[Dip] To the forefront of the red carpet! We are looking for a part-time job that can support the operation of the Tokyo International Film Festival!

Dip To the forefront of the red carpet! We are looking for a part-time job that can support the operation of the Tokyo International Film Festival! “Dream Bytes” new project that can only be experienced with “Bitele”. Recruit one person with a daily salary of 33,000 yen and full transportation expenses! …………………………………………………………………………………………… DIP Co., Ltd. (Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Hideki Hamada, hereinafter referred to as “Company”) is the Tokyo International Film Festival We have started recruiting part-time workers who can support the opening event. [Image

The 32nd Tokyo International Film Festival this year is the only international film festival recognized by the Federation of International Filmmakers in Japan. Excellent movies gather from all over the world, providing a place for domestic and foreign filmmakers and film fans to meet and interact with new talent and excitement. This Dream Byte is looking for a part-time job that will support the opening event of the Tokyo International Film Festival. The working day is scheduled for Monday, October 28, 2019. Recruitment staff is 1 person in total, and a daily salary of 33,000 yen is provided as a reward. Transportation expenses will be paid in full anywhere in the country. We welcome applications from not only movie enthusiasts but also fans of the performers and those who want to gain valuable experience. “Dream Byte” New Project Overview We are looking for part-time workers who can support the opening of the Tokyo International Film Festival opening event! -Applying from the “Bightle” app will increase the probability of adoption by 10 times! ~ Overview Working day: Monday, October 28, 2019 Location: Roppongi Hills Arena (6-9-1 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo) Working period: Up to 8 hours (including employment procedure time) Company: F-plane Vitre Dream Dream Byte Secretariat Planned number of employees: 1 Treatment: Daily salary of 33,000 yen (Transportation expenses will be paid from anywhere in the country / accommodation expenses will also be paid if accommodation is required) Business description: Support for event management. * The part-time job will be released later on the “Bightle” website. How to apply: Enter the required items from the project set up in “Baitle” and apply. URL: https://www.baitoru.com/cp/dream/ Qualification requirements Men and women over 15 years old (excluding junior high school students) * If you are a minor, you will need parental consent. Notices If you apply through the “Bightle” application, we are implementing a campaign that will increase the employment probability by 10 times. Other ・ You can apply for this part-time job from the “Bightle” website or the “Bightle” app. ・ Limited to those who do not disclose confidential information obtained through part-time jobs. (Contract for confidential information protection.) ・ Limited to those who understand that part-time jobs will be distributed on media such as the “Bightle” website. Application period Applications are accepted until 14:00 on Friday, October 11, 2019 * Only those who have passed the selection will contact you in late October. Company / Service Overview Company overview We are looking for job seekers and recruiting companies through the part-time job part-time job information site “Bightle”, the full-time / contracted employee job information site “Bightle NEXT”, the general job information site “Harakonetto”, and the nurse recruitment service “Narth Harakota”. We aim to become a society that improves society by providing services that are highly convenient for both parties. Listed on TSE Mothers in May 2004 and on the first section of TSE in December 2013. FY2 / 19 sales were 42.1 billion yen. Established “dip AI.Lab” in 2016. We operate Japan’s first AI specialized media “AINOW” and Japan’s first AI startup support system “AI.Accelerator”. Company name: DIP Corporation Representative: Hideki Hamada, President and CEO Head Office: Roppongi Grand Tower 31F, 3-2-1 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo Telephone: 03-5114-1177 (representative) Established: March 1997 Capital: 1,085 million yen (as of the end of February 2019) Number of employees: 1,967 (full-time employees as of April 1, 2019) * Excluding contracts, part-time workers, and temporary employees Business description: Operation of job information websites such as “Bightle”, “Bightle NEXT”, “Harakonetto”, nurse change career support services, etc. URL: https://www.dip-net.co.jp/ What is Vitor “Bitele” is a part-time job information site that lists the largest number of job offers in Japan. Pursuing ease of use unique to the Internet, we provide various services ahead of the industry. “Bitele”: https://www.baitoru.com

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