Realizes exposure of media including TV and newspapers at low cost. Launched “another life. Mass Media Tie-up Plan”

Dot life Realizes exposure of media including TV and newspapers at low cost. Launched “another life. Mass Media Tie-up Plan” –<< 350,000 yen for media exposure including TV / newspapers-to be provided Dot Life Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Meguro-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Shin Hayato) is a cross-media solution “another life. Plan "has been released. [Image 1

Mass media tie-up image “Another life. Mass media tie-up plan” 3 features 1. Realize mass media exposure of highly sympathetic content at low cost (from 350,000 yen) 2. Secondary use of exposure content is possible, as stock assets 3. Provide one-stop service from content production / planning to distribution Background of service provision Now that it has changed from Heisei to Ordinance, consumer trends have changed greatly from “things” consumption to “koto” consumption through “story”. When we buy “things”, we can think of not only the products but also the manufacturing process and the story behind the producers, and the “story” is highly sympathetic in the branding of companies and individuals. Communication has come to be emphasized. Against this backdrop, another life. Has leveraged its track record of over 1000 interviews to date, and has been conducting marketing, PR support for companies, local governments and individuals through stories. In this new product, we want to gain media exposure, but the price and hurdles are higher for the authoritative mass media and it is difficult to implement effective PR. We have developed a cross-media solution that can be offered at low cost. Usage method, usage scene 1.Prevent mismatch in recruitment In addition to TV exposure, the produced videos are also posted on the company’s website to promote applicants’ understanding of the company. This will lead to application of the application after deepening the understanding, leading to the suppression of mismatches. 2. We want to promote our services and products through stories Branding products by gaining media achievements. Create a foundation for consumers to purchase new products with confidence. It also encourages the generation of core fans from the story of the planner. 3. Want to use as a corporate sales tool Compensates nuances that are difficult to convey in conversation during business talks with TV images and newspapers. With a sense of security based on media performance, we will shorten the time to build a relationship of trust with the other party and encourage sales activities that do not depend on the seller. [Product overview of “Mass Media Tie-up Plan”] [Image 2

Service overview: All prices include production costs. You can choose from the above three plans according to your usage scene and budget. For shooting outside Tokyo, transportation and business trips will be charged separately. After ordering, after hearing the desired content, we will make a quote within 5 business days. About “another life.” [Image 3

Life experience service operated under the concept of “live your story”. I want you to experience other people’s lives to learn about various ways of life and to think about yourself. I want to find what I want to do, increase the number of people who can accept various values, and create a bright future together. We operate with such feelings. Website: 【Company Profile】 Company name: Dot Life Location: Meguro Daiichi Hanaya Building 506, 2-18-3 Shimomeguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo Representative: Hayato Shinjo Established: January 23, 2014 URL: Business description: Operation of life platform “another life.” / Planning and production of interview articles / Event production, etc. [Inquiries from customers] Request for quotation 《Inquiries about other products》 TEL : 03-6875-3104 e-mail: [Contact for press inquiries regarding this release] Tsuruoka, dot life PR e-mail: Source: (

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