[Eat and] Win a lottery with a gourmet gourmet, Osaka’s original goods! “Osaka Osho 50th Anniversary Festival” Held-A luxurious product from Osaka Osamu with a 50-year-old appreciation-

Eat and The gourmet food that you can win in the lottery, the Osaka Osho original goods, will win! “Osaka Osho 50th Anniversary Festival” Held-A luxurious product from Osaka Osamu with a 50-year-old appreciation- Eat and Co., Ltd. (Tokyo Head Office: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Hiroyasu Nakata) is currently in its 50th anniversary at the “Osaka Osho” ​​specializing in dumplings, which celebrated its 50th anniversary in September 2019. We will hold “Great impression festival”. [Image 1

■ Campaign Overview ◎ “Osaka Osho 50th Anniversary Festival” Overview Page https://www.osaka-ohsho.com/campaign/ ◎ Implementation period: Friday, September 13, 2019 to Thursday, October 31, 2019 ◎ Store: Domestic Osaka Osho ◎ Contents: During the period, a card with a serial number will be presented to customers who order in-store food and drinks and take-away amount 1,000 yen (including tax) at Osaka Osho, or for customers who have ordered a large excitement festival set. If you apply on the campaign page in the Gyoza Circle or from a dedicated postcard, you can win Kuidaore gourmet food or the original product of Osaka Osho. ◎ Target products: Osaka Osamu menu and great impression festival set The Great Kansai Festival set is a product that includes a complete fried golden fried rice and six baked dumplings. * The price of the dumpling set varies between East and West Japan. * Some stores do not sell. [Image 2

◎ Prize [Kudaidare Prize] ・ Matsusaka beef sukiyaki 1kg (10 people) ・ Essential comparison set of 3kg 2.3kg (15 people) ・ Torafugu Tetchi & Tessa Set 1kg (20 people) [Osaka King Award] ・ Osaka Osho meal ticket for 5,000 yen (50 people) ・ Osaka Osho Gyoza Set Tableware Set (50 people) ・ Frying pan for 50 people ・ Osaka Osho Chinese Seasoning Set (500 people) ・ Osaka Osho Gyoza 100 meal free ticket (500 people) [Special Award] (Maximum Application Award) -Serious dumpling baking machine (1 person) ◎ Application method: Postcard application or WEB application [Postcard application] Apply the serial code on the special postcard, specifying your name, address, telephone number, age, gender and desired prizes. * The dedicated postcard can be downloaded from the campaign site. www.osaka-ohsho.com/campaign/ * Special postcards are also distributed at stores. PO Box 2 No. 2 Kadoma Post Office, Japan Post Co., Ltd. 571-8691 Osaka Osho general impression festival campaign [WEB application] Fill out the application form on the campaign site, enter your serial number, and apply. gyoza-circle.g-sta.jp/ ◎ Application deadline: Friday, November 1, 2019 Postmark valid on the day * Online application until Thursday, October 31, 2019, 23:59 ◎ Free gifts: Late November 2019 (planned) 【Notes】 ・ People who live in Japan and who receive prizes are limited to those in Japan. Application is limited to the person himself / herself. ・ Please note that we cannot accept the exchange or cash exchange of the selected products. ・ If you are unable to deliver the prize because you do not know your address or address, or if you cannot receive the prize due to a long absence, the winning will be invalidated. ・ The recipients of the prize will be limited to the address of the winner in Japan. ・ The personal information you provide when you apply will be used as statistical information that does not identify individuals for the purposes of lottery, prize shipment, and marketing. ・ After the deadline, the winner will be determined after strict screening. -Winners will be announced by sending out prizes. [Inquiries about the campaign] Osaka Osho general impression festival campaign TEL: 0120-311-928 * Reception hours 9: 00-17: 00 on weekdays (excluding weekends and holidays) Campaign site URL: www.osaka-ohsho.com/campaign/ [Osaka Osho Brand Site] www.osaka-ohsho.com/ In September 2019, Osaka general celebrates its 50th anniversary. Thanks to the customers who have patronized us so far, we will continue to provide “Koto” that will make you smile more energetic and smile with the slogan “Make the world happy with dumplings!” . [Image 3

Eat and Go will continue to cherish the “Our Mission” “Dreams, Fun and Brilliance of Life” and contribute to the improvement of lifestyle through “Creation of Food Culture”, while providing customers with “Food: EAT” + “&”. I will propose.

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