Recruitment of 22nd “1_WALL” works to discover the next generation of young creators

Recruit Holdings Co., Ltd. Recruitment of 22nd “1_WALL” works to discover the next generation of young creators Online entry starts in November! In the Guardian Garden, the graphic department will start recruiting works for the 22nd “1_WALL”, an open call for exhibitions for young creators, and the photography department will be January 13, 2020. Start from day (month). There are two ways to submit your work: submitting the portfolio to the gallery or submitting it online from the website. [Image 1

step1. Entry acceptance November 25 (Mon)-December 20 (Fri), 2019 step2. Accepting entries Online: November 25 (Mon)-December 20 (Fri), 2019 Gallery: December 16 (Mon)-December 20 (Fri), 2019 step1. Entry acceptance January 13 (Mon)-February 7 (Fri), 2020 step2. Accepting entries Online: Monday, January 13, 2020-Friday, February 7 Gallery: Monday, February 3, 2020-Friday, February 7 “1_WALL” is a competition aimed at discovering young talents who continue to pursue new expressions. The Grand Prix winner will be given the right to hold a solo exhibition in the Guardian Garden approximately one year later and 300,000 yen for the private exhibition production fee. Today, expressions are becoming increasingly diverse and genre boundaries are becoming vague. I hope that it will be a place to think about new expressions together with people who continue to make works with the foot on the ground without being swept away by fashion. You can still be a “middle person”. I’m looking for works by people who have the potential to look after 5 or 10 years. The application guidelines can be downloaded from the website:
● “1_WALL” jury [Graphics] [Image 2

Yuri Uenishi (Art Director, Graphic Designer) Born in 1987. Born in Tokyo. Graduated from Tama Art University, Department of Graphic Design in 2010, and joined Dentsu in the same year. Currently working at the 5th CRP station. Past work includes World Table Tennis 2015 Poster / TV Tokyo, Laforet GRAN BAZAR 2019 SUMMER / Laforet, etc. My hobbies are traveling and climbing snowy mountains. Travel has been achieved in 40 countries. [Image 3

Yuki Kikuchi (graphic designer) Born in Tokyo in 1974. Dropped out of the Department of Sculpture at Musashino Art University. Established Blue Mark in 2000 and a private office in 2011. Handles brand planning, logo design, sign planning, editorial design, and more. There are many works related to art, fashion, and architecture. He also presides over “BOOK PEAK” and plans and publishes art books. [Image 4

Jun Tsuzuki (illustrator) Born in Tokyo in 1962. Graduated from Musashino Art University. He won numerous graphic competitions and advertising awards from the 1980s to the 2000s. 2010 “New Aids” and 2013 “Jun Tsuzuki x Hideki Nakazawa” were exhibited. 2015 “New Aids and beyond / Verification 1980-2000” opened. Directed by “The History of Japanese Illustration”. Appeared under the supervision of NHK High School Course “Art 1”. [Image 5

Kuniko Nagasaki (illustrator) Born in Tokyo in 1970. After graduating from Tama Art University, we have been active as an illustrator in various fields, including book illustrations and illustrations, film essays, and manga writing. The illustrations include “Bushido Sixteen” and “Billion Man”. Associate professor of women’s art university visual design major. [Image 6

Kenjiro Hosaka (Tokyo National Museum of Modern Art, Senior Researcher) Born in 1976. Major exhibitions planned include “Francis Bacon Exhibition” (2013), “Voice Noma Full-length Poet, Gozo Yoshimasu Exhibition” (2016), “Japanese House Architecture and Living since 1945” (2017). In addition to serializing in “Subaru” and “Shando”, he has contributed to the JAGDA Yearbook (2014) and “gggBooks 95 Issei Hattori”. Photo by Keizo Kioku [Photo section] [Image 7

Akira Masuyama (art critic) Born in 1982. In 2007, completed the master’s program at Musashino Art University. In 2009 “Raver Work: Concept of Production in Carl Andre”, “Art Handbook” 14th Art Critic Recruitment First Place. Part-time lecturer at Musashino Art University, Tokyo Metropolitan University, etc. Many contributions to articles and magazines. [Image 8

