AKALI Kenji Hamada representative gave a telework seminar in Kyoto. Scheduled to attend regional seminars in September and October

AKALI Co., Ltd. AKALI Kenji Hamada representative gave a telework seminar in Kyoto. Scheduled to attend regional seminars in September and October Implementation report & announcement Kenji Hamada, representative of AKALI Co., Ltd. (President and CEO: Aio Kagawa, Representative Director: Kenji Hamada. Multiple representation system), is a consignment project “Creative Content Kyoto (CCK)” in Kyoto City on August 2, 2019. (Contract management: Tsukurie Co., Ltd.) was held as a part of the seminar “Present state and prospects of telework in the game industry” for creative companies based in Kyoto. On September 14th (Sat), the startup seminar “Business utilizing game technology” was held in Okayama City, and on October 2nd (Wednesday) at the University of Toyama, the Faculty of Science Career Design Course “Continuing Development” We will be on the stage of “Game industry outlook and career development”. [Image 1

Kenji Hamada, Representative Director, AKALI Co., Ltd. Kenji Hamada Profile Participated in the development of the Sakura Wars series at the current Sega Games. At present, Koei Tecmo Games was involved in the development of the Musou series, and was transferred to Canada Studio after serving as the technical manager of Shin Sangoku Musou Online. Responsible for management as a local manager. Later, he worked as a game department manager, business strategy department executive producer, subsidiary executive officer CTO, and human resources development department manager. Established AKALI Co., Ltd. in 2018, and assumed the role of General Strategy Advisor in Toyama Prefecture’s new game-related industry development business. In 2019, he became a regional power creation advisor at the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications. He is involved in regional revitalization in a wide range of regions. CCK Seminar “Current Status and Prospects of Telework in the Game Industry” This seminar came on stage because Mr. Hamada was studying many examples of teleworking as a regional power creation advisor of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications. Focusing on work style reforms for creators working in the game industry, sharing the advantages and disadvantages of introducing them, examples of achievements after the introduction, based on the current state of teleworking, and working together as participants It became a place to think. Startup Seminar “Business Using Game Technology” On September 14th (Saturday), we will have a seminar on entrepreneurship and business using game technology at the startup support base “Momotaro / Startup Café” in Okayama City, where Mr. Hamada is born. Event details page https://momosta.com/archives/event_detail/event_detail-0-12 The other speaker is Hiroshi Seo, a doctor who graduated from the University of Tokyo School of Medicine and a medical CG producer. Mr. Seo is working to change medical care with CG using a game engine. In 2014, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications’ “unusual vation” project was selected. In 2015, won the “VISUALIZATION OR SIMULATION” category highest award at “SIGGRAPH”, the world’s largest CG society. [Image 2

Saiment Inc. Representative Director Mr. Hiroshi Seo Toyama University Faculty of Science Career Design Lecture “Prospects of the Game Industry Continuing Development and How to Build a Career” This is a career design course held by graduates who are active in various fields at the Faculty of Science, University of Toyama, where graduates have a wide variety of careers. The target is 190 people from all departments of science. Representative Hirota will appear on Wednesday, October 2nd. The game industry continues to expand both in the domestic and global markets. In addition, while incorporating the latest technologies such as VR, AI, and blockchain, applications are expanding in a wide range of fields such as medical care and education. While introducing the high potential of the game industry, we will introduce how to build a career that matches the characteristics of the industry. Related Links Interview with AKALI Inc. [Part 1] game-creators.jp/column/099/ [Part 2] game-creators.jp/column/100/ AKALI Co., Ltd. company profile Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo Established: January 2018 Representative: Aki Kagawa, President and Representative Director Kenji Hamada (Multiple Representative System) Business description: General planning and production focusing on shogi x games Contact: info@akali.co.jp

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