From anti-metabo measures to muscle activity, high awareness of protein intake in home cooking that supports exercise. About 40% use and respond to “chicken”-Consumers’ troubles & ideas-[Table experience lab]

Vaz Corporation From anti-metabo measures to muscle activity, high awareness of protein intake in home cooking that supports exercise. About 40% use and respond to “chicken”-Consumers’ troubles & ideas-[Table experience lab] -On the other hand, to highlight the worries of making menus, such as lack of variation in high-protein, low-fat dishes, and balance between volume and nutrition balance- Vaz Inc. (office: Musashino City, Tokyo, Head Office: Nerima-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Yoshi Funada), which operates the SnapDish cooking photo sharing application (SnapDish), uses this app. We have collected “SnapDish Everybody’s Ideas Collection-Exercise and Meal Edition” and gathered voices about “Cooking for People who Exercise”. [Image 1

1) About 80% replied, “I care about meals for family members who exercise.” What are your concerns about the meal and why? In this survey, 83% answered “Yes” to the question “Do you have exercise for yourself or your family?” And “How much do you care about your diet for those who exercise?” In response to this question, 78% of respondents answered that they were “very worried” or “somewhat worried”.
▼ Children in their 40s, spouses in their 50s tend to start exercise. In response to the question “Who are you exercising?”, “I am the most common answer” is around 60%, and there is no change by age, but other than me, my family tends to join me in my 40s Was seen. In particular, the ratio of “children” in the 40s and over and “spouse” in the 50s and over have increased significantly. [Image 2

[Image 3

▼ About 60% responded that they were aware of “protein”, which exceeded the “total nutritional balance”. In “Ingredients to watch out for diet for family members”, “Protein” related to muscle formation was the most common at 59.2%, followed by “Total nutritional balance” of 54.3%, and “Sugar” of 45.1%. Many answers gathered in the order of%. In a questionnaire on food and health conducted in June 2019, there was a strong tendency to reduce carbohydrates and salt, but this meal for people who exercise does not reduce them. Many voices were seen. [Image 4

▼ Reasons for caring for “meal” for exercise 1. Awareness of muscle mass and strong awareness of protein intake (16.8%) ・ I want to have a well-balanced meal and gain a lot of protein and gain muscle efficiently. (Kyoto, 20s, female) ・ Because we go swimming after meals almost every day, we pay attention to protein and sugar to make it easy to digest, and to adjust the overall nutritional balance on a weekly basis so that the menu does not shift. The (Saitama Prefecture, 40s, female) -Pay attention to the timing of intake of carbohydrates and proteins, and devise measures to prevent muscle loss. (Kyoto, 50s, male) ・ PFC balance (* 3 energy ratios of protein, protein, lipid and carbohydrate), especially food that can efficiently synthesize muscles broken down by sports. (Tokyo, 30s, female) ・ We refrain from carbohydrates on a diet, but when exercising, try to get some energy. Protein increases muscle mass! (Tokyo, 20s, female) ・ Swimming and thinking about nutrition. To avoid getting fat, to get tired, to be able to cope with meals and long distances with good instantaneous power. There were also many meals that made muscle with protein. (Tochigi, 40s, female) 2. For injury prevention and condition management by exercise (13.8%) ・ Children are playing soccer, so we are particularly careful during the hot seasons like now. I am worried about heat stroke, etc., and I want children to have a good performance with a balanced supply of various ingredients so that they can exert their power. (Ishikawa Prefecture / 40s / Female) ・ Because of his endurance before the game, he said his physical condition improved after he began to take care of things such as hard practice and things that helped heal fatigue after the game. (Hokkaido / 40s / Female) ・ Two sons play basketball. Make a big body that doesn’t lose against big players. Strengthen the trunk. Leave no fatigue. Aiming to create a body that will not cause injury or illness, I am allowed to eat every day taking care of the content and quantity of meals. (Kanagawa, 40s, female) ・ For iron deficiency anemia and to build a body that can withstand hard practice. (Tokyo, 50s, female) ・ Because of intense exercise such as golf and basketball, we are planning a menu every day, taking into account protein and overall nutritional balance, mainly from the total calorie intake. (Tokyo, 20s, female) ・ I play volleyball, but I am interested in eating after exercise and managing my physical condition for the competition, maintaining my muscles, and recovering from fatigue quickly. (Tochigi, 30s, female) 3. For body makeup and diet (10.5%) ・ To make a sharp body makeup. (Kanagawa, 50s, female) ・ Do not get fat. But I get good nutrition. (Fukuoka / 40s / Female) ・ Because it is exercise to maintain body shape, the priority is total calories and nutritional balance. Increase muscle protein on muscle training days. (Kanagawa, 30s, female) ・ I want to improve my performance while controlling my weight. (Tokyo, 40s, male) ・ For a beautiful body and health. (Osaka prefecture, 50s, female) ・ If you just reduce, you will not be able to exercise. By ingesting in a balanced manner, both exercise and diet can be achieved. (Kanagawa, 50s, female) ・ Because it is fat for the health of the husband, so as not to gain any more. (Tokyo, 20s, female) 2) Many people who buy consciously about exercise often support high-protein, low-fat “chicken”. Although it was a protein that was often answered in the question of “points to be worried about in the diet”, about 60% of the “menus that are consciously prepared for those who exercise, and often bought foods” are foods that contain a lot of protein and that It became the answer of the menu used. Among them, “Chicken” was highly supported, and “Sasami” and “Muneiku” responded prominently. [Image 5

