Select the official reporter of Tohoku’s largest “Sendai Anime Festival”! Run up the Stardom with local media coverage and stage appearances! !

Sendai Anime Festival Executive Committee Select the official reporter of Tohoku’s largest “Sendai Anime Festival”! Run up the Stardom with local media coverage and stage appearances! ! [Image 1

Tohoku’s largest anime festival “Sendai Anime Fest” to be held at Yume Messe Miyagi on October 19th and 20th is looking for official reporters to convey the fun of the event from the visitors’ perspective. Those who are employed as official reporters will be treated as guest performers and will be responsible for local media coverage and stage appearances. In addition to reporting on the venue live via SNS and Rakuten LIVE from the viewpoint of visitors, guest performers will also be interviewed. For those who have been active, we will also consider the chance to appear in the next fiscal year. We will also introduce the production to the employers. General applicants, cosplayers, talents, and other people who love subcultures such as anime and games are free to apply. We look forward to applying for those who are eager to grow together with Sendai Anime Festival. [Reporter benefits] * 1 ・ Round trip and accommodation expenses are borne by the administration office * 2 ・ Press release issued ・ Stage to the stage ・ Appearance in local media ・ Guarantee up to 50,000 yen a day * 3 * 4 * 1 Depending on the event situation, all benefits may not be available. * 2 Pays for round trip and stay expenses for one employer and one manager. For remote islands and overseas, transportation expenses from Tokyo Station are paid. * 3 The full amount cannot be paid if there is no active activity. Please note. * 4 As part of public relations, we may ask you to operate at an anime festival other than Sendai. In that case, we will consult about the amount separately depending on the work contents. ==== In addition to exhibiting popular works such as anime and games, anison live, and cosplay areas, the Tohoku local food stalls are in full swing! An anime festival that can only be enjoyed by Tohoku from core anime fans. This year, it will be upgraded and popular idol voice actors, former AKB group members, and Heisei handsome special effects heroes will also appear! Furthermore, the popular DJ event “Re: animation” will be held at the same time! [Guest performers] Masaaki Endo / Minami Kuribayashi / Yuka Sasaki / Foreign Pop (Yue Kozakai / Reiko Sasaki / Marina Yamada) / Rena Hasegawa / Rena Kagetsu / A Neko P / Run Girls, Run! / Misaki Takagi / Pile / DJ Caesar / Ayaka Komatsu / Uncle Sumire and others * Scheduled to be added as needed [Artist who appeared last time] Yoshioka Keisuke / Nagano Airi / Tanaka Miumi / Aoyama Yoshino / Yamashita Nanami / Okuno Kaori / Takagi Mirei / Shinichiro Miki / Katsuju Hogame / Fumi Komatsu / Eri Yamazaki / Yui Watanabe / Rui Murakawa / Machico / Yuka Iguchi / Yuri Komagata / Yukiko Tsukita / Kyuka Tamura / Kyuka Tamura / Reiko Sasaki / Natsuko Hara / Hippo / Ishii Mark / Sawashiro Chiharu / Mimori Komori / Mia REGINA / Marina Kono / Mikichu and others Application period: Until September 16, 2019 23:59 How to apply: Apply from the entry sheet Below are the terms. [Image 2

“Sendai Anime Festival” was held at the Sendai International Center in 2017 as the first large-scale anime event in Tohoku. In the first edition, members of the anime-linked voice actor unit from Sendai, popular voice actors such as Eli Yamazaki, Yui Watanabe, Rie Murakawa, Machico, Yuka Iguchi, and other great palaces such as Shinichiro Miki, Katsutoshi Hogame, Shimiko Komatsu, etc. A voice actor has appeared and has been a great success. Two years have passed since the last time, and “Sendai Anime Fes 2019”, which will be scaled up and sent, is currently scheduled to have nearly 30 guest appearances. In addition to anison live, “Sendai Anime Fest” will include anime and game works, cosplay areas, VTuber, vocaloids, idols, VR experiences, pain car displays, e-sports events, 3×3 basketball events, and more. We are planning. Admission tickets are now on sale at Rakuten tickets. Sendai Anime Festival ticket reception URL: Reani + Sendai Anime Festival reception URL: [Image 3

[Outline of Sendai Anime Festival 2019]
■ Date: October 19th (Sat), 20th (Sun), 2019
■ Venue: Yume Messe Miyagi
■ Admission fee:
● Sendai Anime Festival (October 19th, 20th 10: 00-17: 00): Advance ticket: ¥ 2,200 (Same-day ticket: ¥ 2,500) On stage, we sell tickets for “Premium Live Area” where you can see the performers up close! A separate ticket for each area is required for admission. [S] Area Standing ¥ 3,000 [A] Area Standing ¥ 1,000 [Free] Area Standing You can usually enter with an admission ticket. * Number of people in each area is limited * Regardless of whether it is paid or free, you must purchase an admission ticket. The schedule will be announced in mid-September!
● Re: animation Special (October 19, 17: 00-21: 00): Re: animation Special + 19-day admission ticket: ¥ 5,000 Applications for the second advance lottery sale are being accepted from 10:00 on Saturday, September 7th! !
■ Support: Miyagi / Sendai City / Sendai Chamber of Commerce / Japan Video Association / NPO Akihabara Tourism Promotion Association / AKIBA Tourism Association / BiVi Sendai Station East Exit
■ Support: Suntory Beverage Solution Co., Ltd.
■ Organizer: Sendai Anime Festival Executive Committee Sendai Anime Festival Official Site: Twitter official account @sendai_anifes Re: animation Official Site: Official Reporter Audition Special Site: (under construction) Masaaki Endo Kuribayashi Minami Reika Sasaki A Sky of Magnolia ・ MariNa, Asuka Kozuka SHAKE HEAD ・ Nen Seo, Shakesa Uncle Sumire Pile Run Girls, Run! ・ Hayashi drum, Yuka Morishima, Nami Atsugi DJ Misaki Takagi DJ Caesar Foreign pop ・ Yue Kozakai, Reiko Sasaki, Marina Yamada Reina Hasegawa Sena Kagetsu A response P ・ Yuna Asahi, Hinaki Kudo, Aoi Kojima, Yukino Tsutsumi, Yui, Aya Harusaki, Yuki Hirose, Naruse Hoshi Ayaka Komatsu Uncle Sumire ※Titles omitted
■ Sendai Anime Fest Official Reporter Secretariat ACETIA Inc. Contact: Tel: 03-4500-8284 (representative) / Charge: Toyosawa ※ Weekdays 10: 00-18: 00
■ D-cloud in Sendai Anime Festival Executive Committee Contact Tel: 03-6416-5901 (representative) Charge: Oyama / Moriya ※ Weekdays 10: 00-17: 00

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