[Ameliev Co., Ltd.] The industry’s 50th bioinformatics study meeting is held at Euglena, which contributes to resolving the shortage of bioinformatics!

Ameriev Corporation The industry’s 50th bioinformatics study meeting will be held at Euglena to contribute to resolving the shortage of bioinformatics! …………………………………………………………………………………………… Ameriev Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Masao Yamaguchi, hereinafter Ameriev) is targeted at team leaders who are operating bioinformatics teams that handle genome information and those who are considering team building A study session will be held on September 19th (Thursday). [Image

Euglena Open Space, the venue 【background】 Since 2010, we have been holding bioinformatics study sessions. Bioinformatics is a discipline that deals with information in various life science research using information engineering, but there are few environments where you can study and practice systematically, and most of them are self-taught. For this reason, President Yamaguchi, CEO and CEO, began gathering with friends who were studying on their own, and each time they deal with a wide range of themes, this is the 50th time. Participants have said that they have obtained practical and immediately useful know-how and that they have obtained friends who learn the same bioinformatics. “Genomic medicine”, which examines the genome (total genetic information) of cancer patients, detects genetic mutations, selects the optimal therapeutic drugs, and uses them for the development of new drugs, has been in full swing. In June 2019, cancer genomic medicine is covered by insurance and has become a hot topic. However, there is a shortage of bioinformatics who are responsible for genome data analysis, which is the basis of genome medicine, and have the technology to extract useful information from character string information. In addition to providing training services and developing bioinformatics for a large number of people, we develop human resources who can accelerate the development of life science research, build high-quality knowledge, and provide optimal IT solutions for problem solving. A study session was held to introduce practical techniques for bioinformatics. This time, in commemoration of the 50th anniversary and the 10th anniversary of the founding of the company, it was decided to borrow the Euglena Open Space, which cooperates in bioinformatics promotion activities. We will change the idea from the study group that conveys practical technology so far, and talk about how to develop bioinformatics human resources and how to create a team from the perspective of management. [Event Overview] Event: 50th Bioinformatics Study Meeting Theme: Bioinformatics from Tokyo Date: September 19, 2019 (Thursday) 17: 00-19: 30 Location: Euglena, Inc. Head Office G-BASE Tamachi 2nd Floor Participation fee: Free Capacity: 40 Application: Application form forms.gle/mK2fZXLg3kGp5EHS9 Web page: amelieff.jp/190823/ [Ameliev Corporation] Ameliev is a leader in life information analysis that provides a platform for integrated analysis of life information in basic research and medical fields. With the aim of popularizing genomic medicine tailored to the genetic characteristics of each individual, we are developing our business as the only company that provides information analysis technology for comprehensive genetic testing in hospitals. ·Performance For private companies such as research institutions, medical institutions, and pharmaceutical companies, we provide IT analysis technology consulting using bioinformatics, life information analysis systems, and training services for developing life information scientists. . Up to now, we have contributed to the promotion of numerous basic researches and carried out joint research with research institutions such as the Kyoto University iPS Cell Research Institute. ·About us Head office address: 4-12-2 Shiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-0014 Capital: 30 million yen Established: 2010 Major Shareholders: Management Team, Real Tech Fund, Euglena Co., Ltd. HP: amelieff.jp/

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