TRUSTDOCK’s “Mastercard Start Path” at the Japan Regional Convention was evaluated for eKYC ID App & API, won the Mastercard Award, and challenged the final selection in Dubai

TRUSTDOCK TRUSTDOCK’s “Mastercard Start Path” at the Japan District Convention was evaluated for eKYC ID App & API, won the Mastercard Award, and challenged the final selection in Dubai Participated in global selection as a Japanese startup representative …………………………………………………………………………………………… TRUSTDOCK Co., Ltd. (Head office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Takahiro Chiba, hereinafter TRUSTDOCK) is a legally compliant eKYC identification card at the Mastercard Start Path Japan district conference held on August 9, 2019. The app and API group, and their global expansion strategy were evaluated, and they won the “Mastercard Award” and received a ticket to the final selection (global selection) held in Dubai. “Mastercard Start Path” is a program for developing next-generation commerce solutions and supporting innovative startups. Started in 2014 with the aim of accelerating the business expansion of startups in the growth stage. Start-ups can take advantage of a global network of Mastercard teams, access Mastercard partners, and enjoy innovation based on Mastercard solutions. [Image 1

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Full-scale deployment of KYC solutions around the world using eKYC ID application and APIs deployed in Japan. Started to form KYC API ecosystem across the world. TRUSTDOCK will roll out the KYC ecosystem globally, using the eKYC ID camera app and various business APIs that comply with laws and regulations, and proceed with localization in accordance with the regulations of each country. By developing KYC infrastructure that complies with the laws of all countries, we will be able to contribute to the opening of accounts and the expansion of the digital trading market regardless of the country.
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EKYC identification application to verify identity in accordance with laws and regulations (confirmed by ministries / patents) [Image 4

e-KYC / identity verification API service offers various APIs collaborated with partner companies About KYC as a Service “TRUSTDOCK” KYC as a Service “TRUSTDOCK” provides Japan’s only digital ID application and e-KYC / identity verification API service. KYC that complies with various laws, such as the Worker Dispatching Law, the Dating Site Regulation Law, and the New Minpaku Law, can be realized only by incorporating API. This enables service providers to verify their identity at low cost without developing a management screen for identity verification, hiring and training operators, and managing shifts 24 hours a day. In addition, any ID service or platform for registering members online, or an existing business with a customer database can be used regardless of business type or size. We provide “proof of identity” for individuals with service IDs of business operators in a fully digital and legally compliant form simply by incorporating an API into the system. A variety of independent APIs are available, so not only when opening a new account, but also when checking fraud, checking at the time of transactions, periodic customer confirmation, activation from a dormant account, etc. And execute the required API at the required time. And in accordance with the revision of the Criminal Acquisition Law, the digital identification application “TRUSTDOCK”, which is eKYC dedicated software that realizes identity confirmation that is complete without the need of postal mail, is enforced in Article 6, paragraph 1 of the Enforcement Regulations. This is an application exclusively for ID that includes all means of identity verification, such as “Wa” by public personal authentication, such as “driver’s license / driving history certificate / passport / my number card / residence card / residence card / This is the only digital ID application that supports a wide range of identity verification documents such as “Special Permanent Resident Certificate”. As a KYC platform that securely links APIs with digital ID applications, we will contribute to society by building a digital identity platform, both in Japan and overseas. [Image 5

[Engineers are actively recruiting] TRUSTDOCK, a group of engineers at KYC that includes all legal, technical, and business activities, is building a digital identity infrastructure that supports the diverse challenges of future children. Together, we are looking for future-oriented engineers who want to lay the foundation for the next generation. [Related URL] e-KYC / Identity Confirmation API Service “TRUSTDOCK” 【Company Profile】 Company name: TRUSTDOCK Inc. Location: Nagatacho GRID 2-5-3 Hirakawacho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Representative: Takahiro Chiba URL: [Inquiries regarding this matter] TRUSTDOCK Co., Ltd. Contact: Kikuchi, Takahashi E-mail:

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