[Park 24 Co., Ltd.] August 29th is a Yakiniku Day once a year! Daimaru Tokyo Yakiniku (829) Day Fair

Park 24 Co., Ltd. August 29 is Yakiniku Day once a year! Daimaru Tokyo Yakiniku (829) Day Fair August 27 (Tue)-29 (Thu) / Daimaru Tokyo Branch Basement Hoppe Town August 29th is Yakiniku Day! Yakiniku Day is not only from Yaki (8) to (2) to (9), but also to eat BBQ, add stamina, and survive the hot summer as an anniversary in 1993. It was established. Therefore, Daimaru Tokyo offers a lot of special yakiniku bento such as meat increase and Japanese beef lunch according to this yakiniku day! We will also introduce special information on Yakiniku Day! Meat Day only! It is a lunch box with plenty of yakiniku beef.

Double the meat! Use high quality thigh meat from domestic beef. The amount of meat is twice the normal amount!

Increased meat! Increase 3 Samgyeopsal!

Increased meat! Sushi made by seasoning beef, mayonnaise, egg, cucumber, etc.

Double the meat! Two times the usual amount of sweet and spicy beef! As an accompaniment for sake.

Meat Day only Meat day-limited lunch with three kinds of meats.

Advantageous! No. 2 popular “Pig Aburiyaki” in the shop is a great deal!

1.5 times! Improving sensation at 1.5 times the normal size! A must-eat item for meat lovers.

A5 rank! It is a special bento with Yakiniku using A5 rank Japanese beef.

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