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[General knowledge corporation knowledge capital] Gran front Osaka place of intellectual creation, exchange “knowledge capital” announces result of 6 years

General Incorporated Association Knowledge Capital Grand Front Osaka Announces Achievements of Six Years of “Knowledge Capital” New collaboration with the Ecosystem of 4 overseas cities ………………………………………………………………………………………… Strengthening start-up support and culture creation organizations and activities aimed at producing concrete results Knowledge Capital (representative director: Hideo Miyahara) and KMO Co., Ltd. (representative director: Hidetoshi Odajima) are the results of the activities up until the start of the 6th anniversary of “Knowledge Capital” in April 2019. We will inform you of the future policy. Knowledge Capital opened in April 2013 as a core facility of Grand Front Osaka, which is operated by 12 private companies. We aim to be a “place of intellectual creation and exchange” where various people such as business people, researchers, creators and ordinary people come and go and combine their knowledge to create new value. [Image 1: https://prtimes.jp/i/14551/129/resize/d14551-129-339697-0.jpg] “Knowledge salon” where more than 100,000 people interact annually So far, 419 organizations in 80 countries have visited the country from overseas, as well as start-up support organizations and cultural institutions around the world as advanced cases that have facilities and management functions to support the creation of innovation through intellectual exchange. We are actively promoting collaboration, and have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with 15 organizations. In addition, the number of visitors to “The Lab. Everyone in the World’s No. 1 Laboratory”, which allows general visitors to touch the latest technologies, and “Future Life Showroom”, a hands-on showroom, has surpassed a total of 30 million people. The three awards sponsored by Knowledge Capital, which have been held since the first year, have grown into opportunities for recruiting and fostering human resources, both domestically and internationally, and in particular, the “knowledge innovation award” is an innovative activity of knowledge capital participants. Of course, various ideas of junior and senior high school students are also disseminated to society. In addition, we will promote a new learning place “New Education Center” and “Knowledge Capital Super-School”, which can be taken casually in a cafe space, will hold 59 courses this year with 18 universities, research institutes and companies The total number of trainees since 2014 has surpassed a total of 10,000. A variety of programs are implemented throughout the year, providing an opportunity for learning beyond the framework of the school and society. In addition, the workplace for proof of advanced technology, launched in April 2017, is also actively used to create products. In fiscal 2018, digital performance And, the next generation of ice making machine was born. Knowledge Capital attracts attention from inside and outside the country, as a “place of intellectual creation and exchange” where diverse knowledge gathers, and active collaboration to promote start-up support and culture dissemination. Since its inception, we will cultivate the “innovational sprouts” that will emerge one after another, and will continue to work as a facility unique to the world. that’s all ※ Knowledge Capital is the core facility of Gran Front Osaka, which was opened by a private company in April 2013. As the world’s first “place of intellectual creation and exchange” that combines “sensitivity” and “technology” to create “new value”, the general corporation Japan Knowledge Capital and KMO Co., Ltd. jointly I operate. <Knowledge capital by number【Total number of participants in 6 years】 349 people 1. 349 people, including companies, organizations and institutions, participate in 6 years 4 university 283 companies Public institution / Research institute 25 persons Other 7 people 【Current number of participants】 152 people The Lab. The World's No. 1 Institute 11 People Future Life Showroom 22 Knowledge office 22 people Collaboration office 46 people Collaboration office nx 51 person 2. "Knowledge salon" with more than 100,000 people interacting with members a year 【Current number of members】 Approximately 2,000 people 【Total number of members in 6 years】 Approximately 5,100 【Total number of visitors in 6 years】 Approximately 800,000 people 3. The number of general visitors in the “The Lab. All-In-One World Institute” and “Future Life Showroom” exceeded 30 million [The total number of visitors for six years] Approximately 31 million people 4. Overwhelming attention from overseas, visiting from 80 countries around the world [Official visits from around the world for 6 years, number of visitors] 419 groups in 80 countries [The number of official visits and events taking part in overseas for six years] 38 cities in 22 cities 5. New MOU signed with four