[Free the Children Japan] 15 junior and senior high school students implement an elementary school repair project in Mindanao, Philippines

Certified NPO Free the Children Japan 15 junior and senior high school students implement an elementary school repair project in Mindanao, Philippines Fund raising started with crowdfunding “READYFOR” targeting 1.9 million yen Certified NPO Free the Children Japan (Location: 6-6-5-3 Minamiyama, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, Representative: Sanae Nakajima, Fifteen youth members (hereinafter abbreviated as “FTCJ”) are working on an elementary school repair project in Mindanao Island, Philippines. Do. 1.9 million yen out of the funds required for school repairs at the crowdfunding service “READYFOR” Targeted funding began on August 16, 2019. (readyfor.jp/projects/ftcj-youth) [Image 1

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● Project background Since its inception, the organization has been supporting the poverty problem and independence in the Philippines. Donation of sales, sales of fair trade products, etc.). As part of this project, For large-scale repairs of Mindanao schools, 1.9 million yen will be procured on READYFOR. [Image 2

Mindanao location (from Google Maps) About 20 years ago, a private organization that considered that children could not receive education built an elementary school, Children can now receive education. However, the school building that is about to be 20 years old is aged Progresses rapidly, -Pillars are eaten by white ants and become tattered and easily collapse or break ・ Leaks into classrooms are a common occurrence in places where the roof rusts and holes open, and half of the year is in the rainy season (If it rains, classes cannot be held and closed / closed) ・ The floor concrete has holes or cracks, and the classroom is full of steps and holes. ・ The blinds of walls, doors, and windows have been destroyed. [Image 3

Pillar that was eaten by a white ant Under these circumstances, children are always taking classes next to the danger of accidents and injuries. not only that, The classroom is flooded with rain leaks, so the sanitary environment is worsening and the risk of getting sick. Of course, local private organizations etc. are considering school repairs, but there is a significant shortage of funds, The very frustrating situation of being unable to do so has continued for a long time. As well as knowing this situation, he says, “I enjoy studying!” “I want to know more things!” “I love school!” The youth members who touched the feelings and smiles of local children said, “The school building has been repaired as soon as possible, in a safe and secure environment. I want everyone to have fun studying and growing! ! I ca n’t stand even if I ’m in the mood, Launched this project. [Image 4

Local children taking classes every day happily next to danger
● About junior and senior high school students 15 volunteers from junior high school first graders to university second graders gathered to launch this project. Reply to a support message, Post new information on the READYFOR website, thank you messages for returns, etc. The entire operation is performed only by youth members. Each opportunity is different. Enthusiastic members who wanted to wake up gathered.
● Project Overview Project name: Education to create the future for children! ~ Mindanao Island School Repair Project ~ Website: https://readyfor.jp/projects/ftcj-youth Target amount: 1.9 million yen (All-or-Nothing format = If the target has not been met, the amount of support will be fully refunded) Application period: 8 / 16-9 / 30 Return (returned goods) (example): recycled juice pack bags, files (first 10 people), junior and senior high school students Thank-you message from members, thank-you message / video from local children, name on school building, etc.
● About Certified NPO Free the Children Japan [Image 5

Official website: http://www.ftcj.com/ In 1995, Canadian Craig Kielberger (12 years old) with the goal of freeing children from poverty and exploitation It was established in 1999 at the Japan office of “Free The Children”. In parallel with international cooperation activities in developing countries, Japanese children and young people are working on domestic and international issues to become activists I am helping you to become. Currently attending school classes, teaching materials sales, lending, fair trade product sales, writing failures The main business is collection of postcards, correspondence programs with supported children, and work camps in Japan and overseas. Activities are published in school materials such as public and English textbooks.
● Contact information for this release Certified NPO Free the Children Japan 〒157-0062 6-6-5-3F Minamiyama, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo E-Mail: info@ftcj.com Official website: http://www.ftcj.com/

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