TABIPPO has started a partnership with TABIPPO, a service that allows you to live all over the world for a fixed amount based on the concept of “traveling and working around the world”.

TABIPPO Inc. TABIPPO has started a partnership with TABIPPO, a service that allows you to live all over the world for a fixed amount based on the concept of “traveling and working around the world”. If you register via the TABIPPO community, you will receive an additional 500 coins of HafH Coin that you can upgrade from 100 coins to a single room! …………………………………………………………………………………………… TABIPPO Co., Ltd. (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo / President and CEO Naoya Shimizu) is a service company that provides HafH (abbreviation for Home away from Home), a service that started service in April 2019. Partnership with KabuK Style (joint representatives: Kenji Sunada and Ryosuke Ose) has started. What is the monthly flat-rate unlimited service “HafH”? [Image 1

HafH is developed under the concept of “traveling and working in the world” and adopts a subscription-type (monthly flat-rate system) model that has been attracting attention in recent years. This service provides about 100 bases around the world (as of August 2019) for people who work and live like traveling. HafH × TABIPPO Partner Alliance Background and Details [Image 2

TABIPPO is working to create a prosperous society by setting up a vision of “making the world better by travel” and “creating a culture to travel” targeting young people. Many readers of the web media provided by the company and attendees of the event are aiming to “work like traveling” in the future, and join hands with HafH to share their ideals together. We decided to form a partner alliance with the idea of ​​realizing it. The travel community developed by TABIPPO for the purpose of raising the awareness of HafH, which provides new ways of working in the future, and registering members, mainly the media, event community, and influencer We aim to expand the market for people who work while traveling. 1. Aim to expand recognition through media (TABIPPO.NET / Social Media). [Image 3

In July 2019, TABIPPO members visited Nagasaki, the roots of HafH, and talked to HafH users (called neighbors), including “HafH Nagasaki SAI”, the first directly managed store. Articles etc. We expanded the awareness of HafH to TABIPPO.NET readers. From around 16,000 yen per month, the world becomes a base of life! Around November, featured content will also be released on the theme of “working like traveling”. 2. Communicate closely with potential customers by forming a joint community. [Image 4

From today, HafH x TABIPPO joint planning-Travel like a wind. Recruitment of new community-“Vogel” started. In the first phase, about 50 people are recruited for members of society, aiming to “ renew themselves on a journey ”, thinking about new environments, meeting new people, and future work and work styles together Communicating to the potential layer by forming a community * Vogel means “bird” in German and is named after the bird traveling in the wind. Click here for details and application 3. Select influencers that will enliven the worldview of HafH × TABIPPO. HafH’s goal of “traveling and working in the world” has been realized, and people with the ability to communicate on SNS have been appointed as HafH Neighbor, and the recognition of the industry and services has been expanded through PR activities. Aim for.
▼ Influencer introduction Traveling programmer Artur (Latvian) [Image 5

Free Web engineer from Latvia Japanese / English / Russian / Latvian / Web site creation service. HafH Neighbor. 24 years old who likes owls, melon bread and ramen. I boiled some noodles and burned tofu. I received 1 million yen from Maezawa’s project. Twitter: Traveling management Tabimaru Sho [Image 6

[Travel / Management] Six years have passed since seeking a free way of life. 5 laps of the earth / travel blogger / writer / peace boat guest boarding / HafH Neighbor … etc. I manage the world, sell photos, write columns, and give lectures around the world. We send information such as superb views of the world and unusual information. Twitter: Tatsuya Okamura living in two bases with Georgia [Image 7

Anything that operates a guest house in Georgia and a share house in Tokyo. / Handyman guild representative / Czech goodwill ambassador / traveler nurturer / Uyuni 1 month life / completed the world / sponsored by Tabizemi / sponsored by All Japan Traveler Association / share house management / HafH Neighbor / Lecturer at Journey University and POOLO / Twitter: Instagram: Around the world by newly-married Tabiwa Life [Image 8

Married couple who honeymoon until death / 4th year after jumping out of Japan Marriage → Retirement → Round the world → Go to honeymoon until death / Want to be a strong and friendly couple / Currently in Van life in Europe? /? Appeared in “Japan Boys and Nakai”. Twitter: Instagram: Several others. HafH co-representative Ryosuke Ose’s TABIPPO event information! 1. Release commemorative event (Tabi University) [Image 9

In commemoration of this partnership, on August 25, 2019, a HafH x TABIPPO sponsored event, TRENLIFE, will be held. Mr. Ryosuke Ose, who is also the co-representative of HafH, and several HafH Neighbors will be invited to talk about how to live and work in the future. === Event details-====== ◎ Date and time: Sunday, August 25, 17: 00- ◎ Venue: TABIPPO Shibuya Office (20-1 Maruyama-cho, Shibuya-ku, Shindai Sou Maruyama Building 9F) ◎ Number of applicants: 50 ◎ Participation fee: Student / Working person: 1000 yen ◎ Participation method: You can apply from the Journey University website below. ⇒ ================== 2. Appear at the special festival “PEACE DAY19” on International Peace Day [Image 10

September 21 (Saturday), when the heat will settle down, at the world peace day, at the Makuhari Seaside Park with a pleasant lawn and sea breeze, “Believe in Peace with Love” is an outdoor festival that can be enjoyed across generations, positions, and all genres. PEACE DAY19 “was held. It was decided that Ryosuke Ose will appear on the talk stage. We will talk from the viewpoint of regional revitalization and how we work in the future.
▼ PEACE DAY official website [Anniversary Benefit] 500 Habits of HafH Coin will be added by registering via the TABIPPO community! To commemorate this alliance, if you register for a paid membership via the TABIPPO community (via a dedicated URL), you will receive an additional 500 Coin, which is usually given 500 Coin. First of all, why not register with “Osashi Hough (3,000yen / day)”?
▼ HafH official website
▼ Exclusive member registration page with benefits ──────────────────────────────────────────── [About KabuK Style Company] Company name: KabuK Style Inc. Co-representative: Kenji Sunada, Ryosuke Ose Established: February 2018 Location: Nagasaki Prefecture Nagasaki City Furukawacho 5-21 HP: [TABIPPO Company Profile] Company name: TABIPPO Representative: Naoya Shimizu Established: April 2014 Location: Tokyo Daibutsu Maruyama Building 9F, 20-1 Maruyamacho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo HP:

For more information about this release(Japanese): ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━

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