overseas organizations that provide start-up support and culture dissemination. The cooperation destination is all 15 institutions [2018 New Overseas Alliances] ・ Valdwards Technopole (France) Val d'Oise, France Public startup support organization. April 2018 MOU signed. Vienna Business Agency (Austria) Vienna's municipal economic promotion organization that attracts companies from abroad and supports them. April 2018 MOU signed. ・ Asian Cultural Institute (Korea) Managing organization of National Asian Cultural Hall of Fame, Korea's national cultural exchange organization. October 2018 MOU signed. ・ Knowledge City (China) An urban development project by a major Chinese real estate developer, Hangzhou Wanka. January 2019 MOU signed. [Overseas collaboration partners so far] · Austria Linz / Ars Electronica ・ Thailand Bangkok / Thailand Creative & Design Center ・ France ・ ギ ャ ン レ / ン / digital art center France-Lyon / TUBA France Grenoble / Institute of Nuclear and Alternative Energy, Institute of Electronics Information Technology France Grenoble / Atelier Art Science ・ Poland ・ Warsaw / Adam ・ Mitchievich Institute ・ Taiwan / Taipei / Taiwan Design Center ・ Hong Kong / Hong Kong Science & Technology Park Company ・ Hong Kong / Cyberport Hong Kong / Smart City Consortium 6. Domestic MOU contractors -National Museum of Ethnology ・ National university attached research institute, center meeting 7. Providing more than 1,000 "intellectual experiences" per year [Number of events conducted in six years at various knowledge capital locations] Approximately 6,000 ※ In addition to the event sponsored by Knowledge Capital, it will be held at Future Life Showroom, Knowledge Office and The Lab. Three awards sponsored by Knowledge Capital grow into opportunities for talent discovery and development
■ International Students Creative Award (ISCA), a place for finding talent in the creative industry Works are being collected at the school and faculty level for students at universities, graduate schools and vocational schools both in Japan and abroad. The Overseas Video Content Division has entries from about 30 countries, including Asia, the United States, and Europe, and is growing as an international creative award. In addition, we invite corporate representatives from around 30 creative companies, such as Osaka Media, advertising agencies, video production companies, etc., every year, and have established places for connecting nominated students and companies. [Image 2: https://prtimes.jp/i/14551/129/resize/d14551-129-747949-1.jpg]
■ Various ideas from middle and high school students to adults responsible for the future, more than 6,000 entries in the middle and high school students sector. “Knowledge Innovation Award” It is an initiative to widely disseminate the results of “knowledge innovation” based on various ideas to society. It consists of the “Knowledge Capital Division”, which recognizes the “innovative activities” of knowledge capital participants, and the “Twelve high school ideas division” and the “high school student ideas division”, which solicits ideas for “future work”. The number of application schools to be adopted for the integrated learning program as part of the class is also increasing, and we have received support from the Board of Education of the 2 prefectures of Kinki. [Image 3: https://prtimes.jp/i/14551/129/resize/d14551-129-7393030.jpg]
Honoring those who embody “OMOSIROI” “World OMOSORIO Award” It is an international award that recognizes those who embody “the sense of being bright (white) in front of the eyes”, which is the origin of the word “OMOSIROI”, the core value of Knowledge Capital. The knowledge capital and related domestic and foreign experts are nominees, focusing on people who are involved in OMOSIROI ideas and activities. So far, 20 winners have been selected, including pure cultured meat researchers, German residents and underwater expressionists. [Image 4: https://prtimes.jp/i/14551/129/resize/d14551-129-222263-3.jpg] Promote a New Learning Center “New Education Center”
■ The total number of trainees is 10,000. “Knowledge Capital Super-School” beyond school, over yourself This is a program in which researchers and general participants from various fields such as universities, companies, and research institutes think and interact together. The cafe space is characterized by its ability to take casual drinks with one hand, and it is a place to connect general participants and researchers. We have expanded our activities with universities and research institutes representing Japan, and have held 239 courses with 34 institutions and companies, and more than 10,000 people have attended. (As of the end of February 2019) [Image 5: https://prtimes.jp/i/14551/129/resize/d14551-129-113882-4.jpg] <Knowledge capital super school six years co-sponsored group listOsaka University Osaka Prefecture University Osaka City University Shiga University Kano Laboratory Osaka Art University Kansai University Osaka University of Education Osaka University Press Ritsumeikan University