[Kao Co., Ltd. (Kao MK News)] Yuki Koike, who marked 9 seconds 98 at 100m on land, held an event “Ketkko Attack Zero” on November 4th (Monday / holiday) to give children a run lecture

Kao Corporation (Kao MK News) Yuki Koike, who recorded 9 seconds 98 at 100m on land, held an event “Ketkko Attack Zero” on November 4th (Monday / holiday) to give children a run lecture. Recruit 100 participating elementary school students kakekko-attack.jp/about Attack of clothing detergent brand of Kao Co., Ltd. has been sponsoring “Ketkko Attack” operated by the Japan Running Association (hereinafter “Japan Running Association”) since 2017. Based on the concept of “Let’s take care of sports dirt!”, We advocated “To get dirty is to challenge”, and children who are crazy about muddy and do their best, and families who suffer from dirty uniforms and practice clothes. Has been cheering on. “Kakekko Attack Zero” was co-sponsored with the Japan Running Association in the hope that more children would like to “run with full power without worrying about dirt” and “the pleasure of running”. Will be held at Shintoyosu Brillia Running Stadium on November 4th (Monday / Holiday). [Image 1

As a special guest, Yuki Koike, who marks 9 seconds 98, the 9 second range of the third Japanese player at 100m on the ground, will be greeted as a special guest. In addition to lectures run directly by children, Koike is a program that allows you to fully interact with your favorite Koike, such as talk shows and question corners. There will also be a booth in the venue where you can try out attack products. From the attack ZERO’s one-hand push experience and the Attack Pro EX soap clean-up experience, you can touch the fun of washing from children to adults. Application for participation starts on the official website of Kakekko Attack from 0:00 on September 9 (Monday). If there are many applications, it will be a lottery. “Kakekko Attack Zero” Date: November 4, 2019 (Monday / Holiday) 11: 00-12: 30 (reception 10: 15-) Venue: Shin-Toyosu Brillia Running Stadium Organizer: Japan Running Association Co-sponsored: Kao Attack Support: Sports Agency Special guest: Yuki Koike (track and field, men’s short distance) Lecturer: Ms. Kawada Target: Elementary school students Number of applicants: 100 people by lottery Participation fee: Free URL: https://kakekko-attack.jp/about * Please refer to the URL above for details regarding application. [Image 2

Yuki Koike Competition item: Track and field, short distance Birthplace: Otaru City, Hokkaido Birthday: May 13, 1995 (24 years old) Affiliated company: Sumitomo Electric Personal best: 100m 9 seconds 98 / 200m 20 seconds 23 For nine years at elementary and junior high schools, he worked on baseball, and until the summer of the third year of junior high school, he was a baseball player of “Ace No. 4”, but he switched to a track and field athlete because he wanted to do an individual competition. Worked on athletics in earnest after entering high school, and started showing his horns right from the first grade. Confrontation with Yoshihide Kiryu is attracting attention as a rival in the same school year, but he was unable to win both inter-high and national polity, and finally won the national title in Japan Junior High School 100m. After graduation, he went to Keio University and experienced the first world competition at the first year of the World Junior Championships. Entered the 200m final, the third Japanese in history, and won a silver medal. He also participated in 4 × 100mR, contributing to the highest silver medal in Japan. After that, despite being suffering from injuries, he was appointed as the 100th captain of Keio University Race Club when he was in 4th grade. After graduating from university, he belonged to ANA → Sumitomo Electric, where he worked for the former competition of Koichi Usui. He was selected as the 200m representative of the Jakarta Asian Games in August 2018, won the personal best of 20 seconds 23 (+0.7), and won the gold medal for the first time in 12 years in Japan in the same event. He won a bronze medal in 2 runs at the 4 × 400m relay of the tournament. Furthermore, in the 100m final of the athletics diamond league in London in July 2019, he marked his own new 9/98 (3rd 9th in Japan, 2nd place in Thailand) and finished 4th, becoming Doha World Athletics. It was a result that gave me expectations.

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Kawabata Sodai Competition item: Athletics, short distance (60m / 100m / 200m) Birthplace: Tokyo Birthday: June 19, 1989 (30 years old) Affiliation: Takashima High School → Chuo University → Mizuno Track Club → Athletics Japan
■ Outdoor 60m Japan record holder 6 seconds 63 (2014)
■ 2011 Asian Championship Kobe 4 × 100mR Won
■ 2013 Asian Championship Pune 4 × 100mR 2nd
■ Current Tokai University Athletics Department Short Distance Coach Chuo University and the business group (Mizuno Track Club) have many achievements not only in Japan but also in Asian Games as representatives of Japan. He graduated from Tokai University Graduate School in March 2019 and now teaches as a coach of the University Athletics Club after leaving Mizuno Track Club. This is a classroom for professionals who teach children about children. In addition to teaching tips on how to run that are not taught in physical education at school, etc., we will support you so that you can feel that it is fun to run! [Image 7

■ Attack ZERO Kao’s best cleaning base “Bio” was launched on April 1, 2019 as “Attack Zero”, a concentrated liquid detergent for clothing that transforms the conventional concept of cleaning. This is the first product based on IOS. Aiming for “zero cleaning” to rejuvenate clothing, we realized “the best cleaning power in the history of attack liquids”. In addition, Kao introduced the first “drum-type” product. In addition, each lineup includes “One Hand Push”, which allows easy weighing with one hand. [Image 8

■ Attack Pro EX soap Washing soap that removes stubborn dirt by realizing high cleaning power and ease of use from the “Attack” series of laundry detergents that wash clothes white and clean with innovative cleaning technology (for partial use) )is. Ganko part dirt centering on “mud dirt”, which has been time-consuming and time-consuming, will also be surprising white. [Image 9

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