3) There are many worries about the people who make meals for family members who exercise. There are voices that are struggling to make a meal that balances the many nutrients that are needed, even though they are concerned about dietary support for their family members who exercise and for themselves. 1. Difficulty in thinking about menus and making menus more ruined. ・ As the overall nutritional balance is important, it is difficult to decide on a balanced menu. (Hokkaido / 40s / Female) ・ If you think you can eat even if you are tired, the menu will be biased because it will be your favorite seasoning. (Nara, 40s, female) ・ There are not many variations of dishes using breast and fillet. (Saitama Prefecture, 20s, female) ・ It is hard to think about menu every day. I get bored because it always has a similar menu. (Tokyo, 20s, female) ・ It is a little worrisome to worry about nutritional balance and thinking about daily menu. (Aichi, 30s, female) ・ I tend to get a one-pattern menu and get bored. (Kyoto, 20s, female) 2. I want you to eat nutritious things in a well-balanced way … but your family likes and dislikes. ・ I don’t like it because I like and hate it. (Tokyo, 60s, female) ・ Since each family has unbalanced food, the ingredients used are limited. (Yamanashi prefecture, 50s, female) ・ Since there are many likes and dislikes, the number of dishes that can be made is limited. (Kanagawa, 20s, female) ・ I like meat, so I want to eat fish in a well-balanced manner. (Ibaraki, 30s, female) ・ I want you to eat fish, but I don’t want to eat meat and fish because my family doesn’t like it. As a result, it becomes only meat. (Tokyo, 40s, female) 3. It is difficult to make the amount of meal and calorie intake appropriate. ・ I’m worried about whether I can eat calories that match my age. (Okinawa, 50s, female) ・ It’s hard to think of a menu that has volume but doesn’t have too many calories. (Kanagawa, 20s, female) ・ I sometimes worried how much I should take. (Chiba, 40s, female) ・ Because the practice time is not constant, the time to eat varies, and the amount of meal and menu are bothersome. (Tokyo, 50s, female) ・ If you exercise, it will be difficult to keep your stomach from becoming too high-calorie. (Osaka, 40s, female) ・ It is difficult to satisfy your stomach and improve your stomach. (Tokyo, 40s, female) ・ I don’t know when and how much to eat. (Iwate, 30s, female) 4) Devise to continue to make delicious and efficient dishes for people who exercise The ingenuities that respondents who supported exercise in home cooking struggled find many answers that are not only about nutrition to make exercise more effective, but also about the deliciousness of cooking. It was. 1. A device that makes it easy for family members to eat nutrition ・ Because you cannot drink milk, supplement with cheese. Make a menu that can be eaten in a balanced manner with one plate such as taco rice. (Saitama Prefecture, 40s, female) ・ If the meat is a lump, its repertoire is limited, and the internal organs are burdensome to digest, so we use it as minced meat. (Kanagawa, 50s, female) ・ Since we want to eat plenty of vegetables, we make them steamed vegetables. The oil is mainly sesame oil and olive oil. (Hiroshima, 40s, female) ・ Make vinegared rice with orange juice and add vitamins. (Saitama Prefecture, 40s, female) ・ When I hear that crab-footed sea urchins make muscles, I use them in salads and stir-fries while taking care of the amount of salt. (Kanagawa, 50s, female) -Cook rice with more glutinous wheat than rice. Seaweed and natto are eaten actively every day. Keep dairy products and fruits sparing. (Tokyo, 40s, female) ・ For the children who want to eat the amount at home, I place importance on balance. When you can’t get fruit, 100% orange juice and