A popular seal at the Kaiyukan is a cushion! A cushion that reproduces “Omanju Yuki-chan” and “Nohohon Arale-chan” will be released in Felissimo “YOU + MORE!”

Felissimo Co., Ltd.
A popular seal at the Kaiyukan is a cushion! A cushion that reproduces “Omanju Yuki-chan” and “Nohohon Arale-chan” will be released in Felissimo “YOU + MORE! Round and peaceful.
If you hug me, you’ll be happy.

Felissimo’s humor goods brand “YOU + MORE!” Jointly developed “Omanju Seal Yuki-chan Motchi Big Cushion” and “Nohohon Azara Shirara-chan Motchi Big Cushion”, and Felicimo ’s online sales from August 23 have started.

This is a cushion that reproduces the appearance of Yuki-chan, whose round shape was a hot topic like a bun, and the adorable Arale-chan with a smiley expression.
Under the supervision of a seal manager in the Kaiyukan, I made every effort to create details that look exactly the same.
Please enjoy the relaxed state of sea lion seal living in the Kaiyukan and the time to be healed by a gentle expression.

[Image 1

◆ Check out “Omanju Seal Yuki-chan Motchi Big Cushion” and “Nohohon Azara Shirara-chan Motchi Big Cushion” on the Humor Blog

◆ Introducing “Omanju Seal Yuki-chan Motchi Big Cushion”

[Image 2

A body that looks exactly like Yuki.

The tail and back legs are also realistically reproduced.
There is also a heart symbol of Yuki’s charm point on the pattern on the left waist!

[Image 3

[Image 4

[Image 5

Recommended for interiors.

[Image 6

[Image 7

Ringed Seal: Yuki Because of its small face, when it is shrunk, it becomes like a bun.

I especially like to sleep slowly after being full.
The charm point is a black body and a heart pattern on the left waist.

[Image 8

[NEW] YOU + MORE! Omanju Seal Yuki-chan 1 piece ¥ 6,200 (+ tax) Product details and application

◆ Introduction of “Nohohon Azaalasiarare-chan Motchi Big Cushion”

[Image 9

It looks like a real body and realistically reproduces the tail, back legs, and curled left eyebrows with charm points.

[Image 10

[Image 11

[Image 12

Arale-chan is the point of a smile.

It is the comfort you want to embrace unintentionally.

[Image 13

[Image 14

Seamon Seal: Arale Oldest seal seal.

Reputed to be healed with a smiling smile.
The charm point is the left eyebrows curled with a fair body.

[Image 15


YOU + MORE! Nohohon Azaalasia Lare-chan, Big Cushion 1 piece ¥ 6,200 (+ tax) Product details and application

◆ Introducing other “YOU + MORE!” Series based on the “Sea Creatures” motif A penguin stuffed animal that transforms into three different shapes.

YOU + MORE! Egg → Hina → Adult! ? Ousama Penguin 3 Change Stuffed Toy 1 piece ¥ 2,600 (+ tax) Product details and application

[Image 16

A pouch with a soft and soft texture that realistically reproduces the popular otter.
YOU + MORE! Otter Otter Pouch 1 piece ¥ 2,500 (+ tax) Product details and application

[Image 17

◆ YOU + MORE! [Humor]

[Image 18

Make your everyday life more enjoyable and laugh more.

Felissimo’s humor goods brand that delivers unique items that will make you feel more fun when you are with someone.

・ YOU + MORE! Website: https://feli.jp/s/pr190501/7/
・ Instagram: (@youmoremore) https://www.instagram.com/youmoremore/
・ Twitter: (@youmore_tw) https://twitter.com/youmore_tw/
・ Facebook: (@felissimoyoumore) https://www.facebook.com/felissimoyoumore/ Official hashtag: #f_youmore

◆ Orders and inquiries by phone 0120-055-820 (toll free) 0570-005-820 (call charges paid by customer) (Reception hours: Monday to Friday / 9: 00 am to 5:00 pm)

* If you cannot use “0120”, such as a mobile phone, use the number that starts with “0570”.
* Telephone calls from customers are recorded to confirm and record the contents of orders.
* “0570” call charge is 10 yen (excluding tax) per 20 seconds.
* PHS and some IP phones may not be available.

~ Happiness to be happy together “FELISSIMO [Felissimo]”
~ – Company Profile
– Company name: Felicimo Co., Ltd.

Head office location: 59 Naniwa-cho, Chuo-ku, Kobe 650-0035, Japan
Representative: President and Representative Director Kazuhiko Yazaki
Founded: May 1965 Business description: Direct marketing business that sells products developed in-house to consumers throughout the country through catalogs and websites

◆ Website

◆ Company Profile (PDF)

◆ Fund activities aimed at happiness society with all of you

[Image 19

* You can contract to provide images for this brand’s web images.
Please contact us at the following address to request a contract along with the usage of images such as publicity.

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