[Castalia Co., Ltd.] TICAD Side Event-Seminar event on IT education in Africa and opening of a free resting place for visitors, TICAD Cafe Castalia

Castalia Co., Ltd. TICAD side event, seminar event on IT education in Africa, and free rest area for visitors TICAD Cafe Castalia opened A seminar on IT education in Africa inviting experts from the Ministry of Education of Kenya and the president of the largest online university in Africa, and a café offering Kenyan coffee and tea purchased from the field Castalia Co., Ltd. will hold the second seminar, Tech Africa, on IT education in Africa from 19:00 on August 29, 2019 (Thursday). This time, as a side event of TICAD7, titled “A New Revolution in Technology and Education in Kenya”, the head of the institution responsible for formulating STEM education curriculum and training for teachers at the Ministry of Education in Kenya, the largest in Africa The president of African Virtual University, an online university, has come to Japan, how Kenya is currently working on ICT and programming education, and how universities covering 33 African countries have been close to technology I have you talk about. The event will be conducted in English, but the speeches given by the speakers will be translated sequentially. Participation is free. TICAD Cafe Castalia At the same time, from August 28 (Wednesday) to 30 (Friday) during TICAD, from 9:00 to 18:00 “ TICAD Cafe Castalia ” participated in BOOTH in the co-working space BUKATSUDO in Minato Mirai / Dog Yard area A free rest area will be opened for the elderly. We provide Kenyan coffee and tea and Wi-Fi environment. Please come by all means. [Event Overview] Organizer: Castalia Inc. Support: African Development Bank [Image 1

Date: Thursday, August 29, 2019 Open 18:30 Start 19:00 (~ 21: 00) Venue: BUKATSUDO HALL (http://bukatsu-do.jp) Address: Landmark Plaza B1F, 2-2-1 Minatomirai, Nishi-ku, Yokohama Access: http://bukatsu-do.jp/access.html Capacity: 60 people Participation fee: Free Application: Please apply at the following site. https://techafrica2.peatix.com 【Schedule】 19: 00-19: 05 Opening remarks Satoshi Yamawaki / Castalia Co., Ltd. 19: 05-19: 10 Keynote: AfDB that supports African education (tentative) Keiko Takei African Development Bank Chief Education and Economic Staff, Education Sector and Human Development Department Session 1: Castalia’s activities in Africa 19: 10-19: 20 Castalia’s business and activities in Africa Esther Waliaula / Castalia / ABE Initiative Intern 19: 20-19: 30 Midwifery education in Tanzania connected by mobile (tentative) Yoko Shinfuku / Graduate School of Medicine, Kyoto University Department of Human Health Sciences Family Nursing Maternity Nursing / Midwifery Associate Professor Session 2: STEM education in Kenya 19: 30-19: 45 Kenya’s new curriculum that makes programming education compulsory, its aim Dr. Joshua Kilundo / KICD (National Kenya Education Curriculum Development and Research Institute, Curriculum Director) 19: 45-20: 00 STEM education in Africa Jacinta L. Akatsa, HSC / CEMASTEA, Director (Director, National Center for Education, Training, Mathematics Science and Technology Engineering) Session 3: What does technology do in African higher education? 20: 00-20: 15 Democratization of higher education in Africa, the role of online universities Dr. Bakary Diallo / Afrcican Virtual University, Rector (African Virtual University, President) 20: 15-21: 00 Panel discussion Moderator: Satoshi Yamawaki Panelists: ・ Dr. Bakary Diallo / AVU ・ Keiichi Naganuma / African Education Development Consultant ・ Yasuo Kawabata / Director of Castalia Co., Ltd. [TICAD Cafe Castalia] Period: August 28 (Wed)-30 (Fri), 2019 Time: 10:00-18:00 Venue: BUKATSUDO BOOTH (bukatsu-do.jp) Address: Landmark Plaza B1F, 2-2-1 Minatomirai, Nishi-ku, Yokohama Access: bukatsu-do.jp/access.html Usage fee: Free (Long time use may be refused due to space limitations) [Image 2

Programming education by Castalia in Kenya [Image 3

Tea plantation in the suburbs of Nairobi, Kenya, where tea is provided at TICAD Cafe Castalia [Image 4


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