Share electric kickboard service “WIND” Starts domestic animal park tour using electric kickboard for demonstration experiment through implementation in Chiba City

Wind Mobility Japan Co., Ltd. Share electric kickboard service “WIND” Starts domestic animal park tour using electric kickboard for demonstration experiment through implementation in Chiba City ~ [For over 12 years old] Exclusive guide will guide you through the animal park with electric kickboard ~ …………………………………………………………………………………………… Wind Mobility Japan Co., Ltd. (headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, representative: Katsumi Oikawa), a Japanese subsidiary of Wind Mobility, which develops a shared electric kickboard business in 20 cities around the world, is Chiba from Sunday, September 1, 2019. We will conduct a new tour in the park using a shared electric kick board in the city zoo. [Image 1

Test ride at Chiba City Zoological Park The Haichi Zoo is an animal park where Kazuta-kun, a red panda that became famous for standing. This tour is easy to get on and off, and a shared electric kick board “WIND” that is convenient for short-distance travel, while the exclusive guide will guide you around the attractions of Chiba City Zoological Park, 12 years old (junior high school students) and over Will be eligible. Since July 2, 2019, we have been conducting demonstration experiments in collaboration with Chiba City through continuous implementation of electric kickboards that comply with laws and regulations on public roads and private land. At this animal park, we have already conducted a trial test of the so-called global model test-ride experience for those over 12 years old on the premises from July 13th. We have conducted safety verification of electric kickboards and surveyed riding needs. As we have confirmed certain safety levels from previous demonstration experiments, and we have grasped the need for tours in the park using electric kickboards, we have introduced a new tour in the park for junior high school students and above as a new demonstration experiment. Will be offered as a unique service. The tour will be held on Saturdays and Sundays from September 1st to the end of October 2019, and an exclusive guide will guide you through the highlights of the zoo in three tours per day. In this demonstration experiment, we will further verify the target audience, usage environment, driving conditions, etc. of the domestic share electric kickboard through driving conditions, user questionnaires and feedback. Since up to three people can participate in a single tour at the same time, be sure to participate with your family and friends. [Table 3:”>

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All participants received a DVD Red Panda Schedule: Saturday and Sunday from September 1, 2019 to October 27, 2019 Number of people: Up to 3 people each time (2 tour guides will guide you) Bonus: “DVD Lesser Panda Taisho” is presented to all participants Schedule (planned): 1st time 12: 55-13: 30 / 2nd time 13: 35-14: 10 / 3rd time 14: 15-14: 50 (Each tour will explain how to use the electric kickboard and test ride , Responses to questionnaires, handing over special DVDs) Price: 1,300 yen (tax included) / 1 person Target: 12 years old (junior high school students) and above How to apply: Reception at the zoo (Animal Science Museum) on the day of arrival (first-come-first-served basis) ※ Please cooperate with a simple questionnaire after the tour * A helmet must be worn for traveling. * May be canceled due to weather conditions [Image 3

[Image 4

Location: 280, Genmachi, Wakaba-ku, Chiba City, Chiba Prefecture 264-0037, Japan Telephone: 043-252-1111 (representative) URL: [Table 4:”>