vegetables are miso soup! Meat is pork + onion ginger baked to recover from fatigue. Every day, I use soy, ginger and vinegar. Natto goes well on the table. (Kanagawa, 40s, female) ・ We always have some nutritious and nutritious ingredients such as sesame and bonito. (Tokyo, 30s, female) 2. Utilizing healthy seasonings and spices, devised to eliminate rut by seasoning. ・ Low-sugar, high-protein dishes get tired of tofu and use various spices. (Saitama Prefecture, 40s, female) ・ Sasami and breast tend to be hard, so when adding seasoning, add salted salmon and amazake. (Kanagawa, 50s, female) ・ To prevent the taste from fading, fermented foods such as salted salmon are added in a hidden taste. (Kumamoto Prefecture, 40s, female) ・ Use vinegar or lemon. I heard that it is salt-reduced and easy to eat, and that iron and calcium absorption increases. (Tokyo, 40s, female) ・ Pick chicken breasts with vinegar, sugar and salt, boil the green onions, ginger, crushed garlic, sake, water, add chicken breasts and boil again. You can make soup with boiled soup. (Kanagawa, 40s, female) ・ Curry is made with spices instead of roux, and it is often made with garlic ginger, plenty of other vegetables, meat and tomato cans, making it a very healthy and delicious curry. (Tokyo, 30s, female) ・ Cooked at low temperature to make it easy to eat chicken breasts. (Tochigi, 50s, female) 3. Ingenuity to save time, make it a habit, and continue deliciously. ・ I want to get a lot of protein, so I always make boiled scissors. (Hokkaido / 40s / Female) ・ Natto udon is routine for breakfast on the day of the game. Easy and cheap stomach is good! (Aomori, 40s, female) ・ Make chicken breasts into salmon ham and do not cut them into the refrigerator. It’s not just salad, but it can be used as a main dish, sliced ​​thinly, sandwiches, noodles, cracked sardines, and so on. (Ehime Prefecture, 50s, female) ・ We do not use salad oil and cook in the microwave as it will save time. (Yamagata prefecture, 20s, female) ・ A small rice ball is always stored in the refrigerator. I go home after practice so that I can eat when I am hungry. Mix AJINOMOTO Boiled Rice with warm rice and make a small rice ball. Arrange the taste by adding white sesame seeds and umeboshi. When my daughter is late in club activities, she may pinch just before going swimming. (Saitama Prefecture, 40s, female) ・ Sweaters need moderately moderate salt, but some do not. I don’t want to make it separately, so I’ll add the taste to each family with a lighter basic seasoning. The table is lined with soy sauce, ponzu, sauce and dressing, which is also fun. (Tokyo, 40s, female) ・ By preparing a menu that is easy to prepare and easy to feed, such as hot pot in the summer and grilled meat in the summer, you can save time and simplify your work. (Kanagawa, 50s, male)
■ If you wish, we will disclose the survey result data. We provide respondent attributes, summary data, and free answer full texts free of charge. Please apply from the form at the bottom of the page below. * Residence frequency, menu, scene data and the reasons, worries, reason for answer (free answer) include the prefecture, age, gender, working status, number of adults in the household, number of children in the household These attributes are also listed.
■ Click here for a list of dishes posted with SnapDish’s “Recovery from Fatigue”
■ What is “SnapDish Everyone’s Table Experience Lab”? SnapDish is a laboratory that aims to “enhance the dining experience for consumers” by collecting and sharing their own voices and ideas.
■ Survey Overview Survey method: Recruitment of answers as “Recruitment of everyone ’s voice ♪ Exercise and meal” Answer period: August 3, 2019 to August 9, 2019 Number of respondents: 304

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