Twelve top runners in the industry, including directors of McDonald’s Japan, participated in “Scalar Partners”, a company that shows “An answer that the world has not yet met”

SCARA Co., Ltd. Twelve top runners in the industry, including directors of McDonald’s Japan, participated in “Scalar Partners”, a company that shows “An answer that the world has not yet met” All members have management experience …………………………………………………………………………………………… “Scalar Partners” was founded by top industry runners gathered to show the answers that the world has not yet met. (Scheduled to move to Shibuya Hikarie around February 2020) [Image 1

“Do what someone has to do before anyone else. Lead that courage and belief to reality.” A group of such strong beliefs is SCARA Partners. As the SCARA Group offered a variety of services, I was witnessed by the fact that “a great value has been buried” and “a situation where normal competition principles are not working”. On the other hand, there were times when I was excited about the people who spoke with their eyes shining, “I really want to realize this feeling for a better world!” If it is a big dream, the range that can be realized by one person or one company may be small. But when many people sympathize with their thoughts and run towards a goal as a partner, they should be able to change something in the world that needs to be resolved. “Making the future as it should be” SCARA Partners will realize a business creation platform and pursue the ideal future with all stakeholders. * The SCARA Group plans to move to Shibuya Hikarie in the spring of 2020 as the business expands and grows, including SCARA Partners.
■ Business domain ・ CSV Innovation: Together with client companies, we will launch a new innovative business with a view to the future. ・ CSV Incubation: Supports entrepreneur discovery, start-up support, and corporate development through accelerator programs. ・ CSV Investment: Supporting business growth through investment. * “CSV” is an abbreviation of “Creating Shared Value” advocated by Michael Porter. It is the balance between improving social value and corporate value that are linked to solving social issues through business.
■ Message ・ Large companies: Let’s join us in creating new businesses, such as launching new businesses! ・ Venture companies: Formulate and execute financial and management strategies with a view to listing. Let the company grow! ・ Media: Please report! There are still more interesting stories.
■ Participating partners [Image 2

Masataka Ueda Director of Nihon McDonald Holdings Co., Ltd. After serving as vice chairman, chairman and CEO of American Home Medical & General Insurance Co., Ltd. in 2000, he became CEO and CEO of Cecile Co., Ltd. (currently Dinos Cecile Co., Ltd.) and ING Direct services in 2007. Assumed office as an advisor. In March 2016, he was appointed as the director of McDonald’s Holdings Japan Co., Ltd., in February 2017 as the director of the Japan Eggshell Membrane Promotion Association, and in June 2018 as director of the East Japan Bank, Ltd. [Image 3

Minoru Moriya He has served as an advisor to Hakuhodo and JAXA. Joined MISUMI Corporation (currently MISUMI Group Inc.) in 1992 and engaged in new business development. Established MOUT Co., Ltd., a new business specialist company, with Mr. Taguchi, founder of MISUMI Co., Ltd., and launched and sold multiple businesses. 2010 Established Moriya Real Office Co., Ltd. Acting as an expert in creating new businesses. Participated in the founding of Luxru Co., Ltd. and Care Pro Co., Ltd. He has served as an advisor to Hakuhodo Co., Ltd., JAXA, etc., an expert committee member of the Cabinet Office, and an artificial intelligence high-technologist in the Ministry of Mountains. In 2018, Boutiques Co., Ltd., Rakusuru Co., Ltd. listed for 2 consecutive months. “Let’s take a new step!” (Diamond).
[Image 4

Masatoshi Kushizaki Representative director of Moralis Co., Ltd. Joined SMBC Nikko Securities Co., Ltd. (formerly Nikko Securities) in 1991. Engaged in financial strategy (including M & A) and asset management advice mainly for mid-sized companies, owners, and wealthy as financial advisors. In April 2002, he participated in the Dream Incubator (commonly known as DI), which was raised by Shinichi Hori, a former BCG representative from Japan. Listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers in 2002, and promoted to the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange in September 2005. Engaged in launching an investment development business (incubator) for venture companies as an officer in charge of sales marketing. Advocated “executive support consulting” and nurtured many listed companies.
[Image 5

