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Mecha Comic (Mecha Komi) Announces “Monthly Popular Manga Ranking” in August 2019

Amtas Inc. Mecha Comic (Mecha Komi) Announces “Monthly Popular Manga Ranking” in August 2019 -The topic of “Death Hall” is ranked in live action drama conversion- …………………………………………………………………………………………… The electronic comic distribution service “Mecha Comic” provided by Amtas Co., Ltd. (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO Kuroda) announced the “Monthly Popular Comic Ranking” in August 2019. “This is the first place, even if you do n’t do it!” Subsequently, 2nd place “Kingdom” and 3rd place “Furami Fuyu Minase Mayu Collection” were ranked.
■ Mecha comic (mecha komi) monthly popular comic ranking
Haruno Haru even if you don’t do it URL: sp.comics.mecha.cc/books/111706
[2nd place]
Kingdom / Yasuhisa Hara URL: sp.comics.mecha.cc/books/85773
[The third place]
Puffy swell Mayu Minase work collection / Mayu Minase
[Image 1

(C) Mayu Minase / Futabasha “Even if there is a complex, it does n’t make me humorous. “I enjoyed two patterns: a silly comedy title and a short story about a love story!” “The picture was cute and the tempo was good so I could read it!” (From Mecha Comic User Review) URL: https://sp.comics.mecha.cc/books/112758

[4th place]
Lively. / Miyuki bee URL: sp.comics.mecha.cc/books/88961
[5th ​​place]
Ashet soap / Yamada Kintetsu URL: sp.comics.mecha.cc/books/118184
[6th place]
Promise of roses / Kaho Miyasaka
[Image 2

(C) Miyasaka Kaho / Shogakukan “A royal road love story loved by handsome guys who have status, position and money.” “The pictures are beautiful, the times are good, and the costumes, military uniforms and background are beautiful.” “Taisho Romance is the best!” (From Mecha Comic User Review) URL: https://sp.comics.mecha.cc/books/91819

[7th place]
Love insensitivity / Akira URL: sp.comics.mecha.cc/books/99764
[The eighth place]
Death office / Azumikishi
[Image 3

(C) Azumiki / Shinchosha “It’s amazing that difficult materials are tailored to be easy to read.” “The psychology of a complex person is beautifully depicted and overwhelmed by the depth of the author’s thoughts.” “Each story can be read independently, and it is easy to read because it is drawn with lightness that does not make the material you are dealing with feel heavy.” (From Mecha Comic User Review) URL: https://sp.comics.mecha.cc/books/100247

[9th place]
Attempted broken heart / Nika Takamiya URL: sp.comics.mecha.cc/books/96737
[10th place]
Starting with plenty of kisses / Ewha Chimaki URL: sp.comics.mecha.cc/books/120624
■ Mecha comic (mecha komi) Monthly popular comic ranking page URL: sp.comics.mecha.cc/sales_rankings/monthly
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