[Lawson Entertainment] The first artist book for the next generation K-POP girls group “Kenjo Shou (GWSN)” will be released on Thursday, September 5, 2019!

Lawson Entertainment Inc. Next-generation K-POP girls group “Park Girl (GWSN)” first artist book will be released on Thursday, September 5, 2019! Posting gravure, 100 questions 100 answers to members, interviews, etc. [Image 1

▲ Cover image (Left: Japanese version, Right: Korean version) “GWSN THE FIRST ARTIST BOOK“ 01 ~ Girls in the Park ”” is the first artist book “GWSN THE”, which has been rapidly increasing in Japan as “Next Generation K-Pop Girls Group”. It will be released on Thursday, September 5th. This 94-page book includes over 60 pages of gravure, a snap page with cute illustrations drawn by Miya, interviews with all members who look back on their first year since their formation, and seven member autographed profiles and personalized responses. The 100-question 100-question that is eye-catching is a book that is packed with the charm of today’s park girl. Both Japanese and Korean versions will be released, and some of the gravure will be different, so both versions are a must-see! Both versions come with a total of 8 different trading cards per book. The Japanese version will also sell a limited number of tote bags (signed products). In addition, during the period, we will invite you to signing events to be held in Tokyo and Osaka by lottery from customers who have reserved and purchased target products at HMV / HMV & BOOKS online nationwide and HMV & BOOKS online! This book will be released from Lawson Entertainment’s book label “Vento Books” and will be sold exclusively at Loppi, a multimedia terminal installed at HMV / HMV & BOOKS stores nationwide, HMV & BOOKS online, and Lawson stores nationwide (Loppi). (There is no sale of a tote bag set for auto signing). Look forward to the first artist book in the park girl! Park Girl Artist Book “GWSN THE FIRST ARTIST BOOK“ 01-Girls in the Park ”” Title: GWSN THE FIRST ARTIST BOOK “01-Girls in the Park-” Release date: Thursday, September 5, 2019 Issue: Lawson Entertainment Inc. Price: Japanese version, Korean version / 2,000 yen each (tax not included) * Artist book (Japanese version) + tote bag set / 2,315 yen (excluding tax) is also available for limited sale (subject to signing event) Sales: HMV / HMV & BOOKS nationwide, limited sales only at HMV & BOOKS online, Loppi * Loppi does not sell tote bags (signed products) URL: https://www.hmv.co.jp/news/article/1908161025/ “GWSN THE FIRST ARTIST BOOK” 01-Girls in the Park “” release commemorative signing event
■ Date / Venue Date: Sunday, September 22, 2019 1. Meeting 11: 30 / Start 12:00 2. Meeting 13: 00 / Start 13:30 * Held twice a day Venue: Osaka city * 50 people each time (100 people in total) * You can not choose the times you can participate Date: September 28, 2019 (Sat) 1. Meeting 17: 30 / Start 18:00 2. Meeting 19: 00 / Start 19:30 * Held twice a day Venue: Tokyo 23 Wards * 50 people each time (100 people in total) * You can not choose the times you can participate ? Details such as the venue and precautions on the day of the autograph session will be contacted by e-mail only to the selected customers.
■ Target products GWSN THE FIRST ARTIST BOOK “01-Girls in the Park-” (Japanese version) + Tote Bag Set / 2,315 yen (excluding tax)
■ Target store HMV / HMV & BOOKS stores nationwide, HMV & BOOKS online * In the case of a store, reservation for full amount
■ How to participate Purchase “GWSN THE FIRST ARTIST BOOK” 01-Girls in the Park-“(Japanese version) + Tote Bag Set” at HMV, HMV & BOOKS online stores and HMV & BOOKS online nationwide (in the case of stores) (Reservation of full amount of money) is eligible. Customers who make a full reservation at HMV / HMV & BOOKS stores nationwide will receive a paper with an application code, so please apply from the QR code on the form. Customers who purchased through HMV & BOOKS online will be able to complete their application when the order is confirmed. Please check the details below for event details, participation methods and precautions. Https://www.hmv.co.jp/news/article/1908161025/ Park Girl Profile [Image 2

This is the first girl group sent out by the “KIWI POP” label centered on K-POP of the general entertainment group “KIWI MEDIA GROUP”. South Korean members Lena, Minju, Yen, Soryeong, Seo Kyung, Taiwanese member Soseo, and Japanese member Miya. He debuted in Korea in September 2018, and on July 23rd (Tue), released his third mini album “THE PARK IN THE NIGHT” part three. On Saturday, September 21, the GWSN OFFICIAL FANMEETING part two “groo my world” will be held at Laforet Museum Harajuku. Twitter account (Official <KoreanTwitter account (Japan official): @kiwipop_GWSN_JP YouTube account (official): Https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUT58qBbE4Y3Y4FClOJOfrg About "Vento Books" [Image 3

In July 2019, Lawson Entertainment Co., Ltd. launched the book label “Vento Books” to make full-scale planning and production of books in-house. “Vento” means “wind” in Italian. The book was created with the meaning of creating a new breeze in the field of entertainment / culture by making books that look like a pleasant breeze in the mind of the reader. Our goal is to publish a wide range of books that focus on entertainment and culture. The “Vento Books” series can be purchased at HMV, HMV & BOOKS, HMV & BOOKS online, and Loppi nationwide.

For more information about this release(Japanese):
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