Tottori University Osaka Music University Kyoto University iPS Cell Research Institute Osaka University 21st Century Kaitokudo Nara Institute of Science and Technology Ryukoku University National University Attached Research Institute Center Director Meeting Kyoto University Graduate School of Medicine Keio University (KMD) National Museum of Ethnology Osaka University CO Design Center JT Bioscience Research Center JAXA Institute of Global Environmental Studies Research Center for Spatial Information Science, The University of Tokyo Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art National Cardiovascular Center Osaka City Toyo Ceramics Museum Japan Medical Research and Development Organization (AMED) Osaka City Art Museum National Museum of Art Japan Interior Society Japan Design Promotion Association Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. Takeo Corporation
■ Lecture over 100 pieces in 2 days. "Knowledge Capital University" attended by about 7,000 people With the aim of becoming a place of learning beyond the framework of the school and society, we have lectured specialists who have been involved in Knowledge Capital activities as lecturers in various fields. In April 2018, we opened 10 classrooms with different designs in the Convention Center on the 2nd floor of Knowledge Capital, and conducted lectures over 100 classes in two days, and approximately 7,000 people attended. [Image 6: https://prtimes.jp/i/14551/129/resize/d14551-129-327162-5.jpg]
■ Colorful content of 455. Knowledge Capital Workshop Festival We aim to be the third learning place for children and children other than home and school, and hold it three times a year (spring, summer and autumn). Held workshops on various themes centered on universities and companies participating in knowledge capital. So far, it has been held 17 times and about 100,000 people have participated in all 455 contents. [Image 7: https://prtimes.jp/i/14551/129/resize/d14551-129-166784-6.jpg]
■ "Programming course to learn in English" that adds English to programming This is a full-fledged programming course that is conducted as part of a collaboration project with the Hong Kong Smart City Consortium, which is the overseas collaboration destination. Under the cooperation of KODING KINGDOM, the largest educational coordinator institution in Hong Kong, programming education that is essential for future education is being conducted in English for junior high school students and high school students. [Image 8: https://prtimes.jp/i/14551/129/resize/d14551-129-3236281-7.jpg]
■ “Umekita Future University” that brings ideas of active university students into shape It is an event aimed at the exchange of university students planned by communicators. We invite people in the company and give students a group discussion and presentation along the theme. At the 5th (held in February 2019), under the theme of "Let's think about the future of Umekita's second term", we have a discussion with developers in Umekita's second term, a redevelopment area north of JR Osaka Station The [Image 9: https://prtimes.jp/i/14551/129/resize/d14551-129-541199-8.jpg] Achievements of positive international collaboration
■ Announced as Osaka delegation at the "High Level Forum" international conference where the world's ecosystem gathers We were invited to participate in the high level forum 2018, an international forum for global innovation ecosystems hosted by the French Nuclear Energy and Alternative Energy Agency (CEA), which is an overseas partnership partner. While the forum brings together about 40 international communities involved in promoting innovation ecosystems from North and South America, Europe, Asia and Africa, Knowledge Capital will participate as a delegation of Osaka with Osaka City and Osaka University. In the session entitled “Innovation System Infrastructure in the City of the City,” I spoke at a high level on the concept of knowledge capital and gained high interest. [Image 10: https://prtimes.jp/i/14551/129/resize/d14551-129-513855-9.jpg]
■ Launched Urban Technology Alliance, an international alliance for smart cities The project team whose representative researchers are Osaka University commissioned by the National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT) for three years from 2014 to 2017, and three European countries commissioned by the European Commission ( Participated in Japan-Europe cooperation smart city demonstration experiment project "FESTIVAL" by research institutes in France, Spain and Italy. Since 2018, taking over "FESTIVAL", we have launched the "Urban Technology Alliance" of Smart City's international alliance with related organizations centered on the French Nuclear Energy and Alternative Energy Agency (CEA) and are participating as core members. [Image 11: https://prtimes.jp/i/14551/129/resize/d14551-129-605353-10.jpg] Promote a coordination project with knowledge capital
