[Football Club Mito Holy Hook Co., Ltd.] “Mito Holy Hook 25th Anniversary Manga Goods Present Campaign” Announcement

Football Club Mito Holy Hook Announcement of “Mito Holy Hook 25th Anniversary Manga and Goods Gift Campaign” Mito Holy Hook x Book Ace / Kawamata Shoten “Mito Holy Hook 25th Anniversary Manga Goods Gift Campaign” will be held. At the time of the home game, if you go to both K’s Denki Stadium Mito and Book Ace Kawamata Shoten (some stores), you will receive a 25th anniversary manga for Mito Holy Hook Club. In addition, there is a chance to get Mito Holy Hook goods by lottery. “Club 25th Anniversary Manga Goods Gift Campaign”
■ Plan Overview During the period, go to some eligible Book Ace / Kawamata bookstore stores and K’s Denki Stadium Mito (T point acquisition area in the stadium) at the time of Mito Holy Hook home game, and get 2 stamps with the bookstore app, Mito Holy Hook 25th Anniversary Manga can be acquired with the app. Also, if you get 2 stamps, 15 people will win a Mito Holy Hook goods! [Image

■ Period September 8th (Sun)-November 24th (Sun) 2019
■ Contents of present GET 2 stamps with the bookstore app and get the following prizes! ○ Mito Holy Hook 25th Anniversary Manga (Present to all acquirers) Book Ace x Bookstore App / Mito Holy Hock Special Collaboration Manga! □ Author Jizo * Selected for “Hunting Dog’s Eye” at the 7th R-30 Manga Award at the Grand Jump Manga Award ○ Mito Holy Hook Goods (Present by lottery) Win 15 people by lottery! ・ 2019 J League official game ball with player signature x 2 ・ 2019 Authentic Uniform FP1st (M / L / XL size) x 1 each ・ T-shirt Dragon Tybo Gray Blue (L size) x 1 each ・ T-shirt emblem arrangement (L size) x 3 people ・ L flag x 5 people
■ How to participate 1. Install the “Bookstore App” and go to the campaign page 2. Turn on the Bluetooth and location information of the download device. 3. During the period, please visit the bookstore and the K’s Denki Stadium Mitouchi T Point booth and open the details page of the Mito Holy Hook x Book Ace / Kawamata Shoten 25th Anniversary Manga Goods Gift Campaign . 4. When you open the details page, press the “Get Stamp” button at the bottom left. 5. Click the “View Stamp” button on the details page. 6. The list of stamps acquired will be displayed in “View Stamps”. When you complete the stamps, you can press the “Apply” and “Read Manga” buttons at the bottom of the screen. * If you can’t get the stamp If you can’t get the stamp, an alert will appear when you press the “GET button”. Note that reception may not be possible depending on the communication status. If it does not improve, please contact us from “Contact Us” in the app.
■ About stamp distribution ○ Mito Holy Hook Home Game September 8, 2019 (Sun) 18:00 vs Zuegen Kanazawa September 22, 2019 (Sun) 14:00 vs FC Gifu October 6, 2019 (Sun) 14:00 vs Omiya Ardija October 20, 2019 (Sun) 14:00 vs FC Machida Zelvia November 2, 2019 (Saturday) 15:00 vs Montedio Yamagata November 10, 2019 (Sun) 14:00 vs Atago FC November 24, 2019 (Sun) 14:00 vs Faziano Okayama ○ Book Ace and Kawamata Shoten Stores targeted for stamp distribution ・ Book Ace Ibara-mae store / Miwa store / Sakemon store / Hirasu store / Higashiishikawa store / Tokai store / Hitachi Yodogawa store ・ Kawamata Shoten Prefectural Office / Excel Store / Plum Street Store
■ Notes * Please update to the latest version of the app when participating. * Beacon (radio wave transmitter) emits radio waves once every 15-20 seconds, so it may take about 30 seconds -1 minutes to receive radio waves after starting the app. * You can only get one time per stamp. * Target stores can be confirmed from “Find Target Stores” on the upper right of the page. * Up to once per person. If you confirm multiple applications from the same address, your application may become invalid. * You cannot change your e-mail address after applying. * If the e-mail address entered at the time of application is incomplete or the e-mail address from the secretariat is not set, the application will be invalid. * After the period is over, you will receive an e-mail with the URL of the required information input form to the e-mail address you entered when applying. If you do not enter the required information by the due date, it will be invalid. * Prizes can only be shipped within Japan. [Inquiries] Book Ace Co., Ltd. Book Product Department 310-0853 1828-888 Hirasucho, Mito City TEL: 029-503-6200

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