Takenori Hasegawa Assistant Professor, Institute of Medical Science, University of Tokyo. Specializes in statistical time series analysis and genomic informatics. After completing his doctoral course, he worked as an assistant professor at Tohoku Medical Megabank Organization. As a technical advisor to Panasonic Co. and Medley, Inc., he develops and provides clinical diagnosis support systems based on Bayesian theory, influenza infection prediction systems, business optimization systems, and launches several new businesses.
[Image 6

Yuichi Gun Representative Director of Otsumu Co., Ltd. After graduating from Hitotsubashi University, F Code Co., Ltd. developed a new SNS business for customers, and product manager at RenRen. Founded Otsumu Co., Ltd. in 2010. After developing a social game operated by the company, it supports business verification and growth of startups and large companies. In 2017, started AI / SaaS specialized venture capital Reality Accelerator, LLP.
[Image 7

Kentaro Fujita President of Business Alliance Co., Ltd. In 2012, while at Kokushikan University, he joined BNG Partners as an intern student. In the first year of joining the company, he will be in charge of managers, contributing to the company’s sales, such as acquiring in-house MVP for the third consecutive term. In December 2014, he assumed office as an executive officer, and then became a managing director, etc., and in March 2016, assumed the position of president. In July 2019, he established Business Alliance Co., Ltd. and assumed the position of President.
[Image 8

Kotaro Ishibashi Gazelle Capital Representative Director and others. In 2012, together with Mr. Kazuma Iiri and others, participated in the “studygift” service for crowdfunding student scholarships based on their own hardships and worked as a renewal manager. After that, after working as a student user growth team leader at Wantedly and recruitment support experience at multiple companies, founded Cruise Ventures Co., Ltd. in November 2016 and assumed the position of director. Established Gazelle Capital in May 2019 and assumed the position of representative director.
■ Core members [Image 9

Norikatsu Kanno Representative Director Doctoral degree (Engineering), Department of Intelligent Systems Science, Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology. While majoring in artificial intelligence at universities and graduate schools, he has been involved in the management of venture companies since his student days and launched new services. After joining SCARA Co., Ltd., contributed to PMI after M & A of each business subsidiary, service construction and business performance improvement. After taking office as President and Representative Director in 2013, the company, which was a startup venture, was raised to the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
[Image 10

Asataro Kinoshita President IPO support including the lead manager’s case as a corporate department in the securities company era. After that, he was seconded to venture capital to make an investment in the “Atlas” of the print club and make it IPO. In addition, he joined “Database Communications Co., Ltd.” (currently SCARA Co., Ltd.), which was the investee, and conducted IPO business and listed. After listing, he raised funds and conducted M & A, and was involved in listing application procedures up to the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. [Image 11

Hideaki Nitta Director After graduating from university, after working for an Internet advertising agency, he joined SCARA Communications Inc. in 2007. After taking office as director of the company’s sales headquarters in 2011, he will actively turn customer feedback into service and grow to annual sales of 3.6 billion yen. In the future, we plan to focus on planning and commercialization proposals for IT services to solve various issues and social problems for the management of large companies, along with various large and small partner companies including venture companies.
[Image 12

Takuto Suzuki Director Engaged in launching new businesses at SBI Holdings, Inc. and gained experience in formulating business plans and counting management after M & A from DD for financial analysis of the target company. After that, he joined SCARA Co., Ltd. and was responsible for promoting M & A and business investment. He assumed the position of President of subsidiary plube Co., Ltd. and gained management experience. In addition, as a new attempt, we are promoting the establishment of a software development base (lab) in Myanmar.
[Image 13

Yuta Inaba Senior Director In 2016, while studying at Doshisha University Global Communication Faculty, he was responsible for everything from restaurant product development to PR implementation at an internship. Successful exposure to many media including TV programs. He then joined the company as an employee. Established a new business in the human resources / PR field, converted into a subsidiary in July, and assumed the position of president. Succeeded in profitability from the month following the start of business, transferred the business in June 2019 and joined SCARA Partners Co., Ltd. URL:

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