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Share electric kickboard service “WIND” The share electric kickboard service is rapidly spreading all over the world due to its high convenience, etc., but since it is treated as a motorbike by law in Japan, regulations will be relaxed and original rules will be created for future use. The need for is being discussed. At our company, the shared electric kickboard is not only used as a daily means of transportation, but also as a transportation service for tourists visiting Japan, measures to alleviate traffic congestion in central Tokyo, new transportation methods in depopulated rural areas, and carbon dioxide From various viewpoints, such as solutions to environmental problems such as air pollution, we believe that it can be an important future means of transportation in Japan. We considered safety as a top priority, verified the future of a shared electric kickboard that was tailored to the unique traffic conditions in Japan, and achieved both safety and convenience. In July 2019, in collaboration with Chiba City, the National Strategic Special Zone, we started a large-scale demonstration experiment including public roads and private roads that are the first and only in Japan. In order to promote the establishment and popularization of the safety of shared electric kickboard services, not only temporary driving experiments on private land but also continuous demonstration tests including public roads are indispensable. We are conducting continuous demonstration experiments, including operations on public roads, with the cooperation of government agencies. This demonstration experiment is scheduled to end by the end of December 2019. In the future, based on the driving data obtained in the demonstration experiment, safety will be established, and proposals for creating original rules tailored to Japanese traffic conditions I will make a proposal. WIND overview and usage
■ Operating hours: 9:00 to 18:00
■ Use object: 18 years old or older (Motor 1 type driving license holder)
■ Usage fee:
▼ Standard fee ・ Unlock 100 yen + 25 yen / 1 minute
▼ Ride pass fee (limited to service hours) 1 hour pass 850 yen / hour ・ One-day pass ¥ 2,000 / day
■ Battery drive time: Approximately 50km of travel is possible with full charge * Helmets are included with the main unit (free of charge). (1) Download the dedicated app and register as a user (2) Launch the app near each station’s scooter (3) Enter your driver’s license information in the app, unlock and start driving (4) When you are finished, return to the station in each area and lock it. iPhone app: Android app: [Image 6

[Image 7

After kicking the ground about 3 times and getting a reasonable speed, push the accelerator on the right side of the steering wheel down to accelerate. Press down the brake on the left side of the handle to apply the brake. There is also a foot brake on the rear wheel. * Credit card and driver’s license registration work is required with the dedicated app when driving. * Be sure to have a driver’s license and wear a helmet. * The liability insurance documents are attached to the outside of the battery. * Comply with the Road Traffic Law. In the event of an accident, immediately report to the police / emergency and contact the non-life insurance company. About the sharing mobility business Wind Mobility is a Berlin-born startup that operates a shared electric kickboard business in 20 cities around the world. In response to the rapid development of technology and global traffic congestion and environmental issues, the share electric kickboard has become a global boom as a next-generation personal short-distance transportation method. The concept of “MaaS (Mobility as a Service)” is spreading in Japan, and it is expected as one of the next generation micro mobility that efficiently travels “one mile” connecting stations and bus stops to destinations. . In addition, it is attracting attention as a new means of transportation for visitors to Japan because it can move efficiently in tourist areas. Under current Japanese law, an electric kickboard is considered a motorbike, so it is necessary to obtain a license plate or wear a helmet to run on public roads. To verify and establish the safety of the domestic share electric kickboard in the existing legal system as soon as possible and continue to provide value as a new means of transportation in the future, At the same time, we are conducting a demonstration experiment on the only public road in Japan. Based on these demonstration experiences, we will propose and demonstrate the ideal form of an electric kickboard in Japan.
■ Features of WIND ・ Global performance We have operations in 20 cities in 7 countries such as Spain, France, Portugal, Israel, etc., and can provide optimal operations obtained from previous operations. ・ High technology A team with extensive experience in app development and mobile technology, with a wealth of experience, develops and provides high-quality smartphone applications. Within the app, you can discover electric kickboards, unlock and lock, link with Google Map, register licenses, make in-app payments, and more. In addition, we are continuously developing and improving programs that put user safety first, such as driving management using geofences and GPS and automatic safety warnings. [Image 8

Wind Mobility Japan is a Japanese subsidiary of Wind Mobility that provides a shared electric kick board service based in Berlin. [Image 9

Wind Mobility Japan Company Profile Company name Wind Mobility Japan Co., Ltd. Representative Katsumi Oikawa, Representative Director Established April 6, 2018 Location: 4-3-1 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-6021, Japan Sole Shiroyama Trust Tower 21F Telephone (customer support) 005-3132-0031 (9: 00-18: 00) URL: Facebook Instagram: List of press releases: [Video 2:]

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