Yoshihisa Tanaka (graphic designer, artist) Born in 1980. His main work is the VI plan for cultural facilities such as the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography, art direction for book shops “POST” and “The Tokyo Art Book Fair”, and the collection of artists’ works regularly. Also active as an artist duo “Nerhol” with Ryuta Iida (sculptor). [Image 9

Rika Noguchi (Photographer) Born in 1971. Born in Saitama City. Lives in Naha City. Graduated from Nihon University College of Art in 1994. He began producing photographic works while studying at university, and has since been active in exhibitions both at home and abroad. He has participated in many international exhibitions of contemporary art. Recent exhibitions include the 21st Sydney Biennale: SUPERPOSITION (2018). [Image 10

Nozomi Himeno (Representative Director and Director of Akakasha) Akasha was established in 2006. Published more than 200 books, mainly photo books and art books. The 33rd Kimura Ihei photo award, Shiga Rieko “CANARY”, Okada Atsushi “I am”, the 34th same award Masashi Asada “Asada family”, the 35th same award Kozue Takagi “MID” “GROUND” The 38th prize of the 100th prize “Anti-bank”, the 40th prize of the same prize Ryuichi Ishikawa “A superb view of polyphony” “okinawan portraits 2010-2012”, the 43rd prize of Aya Fujioka “river of the river” and so on. Professor of Osaka University of Arts since 2018. [Image 11

Satoshi Masuda (Senior Researcher, National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo) Born in Kobe in 1968. Completed Graduate School of Area Studies, University of Tsukuba. Worked at the National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo since 1992. The main exhibitions he was in charge of include “Joseph Kuderka” (2013), “Karataka Narahara Kingdom” (2014), “Thomas Ruff” (2016).
● Application Overview [Graphics] A work composed of visual elements such as pictures, drawings, letters, symbols, and photographs, such as graphic design, illustration, typography, and objects. [Photo section] Any photo or video work taken through the camera. [Application rules] Themes and methods are free. Works that can be displayed in the designated space. Items won in other contests and those that have not been submitted yet will not be accepted as entries. As soon as it becomes clear, it will be excluded from screening. However, you may include it in your portfolio or data as an introduction to your past activities. 【Qualification requirements】 Be under 35 years old and personally produced. [Exhibition fee] free [Grand Prix benefits] Free rental of the private exhibition hall, payment of 300,000 yen for private exhibition production
● Flow of “1_WALL” 1. Application reception Step.1 Entry reception: Application entry will be made through the Guardian Garden website. Step.2 Application submission: Submit the actual portfolio or submit it online from the website. * For details, please refer to the “Application Guidelines” on the Guardian Garden website. ( 2. 30 winners will be decided in the primary screening / work file or data screening The judges and the secretariat will decide 30 people to participate in the portfolio review. Applicants will receive comments from the judges. (If there are a large number of applicants, the secretariat will select the respondents.) [Image 12

3. Six finalists are determined in the portfolio review audit conducted on a one-to-one basis with the second screening / jury judge Graphic section January 27, 2020 (Monday) 11: 00-20: 00 [planned] Photo section Thursday, February 27, 2020 11: 00-20: 00 [planned] [Image 13

4. “1_WALL” exhibition / group exhibition by 6 finalists Graphics Division March 17 (Tuesday) to April 18 (Saturday) 2020 [Scheduled] Photo section April 21 (Tue)-May 30 (Sat) 2020 [plan] [Image 14

5. Public final judging / 1 Grand Prix decision During the “1_WALL” exhibition, a final screening will be conducted to select the Grand Prix. Finalists will present their exhibitions and the exhibition plan for the Grand Prix when they are presented in public. The Grand Prix will be decided after judging based on the three elements of portfolio, exhibition work and presentation. [Image 15

6. Grand Prix solo exhibition + production fee 300,000 yen Grand Prize winners can hold a solo exhibition at the Guardian Garden approximately one year after the 1_WALL exhibition. We will lend a private exhibition hall for free, pay 300,000 yen as a production fee, and support public relations such as flyer production. 21st “1_WALL” Grand Prix winners solo exhibition: January to February 2021 [planned]

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