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【Sharp】 Release of 6 digital full-color multifunction products

Dear Press Coordinator, sharp Release of 6 digital full-color multifunction products Notice the misplacement of the manuscript with the LED lamp (※ 1) or its own “voice assist” function …………………………………………………………………………………
[Image: https://prtimes.jp/i/12900/308/resize/d12900-308-682414-0.jpg] Digital full-color multifunction machine <MX-6171Sharp will release six digital full-color multifunction machines that inform the user of the misplacement of the manuscript by lighting the LED lamp or by its own "voice assist" function. We offer a lineup of medium to high speed machines from output speed of 41 sheets / minute to 61 sheets / minute, and we propose a machine suitable for office form and working style. When the scanned or copied document or the like is discharged to the document feeder, the LED lamp mounted on the discharge unit will light up to notify you. If it is left on the platen, it also has its own "voice assist" function to inform the user that the manuscript remains "please check it." Suppresses information leakage due to misplacement of originals. In addition, it can cooperate with various cloud services such as "Dropbox", "Google Drive (TM)", "OneDrive (R) for Business". You can print data on the cloud and save the scanned data to the cloud directly from the multifunction device without using a PC. In addition, we have newly installed functions that users themselves can upgrade the version of applications (* 2) that required service compatibility in the past. You can easily update to the latest application by touching the icon on the operation screen. We will support improvement of information security in the office and efficiency of operations and contribute to the creation of a comfortable working environment. Name: Digital full-color multifunction machine Model name: MX-6171 / MX-5171 / MX-4171 / MX-6151 / MX-5151 / MX-4151 Suggested retail price (excluding tax): 2,360,000 yen / 2,170,000 yen / 1,980,000 yen / 2,210,000 yen / 2,020,000 yen / 1,830,000 yen Release date: March 25, 2019 Monthly production: 500 units (series total)
■ Main Features 1. Notice of misplacement of manuscript with LED lamp and original "voice assist" function 2. It corresponds to various cloud services. It is possible to print data on the cloud directly from the multifunction machine and save the scan data to the cloud without using a PC 3. Newly equipped functions that users can upgrade application version * 1 Supported models are <MX-6171 / MX-5171 / MX-4171* 2 Applications that support upgrading are "Dropbox", "Google Drive (TM)", "Gmail (TM)" and so on. We will continue to expand applications to cooperate in the future. Information on this product can also be found on the following website. www.sharp.co.jp/business/ print / index.html * The contents described in the news release are information on the press release date. Please understand beforehand that the contents may have been changed at the time of viewing. 【Press Release Full Text】 www.sharp.co.jp/corporate/news/190225-a.html 【Press Release Full Text (PDF Version)】 www.sharp.co.jp/corporate/news/190225-a.pdf 【Image download service】 www.sharp.co.jp/press/p190225.html

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