Meidorimin Christmas 2019 is being held (until December 25)

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Meidorimin Christmas 2019 is being held (until December 25)

No.1 Maid Cafe Group Meidorimin (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President: Yuichiro Suzuki), who opens up the world with Japanese culture, is from December 1 (Sun) to December 25 (Wed) Naka “Meidori Min Christmas 2019” will be held.
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Christmas time limited dream uniform
(Heart) Meidorimin Christmas Overview (Heart)
At Meidorimin Christmas, we will be selling menus and seasonal items that are limited to the Christmas season. There will also be a maid cast wearing a Santa Claus costume. Cheki and other photos taken with “Santa Maid” are popular menus every year to commemorate the visit to Meidorimin, souvenirs of travel, and commemorative Christmas parties with friends ♪
(Heart) This year’s Christmas season limited menu is “ Yukinko Santa’s Hayashi Rice ” (Heart)
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Yukinko Santa’s Hayashi Rice
If you eat a bite, the refreshing flavor of tomatoes and the flavor of rich sauce will spread in your mouth.
A cat-shaped snowman Santa with a plump rice ball makes a cute Christmas! The texture of broccoli and cherry tomatoes accentuates and is excellent for eating! We also recommend champagne, wine and sake together!
Yukinko Santa’s Hayashi Rice (¥ 1,150 excluding tax)
(Heart) Animal Parfait that became Santa Claus (Heart)
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Ananimaru parfait that became Santa Claus
The popular parrot parfait since its release has been decorated in a Christmas version for a limited time!
Of course it’s delicious, so you can take pictures with parfaits with cute expressions like anime, so it’s popular among children, girls groups, and foreign visitors to Japan ♪
A variety of parfaits (780 yen excluding tax)
(Heart) Only during the Christmas season! [Mei Dori Min Original] Christmas season limited goods sales
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Christmas limited goods
1. Christmas limited acrylic key chain and acrylic stand
Period: From December 3 (Tue) to December 25 (Wed)
How to purchase: Please contact the Maid Cast in the store for detailed information when entering Japan.
■ Christmas acrylic key chain (7cm)
b. Mary
■ Christmas acrylic stand (7cm)
a.Holy Night
b.Silent night
2. Christmas season limited tapestry
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Christmas limited tapestry
The popular Meidorimin Tapestry series every time. This theme is a Christmas Eve home party!
The frame of the cute tapestry is made of animals drawn by legendary pis. (Heart) Cheki shooting (Heart)
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Check shooting
Cheki photography is popular for travel logs and souvenirs as a memory of foreign visitors to Japan and Meidorimin. The maid cast will draw a picture in the cheki shooting, so you can have only one memory in the world ♪ You can meet the maid cast in the red dream uniform only for the Christmas season in this period, so don’t miss it ♪

More than 500 casts serving at Meidori-Mimi wear four types of training uniforms, regular uniforms, dream uniforms, and legendary dream uniforms, depending on the waiter’s skills and position. Among them, QSCS members and selected maid casts wear seasonal dream uniforms according to the season at specific times. In December, you will be greeted by your husband and daughter at the Christmas Dream! What is QSCS … https: //
(Heart) There are many ways to enjoy! From one person to a charter for 80 people (heart)
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Maid cafe for parties
The entertainment restaurant No. 1 maid cafe group “Meidorimin”, which can be recommended as an unusual essence when gathering together as a regular member, for both singles and girls, is tailored to various purposes. There are many ways to enjoy it! In the daytime, we have a cute & delicious lunch menu with kids and moms for easy parties. After the evening, you can easily enjoy dinner with a little drink + tavern menu that makes you want to stop by on the way home from work. Of course, a lot of alcohol, such as champagne and shots, that excites the party scene! There are also shops equipped with sound and screen ♪ For reservations and inquiries, please contact the national call center. TEL: (+81) 03-5823-4226
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Christmas pop

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