[Howe Kore Co., Ltd.] Norio Kurata, who is the topic of “I loved you today”, is the official model of the fashion brand “& rere”.

Howe Co., Ltd. The official model of the fashion brand “& rere” was appointed by Ayano Kurata, who was the topic of “I loved you today”. 10 people in the lottery will win the clothes & autographed colored paper worn by Norio Kurata in the shooting! Howcolle Co., Ltd. (Representative Director Ryo Yoshimoto), who develops the romance media “Howole”, has appointed Kurata Nosai (Churros affiliation) as the official model of the fashion brand “& rere” opened in August. A present campaign will be held to commemorate the appointment of the official model. [Image 9

■ About Nori Kurata [Image 2

[Image 3

Abema TV appeared in the Hawaii Reality, Hong Kong Disneyland and Summer Holidays of the Love Reality Show “I loved you today” and became a hot couple as a couple with Kurogananoa. In August, “Kurata No Aya Channel” was established on YouTube, and in less than a month, the number of subscribers reached 104,000 (as of September 12). In addition, it appears on the MixChannel stage of “Kansai Collection 2019 AUTUMN & WINTER”, and the appearance of “Rakuten Girls Award 2019 AUTUMN / WINTER” to be held on September 28 has also been decided. [Video 2: https://prtimes.jp/api/movieim.php?t=youtube&url=www.youtube.com/watch?v=3rkKJ6q3MJM]
■ Comment from Nori Kurata I am very happy to be involved in my favorite fashion. I would like to convey the appeal of clothes to as many people as possible and challenge the production of products in the future.
■ About fashion brand “& rere” [Image 4

Howcolle Co., Ltd. operates “Howole” (https://howcollect.jp/), a romance media based on the concept of “more cute in love with fashion”. The fashion brand “& rere” was opened in August as a new business based on the achievement of the vision.
● Handling products We have products with simple and feminine tastes that don’t claim too much, based on the concept of “self-dressed adults who are cute in everyday life or on special occasions”. There are currently 150 types of products, mainly dresses, ranging from shirts, blouses, skirts to small items such as bags. ・ Beige color suit setup: 6.300 yen [Image 5

・ Back strap knit: 4,000 yen [Image 6

・ Rib knit pants: 2,800 yen [Image 7

・ Check pattern double breasted long jacket: 4,500 yen [Image 8

■ About present campaign -10 people will receive clothes (tops and skirts) & autographed colored paper worn by Norio Kurata during the shooting [Image 9

[Image 10

[Image 11

[Kurata Nosai & rere official model inauguration! ] For those who followed & rere’s official Instagram (@andrere___) and liked Nori Kurata’s & rere official model post during the period from September 12 (Thu) to September 26 (Thu) We will give you a piece of colored paper with clothes & signatures worn by Noya Kurata during the shooting for [10 people by lottery]. How to apply: 1. Follow & rere’s official Instagram (@andrere___) 2. “Like!” For posting to Aya Kurata & rere official model inauguration Application period: September 12 (Thu)-September 26 (Thu), 2019 Results announcement: Early October 2019 (planned) Only winners will be contacted via Instagram DM.
● Every day is a chance! Instagram Like & Follow Campaign & rere Official Instagram (@andrere___) posts products every day. [Follow & rere official Instagram] and [Like! Each product will be presented to one person by lottery. Application period: daily Results announcement: Every Monday, only winners will be contacted via Instagram DM
■ About the romance media “Howole” [Image 12

Howcolle is a media that transmits fashion and romance information produced by the editorial department based on the concept of “more cute with fashion and love”. URL: https://howcollect.jp/ [Image 13

Company name: Howe Co., Ltd. Representative: Ryo Yoshimoto, President Creation: March 2019 Location: 1-25-5 Yoyogi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo BIZSMART Yoyogi 207 URL: https://howcollect.jp/ [Contact for inquiries regarding this release] Public Relations: Yoshiha / Nonaka info@howcollect.jp

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