, there is also a saying in the kemio World Open that says, “Are there too few Wi-Fi calm? Are you motivated for the Olympics?” By choosing one of the sayings, it is possible to paste it from above on the “mail text” of the Garasuke sticker. Please paste it on the back of your smartphone or PC, and peel it away, and give it to Insta! [Image 3: https://prtimes.jp/i/1719/2101/resize/d1179-2101-562901-6.jpg] From Instagram @imkenta Garakage stickers to put on your smartphone! www.vivi.tv/topics/2019/03/89335/ How will the charisma born in Heisei reach the next era? ? Kiko Mizuhara, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, Kei Yoshizawa, kemio. “What created the Heisei charisma” where four Heisei-born charisma who are active in each field appear. At the turning point of the times, I asked the readers to express their feelings in their own words. [Image 4: https://prtimes.jp/i/1719/2101/resize/d1179-2101-915553-3.jpg] Kyary Pamyu Pamyu-san, whose name and appearance also debuted as a flashy and colorful girl. Now that Heisei is about to change, I have you talk about the change of the time to feel and the past of oneself. (Hereafter, some excerpts from the interview with Kyary Pamyu Pamyu) -What is the turning point in life? When I was about 22 years old, I had a lot of voyeurs. At that time, I had an open relationship, but it’s really quite often being stolen with a cell phone more than a weekly magazine. It felt like you were chasing everyday. I’m not a criminal and I don’t want to live like this. At that time, Yasutaka Nakata wrote a song “Morday Girl”. It was saved. That is the second turning point. Not only can you see the “Heikei-kan” of 4 people 4 like, it is an interview full of messages that can be positive for charisma! www.vivi.tv/topics/2019/03/8936/ “Odango, I was born and touched for the first time (lol)” Kota Sato × Nicota Nicole’s pounding date! ViVi May issue, Kota Sato x Nicola Fujita “Our House in the House”. A sweet mask with a height of 181 cm, and a high performance, he is attracted to movies and dramas. The super-popular dating project of the Vitra exclusive model and Fujita Nicole has been realized with the theater company EXILE · Kanta Sato-kun, which is rapidly rising in popularity as a NEXT national treasure class handsome. [Image 5: https://prtimes.jp/i/1719/2101/resize/d1719-2101-858809-8.jpg] Hugging from behind, holding hands, dating around the city, two people at a cafe in the evening, etc … …, two very popular people played the ViVi proposed delusional situations by body-to-face. During shooting, from the staff watching, the voice of “Kya!” And “Flicking ~!” Did not stop, it is the site of great excitement. In particular, Sato-kun, who has been active as an actor, usually enters the role of a boyfriend from the beginning, and in a hurry, Nicole and the two feel like a real couple. Nicole, who had been shy at first, also gradually became a natural expression for her as Sato-kun’s lead. In shooting with the Nintendo Switch “Super scuffle smash Brothers Special”, two game lovers seriously played against each other, laughed at the burnt hot cakes that the staff had burned, and laughs were endless. . Nicole “What do you like about girls dating?” Kanuta “Nothing.” Nicole “Oh, I want to check if my strategy is in place (laughs)” Kanta “What?” Talk with each other’s ideal dating and fashion, etc. From corner to corner, it is full of attractions. www.vivi.tv/topics/2019/03/8939/ King & Prince, your favorite girl’s fashion is ViVi’s ‘Latte Girl’? ! King & Prince has re-appeared for about a year. The re-appearance after a year in ViVi is accompanied by a double-sided pin-up with a super-cool face that you’ll want to keep forever, in addition to the gorgeous 8P “photo-like” taking grated visual! They are about one year from their debut. Not only the correct answer but also the mistake, not only the fun, but also the seriousness …… This time I wanted to know more about them more, and in the interview they asked them to analyze themselves with the words A to Z. (The following interview is partially open) “A” = “ACE” = “I want to become an ace group! I hope that our individuality, face and voice will fall apart so that we can develop six strengths and become beautiful hexagons” (Takahashi Takato) And if there is one side that talks seriously about the group’s goals … “M” = “Marmot” = Oh, “guinea pig, I want to touch, it’s cute” (Plain Shiretoko) and one side that is smiling with teasers. And The members answered “I” = “Iwahashi Genki” in a row, and they expressed their feelings for him. The 26 letters of “A” to “Z” mean what kind of word each means to King & Prince. In addition, in this interview, I showed Vi & VI of King & Prince, and I asked them to select their favorite girl fashion. The fact that 4 out of 5 people chose from ViVi’s “Latte Girl” fashion project is also a fact. This is also a must-see! Please come and enjoy King & Prince, which appeared for the first time in about a year and was a little more mature. [Image 6: https://prtimes.jp/i/1719/2101/resize/d1719-2101-322907-7.jpg] “Latte Girl” fashion proposed by ViVi www.vivi.tv/topics/2018/03/8937/ Month: ViVi May 2019 Price: 670 yen (tax included) Release date: March 23, 2019 (Sat) ※ Metropolitan area standard Publisher: Kodansha Co., Ltd.
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