[Emile Co., Ltd.] [Oyama style] Shigeki Maruyama senior debut & celebrating birthday! “Shiki Maruyama original model Oyama style makeup one pat” signed with autographs is presented to 10 people!

ESMILE Inc. [Oyama style] Shigeki Maruyama senior debut & birthday celebration! “Shiki Maruyama original model Oyama style makeup one pat” signed with autographs is presented to 10 people! A chance to receive another “Oyama style” with autographed auto-entry format for each purchase! First of all, let’s reduce the number of pats with the special appendix DVD “Pats are definitely better!” Emile Co., Ltd. (ohyamashiki.com headquarters: Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, representative director: Atsushi Nakamura), a product of the “Oyama style” series product that has exceeded 5 million series sales from reviews, is a professional golfer Shigeki Maruyama Celebrate their senior debut and present a collaborative product “Shigeki Maruyama Original Model Oyama Style Make-One Pat” to 10 people with the same autographed product. Automatic entry for each purchase, so you can apply as many as you like. Application period: Until the end of September. Announcement: We will ship in early October and replace it with an announcement. Company site e-smile-shop.com/landing/makeoneputt_001.php?convid=90 Rakuten item.rakuten.co.jp/e-shii/10004949/ Yahoo! store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/esmile-yh/05h690.html [Image 1

Maruyama is also attracting attention as the head coach of the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Men’s Golf Japan. The company said, “We are delighted to make a domestic debut at the Komatsu Open, which will be celebrated on the 12th birthday of our 50th birthday. I would like fans to use this product. ” The tournament will be held at Komatsu Country Club in Komatsu City, Ishikawa Prefecture for a three-day schedule. Mr. Maruyama’s official Instagram also sends out a round of practice rounds for Mr. Maruyama’s official game. [Image 2

The product includes “Shiki Maruyama’s original model Oyama-style” and a special supplementary lesson DVD “Pat is definitely better!”, Which is well received. [Image 3

Because Maruyama himself has been using the Oyama style for more than 5 years, the lesson DVD also talks about the center of gravity and the physical basis of golf. [Image 4

Trajectory so far spoken on DVD Injuries and breakdowns that plague professional athletes were not unrelated to Maruyama. One of the prizes at a golf competition, using the Oyama style, improved pain in the knees, etc., and was a favorite. “Neither the waist nor the knees were so bad that I couldn’t play without hitting hyaluronic acid,” said the DVD special interview in the special appendix. [Image 5

DVD full of Maruyama’s charm and knowledge In a long interview, as a professional golfer, he is full of detailed advice. “The stronger the lower body, the better the putter. If the lower body is not shaken, the posture of the “boss char” address will not collapse. However, if it breaks down even for a moment, the face will be slightly off. The hit ball can be removed from the cup even at a distance of several tens of centimeters. It ’s even better if it ’s a few meters away. ” “What is important in golf is the strength of the legs and the stability of the lower body. The foundation must be solid, as the trunk is solid and the lower body supports it. ” Mr. Kohei Yamamoto, the person in charge of planning, says, “I would like many people to watch DVDs packed with the appeal of Maruyama as well as technology.” More beautiful and healthier. Oyama style. https://ohyamashiki.com/
[Image 6

Oyama-style is a toe pad that has been researched and developed under the supervision of Professor Emeritus Osaka University and Yoshinori Oyama as a posture correction device that can be approached from the sole that supports the whole body. A state in which the toes are floating when standing and the center of gravity is biased toward the heel. Many are said to cause weight loss due to fatigue, unnecessary muscle development and fat accumulation because the toes should not be placed on the center of gravity. With the Oyama formula, it spread from a small number of models to the world, “natural toes move and floating fingers improve”, “posture improves” and “natural legs become straight and clean”. There are many repeaters, and a cumulative total of 5 million units are sold. Japanese technology is supported to contribute to the beauty, health and proportions of women around the world. ESMILE Co., Ltd. Company Profile Corporate philosophy “Becoming a lifelong partner through unique products that make everyday life more comfortable,” we will continue to deliver brands that pursue consumer satisfaction to the world by leveraging the know-how we have accumulated since our founding. Representative brand “Oyama style series” “Sayonara Danny” “Clean PON” “Fujiwara style series” “Beautiful feet” “Dekisugi towel”. Company name: ESMILE Inc. Representative: Satoshi Nakamura, Representative Director Location: 5-8-7 Okusawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 158-0083, Japan Phone number: 03-5758-1555 http://www.e-smile.co.jp/index.html

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