Access the Tokyo Paralympics accessible route with GoogleEarth. Measure travel distance!

VRIO VR Innovation Organization Access the Tokyo Paralympics accessible route with GoogleEarth. Measure travel distance! “Wheelchair line sidewalk street view” Budokan, International Forum, Tokyo Gymnasium, Yoyogi Stadium opened to the public. On the dedicated site (, GoogleEarth search image, smartphone and GoogleStreetview application, VR and route can be confirmed, and English mode operation videos are posted on the tablet. Search method videos are provided free of charge to local governments and related organizations. The VR Innovation Organization (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Shigeru Yokomatsu) is following the Musashino Forest Sports Plaza on August 27, 2019, following the wheelchair line sidewalk street view of the Tokyo Paralympic Accessible Route. Opened the stadium. The street view will be taken from the height of 110 cm along the sidewalk. Yoyogi National Stadium: Badminton, Wheelchair Rugby From JR Harajuku / Subway Meiji Jingumae Station in front of Yoyogi National Stadium North Exit Nippon Budokan: Judo From the Kudanshita Station ground elevator to the Nippon Budokan area (Kitanomaru Park entrance) Tokyo International Forum: Powerlifting From the central exit with the JR Yurakucho station elevator to the Tokyo International Forum JR Tokyo Station entrance Tokyo Gymnasium: Table Tennis From JR Sendagaya Station in front of the Tokyo Gymnasium area In addition, on the dedicated site (, search images from GoogleEarth are introduced with videos so that you can understand the positional relationship of the stadium and the surrounding situation. In addition to the sidewalk street view of the wheelchair line, some search images are posted in English mode on computers, smartphones, and tablets. Included various information and tourist information on the accessible route to Musashino Forest Sports Plaza with wheelchair basketball in the original “VRIO Panorama View” (continuous shooting tour with VR photo “up / down / left / right 360 ° photography”). It introduces economic effects to the local community, such as wheelchair pictograms and surrounding information, and introduces familiarity with disaster prevention and heat measures through animated videos. In the future, we will visit various local information, local governments, tourism associations, chambers of commerce, etc. to create a VRIO panoramic view so that wheelchair users, caregivers, their families and related parties can move smoothly, and make VR previews online. The Dedicated site Accessible root GoogleEarth search image From JR Harajuku / Subway Meiji Jingumae Station in front of Yoyogi National Stadium North Exit: PC distance measurement available [Video 8:]
From Musashino Forest Sports Plaza main arena entrance to the Keio Line Tobitakyu station ground elevator: There is a smartphone distance measurement [Video 9:]
Subway Kudanshita Station ground elevator to Nippon Budokan area (Kitanomaru Park entrance): PC [Video 10:]
From the central exit where the JR Yurakucho station elevator is located, the entrance to the Tokyo International Forum JR Tokyo Station [Video 11:]
From JR Sendagaya Station to Tokyo Gymnasium area front: PC distance measurement available [Video 12:]
Wheelchair line sidewalk street view search Smartphone VR screen available [Video 13:]
Tablet English mode [Video 14:]
Introductory introduction [Image 1

NHK On Demand / News / August 26 / Good morning Japan “How to support the viewing of disabled people” [Image 2

About VR Innovation Organization This organization was established in October 2017 as a preparatory committee for establishing a Street View Certified Photographer Partner Association. The purpose is to develop street view certified photographers and business seekers and street view certified photographers nationwide. The organization was officially established on January 22, 2018, and registered as a non-profit thorough general corporation on March 28, 2018. We will create branches throughout the country and promote VR with local SMEs and individual business owners rooted in the region. In particular, we will recruit many registered members (free of charge) to support the story view and VR business. In May 2018, the Drone Grapher Partner Association Establishment Office was established. Planned as a partner society that supports the field by utilizing drones expected in the future. [Corporate Profile] Name: VR Innovation Organization Location: THE BASE Sakaimachi, 9-3 Nibancho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Representative: Representative Director Shigeru Yokomatsu Established: March 28, 2018 URL: Business description: The purpose of this project is to propose and provide 360 ​​° images and videos of virtual reality (hereinafter referred to as VR) and disseminate VR. Training and certification of advanced photography editing engineers and managers Dissemination of panoramic view production technology through street view, altitude and drone aerial photography Activities to promote VR expression with WEB creators by creating WEB sites Development of VR creators and VR system development support by WEB engineers Research and development of VR using artificial intelligence, big data, and IoT
● Partner Association Street View Certified Photographer Partner Association Drone Photographer 360 Partner Association
● Preparation Committee VRWeb Creator Partner Association Establishment Preparatory Committee Go to the world with a wheelchair perspective Project Preparatory Committee
■ Participation program Tech soup Program for Google Nonprofits
■ Affiliation Japan Tourism Promotion Association [Inquiries from customers] VR Innovation Organization e-mail

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