AR | Adidas and SAILHUS hold a running event on the beach in Hayama

FMG Corporation AR | Adidas and SAILHUS hold a running event on the beach in Hayama Introduced a new running style “PLOGGING” that combines Swedish sports and environmental protection activities …………………………………………………………………………………………… The sea house “SAIL HUS” operated by FMG Co., Ltd. (location: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Kazuki Nishiyama, hereinafter referred to as “FMG”) On 18th (Sun), in collaboration with Adidas Japan K.K. It will be held in Hayama-machi. [Image 1

This event will introduce a new running style “Plogging” that combines exercise and environmental activities. “Plogging” is a coined word that combines jogging in English and “plocka upp” (in the sense of picking up) in Swedish. However, it started with a suggestion of running to focus on picking up trash instead of personal best, but in just two years it has spread to global fitness trends. The concept of the sea house “SAIL HUS” operated by FMG is “a place to collect wind”. The concept includes “SAIL HUS” and the idea that many companies and people gather together and want to return to the sea. Adidas Japan thinks “I want to contribute to society through sports.” It was decided that this event will be held. On the day of the event, we will run a blogging (plogging) where we run while picking up trash for about 5km while watching the beautiful coconut palm seaside against the lush mountains of Hayama. Even running beginners can participate.
■ Participant benefits ・ Participation in the event is free ・ Participants will receive an “AR | adidas event limited T-shirt” ・ After Plogging, you can use the “SAIL HUS” shower for free. [Image 2

Past events
■ Overview Date: 2019/08/18 (Sun) 09: 30-11: 00 (Meeting 09:00) Limited 40 people Reception place: SAIL HUS Street address: Hayama Isshiki Beach Isshiki Beach, Hayama-cho, Miura-gun, Kanagawa Prefecture 240-0111
■ Schedule of the day 9:00 Meeting 9:30 Start 11:00 Event end 13:00 Complete removal Distance: about 5km Running power: all levels Past events
■ Application Please apply from the application form at the URL below. Application period: Friday, August 16, 2019 until 20:00 Winning information: Only winners will be sent via email.
About SAIL HUS [Image 3

SAIL HUS has been operating on Isshiki Beach only in summer since 2017, and this year marks the third year. Every year, we have provided facilities for reusing yacht sails and activities such as yoga and sailing. Sea lovers gathered under the concept of “a place to collect wind”, and this year, with the theme of “stress-free sea house”, Japan ’s first container warming room, superb view reservation floor, cashless support, etc. We propose a new experience that was not in the past. About FMG Corporation [Image 4

FMG Co., Ltd. is engaged in various “place creation” businesses. Many specialists such as real estate sales / rental / building management tailored to changes in one’s life and society, management of restaurants, nail salons, sharing gyms for personal training, creative businesses centered on design, etc. This is a group that brings together people who have sexuality and create “For More Good” in response to questions and issues that arise every day with various partners.

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