[Nippon Coca-Cola Co., Ltd.] The best rest for you who are trying hard from Georgia! The autumn “Georgia Brand Campaign” will start nationwide from September 2nd (Monday)!

Coca-Cola Japan Co., Ltd. Have the best rest for you from Georgia! The autumn “Georgia Brand Campaign” will start nationwide from September 2nd (Monday)! Travel to the underwater hotel “Atlantis The Palm (UAE Dubai)”! Takayuki Yamada starts broadcasting the new TV commercial “Sea healing” in the sea The Coca-Cola system will be close to all those who work hard every day, and the “Georgia Brand Campaign” will be held on September 2, 2019 (Monday), aiming for the best rest together with the rich coffee time unique to Georgia ) Will start all over the country. Under this campaign, we will support all those who work with pride in their work under the theme of “best rest for you,” and “best rest” that you can enjoy because you work hard. I will deliver it. In addition, we will deliver the best coffee time that will become the new driving force of work through various “Georgia” products, including “Georgia Gran Fine Sugar” of “Evolved Deep Rich” that will be renewed on the same day. Along with the start of the campaign, the new TV commercial “Sea Healing” (30 seconds / 15 seconds) featuring Takayuki Yamada, the familiar face of “Georgia”, will be broadcast nationwide. In addition, a trip to the popular underwater hotel “Atlantis The Palm (UAE Dubai)”, a gift campaign where you can win daily life support goods that support the daily lives of workers, a promotion that you can win the original goods of “Mobile Suit Gundam” and original Gundam , Develop various activities, do your best every day We will deliver “the best rest” that can be enjoyed by working hard. [Image 1

“Georgia” New TV CM “Sea Healing” (30 sec / 15 sec) This time, Takayuki Yamada is jealous of a businessman who works in a crisp manner. I work at my desk, but I can’t go ahead as expected. At that time, Mr. Yamada is returning to the starting point and resting on his mind and switching his mind. In addition to the wonderfulness of working earnestly, it conveys impressively the wonderfulness of “the best rest” that will refresh you when you feel like you are going to lose your comfort. “Georgia” New TV CM “Sea Healing” (30 seconds) story The stage of the new TV commercial is the office where Takayuki Yamada works. Mr. Yamada, who was stuck at work, got stuck in “Georgia” to change his mind. The next moment, Mr. Yamada enters the sea and drifts in his suit. Before that, a group of sardines, clown fish and sea anemones, swallows, and sea creatures appear one after another. Mr. Yamada is healed by seeing the creatures at the origin of life called the sea. Recover your motivation by tweeting “Let’s go lightly and without force” and drinking “Georgia”. “Georgia” New TV CM “Sea Healing” (30 seconds) Storyboard [Image 2

Have the best rest for you from Georgia! Get a trip to the hottest underwater hotel “Atlantis The Palm (UAE Dubai)”! Dubai’s super resort hotel “Atlantis The Palm (UAE Dubai)” where you can enjoy the experience of being in the sea Underwater Suite Room 3 nights 6 days trip 2 groups 4 people, travel ticket worth 50,000 yen We will carry out a present campaign for 100 people (* 1). During the application period, apply from the “Georgia” official brand website (https://www.georgia.jp/dubai/) (* 2) (* 3). Furthermore, after applying, if you share the “Workers Song” video on Twitter, which will support people who work rewarding every day from this campaign site with their original song, the number of entries will double (* 4). Don’t miss the precious opportunity to win the best holiday! prize: Award A Dubai Underwater Hotel Invitation 3 nights 6 days trip: 2 groups 4 people “Atlantis The Palm (UAE Dubai)” Underwater Suite Room Departure from Thursday, February 20, 2020 to arrival on Tuesday, February 25 Prize B JTB travel ticket “Nystrip” for 50,000 yen, 100 people Application period: Monday, September 2, 2019 10:00 to October 31 (Thu) 23:59 Application method: [STEP1] Please access the campaign site (www.georgia.jp/dubai/). [STEP2] Enter the required information in the application form or post a tweet that includes the specified hashtag (* 3) to complete the application. [Image 3

(* 1) Details will be announced on the “Georgia” official brand site on Monday, September 2 from 10:00. (* 2) One application per person. (* 3) If you are applying on Twitter, you will need to follow the Georgia official Twitter account (@GEORGIA_JAPAN) in order to contact you via DM (Direct Message). (* 4) If the Twitter account is not disclosed or the tweet with the specified hashtag cannot be confirmed due to deletion of the tweet, the number of entries will not be doubled. “Mobile Suit Gundam” warriors support all workers! Mobile magnets and mobile stickers hit on the spot with vending machines! (※Five) From September 2 (Monday), if you purchase a target product (* 7) such as “Georgia Gran Fine Sugar” from a target vending machine (* 6) nationwide, an original mobile designed the character of “Mobile Suit Gundam” A magnet or mobile sticker will hit a total of 1.2 million people on the spot (* 8) (* 9). Furthermore, if you enter the serial code enclosed with the prize and apply, you will win the “Georgia” original gundam for 10,000 people by lottery. [Image 4

(* 5) Details will be announced on Monday, September 2 at 10:00 on the “Georgia” official brand site. (* 6) This applies to vending machines with a poster of “Hot in Georgia!”. (* 7) For details, check the poster or sticker of the target vending machine. (* 8) Products with caps / stickers are a hit. Prize contents may vary depending on the region. (* 9) Ends as soon as prizes run out. Please note. “Georgia” x “Mobile Suit Gundam” Collaboration Campaign Site https://www.georgia.jp/cap_gundam/

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