■ Birth of products using "Workplace", a place for demonstration and verification of advanced technologies With the aim of creating speedy innovation, we opened the Workplace in April 2017. Flexible arrangement of large screen and projector. It can do prototype verification by image and can produce contents using motion capture and chroma key technology. A discussion space and a project desk are also set up. A variety of products are being created, with knowledge capital participating companies and salon members used as a place for project promotion coordinated by knowledge capital. [Product 1.] Automatic operation look-around telepresence robot CARE-JIRO for nursing homes Launched a development project for automated operation and watching robots for nursing homes, with a focus on iPresence, a joint venture that develops and sells robots. Experts in target fields such as knowledge salon members gather as development partners. In order to solve problems in the nursing care industry such as labor shortages, we are developing a CARE-JIRO, a sight-seeing robot that uses remote control and communication technology. In addition to producing prototypes for practical use and exhibiting at exhibitions, we have started demonstrations for staff at nursing facilities. [Image 12: https://prtimes.jp/i/14551/129/resize/d14551-129-102447-11.jpg] [Product 2.] VR calligraphy performance "floating book (Fuyusho)" It is a digital performing art that was born from the unusual color collaboration of Japanese calligrapher Fujiran Tamaran and VR Inc. produced by Zoom Inc. Digitizing Mr. Tamaran's book and drawing a three-dimensional book in 3D space in VR provides an unrealistic experience. In June 2018, he showed a performance at the International Digital Art Biennale "Bang Numerique 2018" held in France and attracted attention. In the future, we plan to provide it as "VR performance" that also incorporates projection and mapping. [Image 13: https://prtimes.jp/i/14551/129/resize/d14551-129-918091-12.jpg] [Product 3.] Next-generation shaved ice making machine "himuro" This is a project realized by the collaboration of knowledge salon members, in an effort to transmit the ancient Japanese food culture "shaved ice" to the world with a completely new ice scraping mechanism (patent application). By adopting a mechanism that simultaneously cuts two types of taste and a novel design devised by a student at the Milan Institute of Technology, we have been promoting commercialization with the aim of permeating shaved ice into the world as a representative Japanese food. Then, production is decided by "Ikenaga Iron Works," a manufacturer of shaved ice making machine representing Japan. It is scheduled for completion and sales in late May 2019. [Image 14: https://prtimes.jp/i/14551/129/resize/d14551-129-883178-13.jpg] 1. Acceleration of new value creation by collaboration and expansion of results We will strengthen cooperation and collaboration with government agencies, administrations, economic organizations, universities, research institutes, etc., and aim to accelerate the creation of specific results of knowledge innovation, such as new services, products, human resources, and content, and expand the results. 2. Expand the “knowledge” to diversify and accumulate knowledge capital participation methods Expand the place and function to accumulate diverse “knowledge” of ordinary people such as foreigners and young people as well as participants and salon members working in Knowledge Capital, and promote the fusion of specialists and ordinary people You 3. Consider a new business model to support entrepreneurship Significance of participating in knowledge capital, aiming to build a new startup platform to reach the world by utilizing the characteristics of knowledge capital, such as a concrete program in cooperation with overseas organizations, assembling an entrepreneurship creation base with an unprecedented mechanism and service And provide benefits. 【Equipment outline】 ·Name of facility Knowledge capital ·location グ ラ ン 530-0011 Osaka City Kita-ku Otakucho 3-1 Grand Front Osaka North Building ・ Facilities guidance The Lab. The world’s No. 1 research institute (active lab. · Cafe lab · event lab) Basement floor 1 to 3 floor Future Life Showroom 1st to 6th floor Knowledge theater 4th floor Knowledge salon 7th floor Collaboration office collaboration office Nex 7th floor-8th floor Conference room 8th floor · 10th floor Knowledge office 9th floor-13th floor Convention center basement 1 floor-basement 2 floor ・ Operating organization representative Hideo Miyahara President and Representative Director, General Incorporated Association Hidetoshi Odajima Representative Director, KMO Co., Ltd. ・ Operator (in alphabetical order) NTT Urban Development Corporation Obayashi Corporation ORIX Real Estate Corporation Kanden Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. Nippon Steel Kowa Real Estate Co., Ltd. Sekisui House Co., Ltd. Takenaka Corporation Tokyo Building Co., Ltd. Japan Land and Building Co., Ltd. Hankyu Corporation Hankyu Hanshin REIT Investment Corporation Mitsubishi Jisho Co., Ltd.

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