The industry’s first smart IoT delivery box “PacPort” to prevent false delivery and spoofing receipt

PacPort Inc. The industry’s first smart IoT delivery box “PacPort” to prevent false delivery and spoofing receipt Pre-order sales started at crowdfunding service Makuake PacPort Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Tokyo, President: Sink, PacPort) succeeded in commercializing the smart delivery box “PacPort” that has been developed using IoT and AI. Pre-order sales started at the crowdfunding service Makuake. PacPort is an innovative solution that solves the problems of existing delivery services such as misdelivery and spoofing receipts, and at the same time realizes “no need for re-delivery”. We aim to contribute to alleviating redelivery issues. Reliable, safe and fully digital smart delivery box “PacPort” [Image 1

No need for receipt stamp in fully digital delivery workflow-posting records can also be used for digital posting certification (PacPort is currently applying for a patent) PacPort made use of the smart lock developed in-house by making full use of IoT and realized the safe and secure delivery of unprecedented delivery boxes by collaborating with major delivery box manufacturers in Japan. The product “PacPort” announced this time prevents wrong delivery of packages by using the tracking number of the package in the order confirmation e-mail received after purchase on the EC site as an unlock key. In addition, the built-in camera can take a picture of the package that was posted and instantly send the photo to the consignee, preventing unauthorized operations during posting. A maximum of 3 packages can be sent to the same recipient. Furthermore, since the consignee manages the opening and closing of the box with a time-limited QR code that is generated each time a transaction is made, the anxiety about impersonation receipt can be resolved. Collectively manage order information for multiple mail order sites with a dedicated app Users can track the delivery status of goods purchased at each EC site from shipment to receipt with a dedicated smartphone app developed by PacPort. AI analyzes and organizes order and delivery information. When a user orders products from multiple EC sites, the delivery status of the package shipped on the same screen can be checked at a glance. [Image 2

Display order information for multiple mail order sites on the same screen The flexibility of installation location is attractive Expected to be used in existing apartments where large parcel lockers are difficult to install “PacPort” can be placed in any combination of multiple boxes in any existing housing complex where installation space is limited. In addition, in apartment houses where delivery lockers are chronically lacking due to the rapid expansion of the EC market, multiple “PacPort” can be used as a shared delivery box to increase the resident satisfaction. Note that the PP01A product for detached houses announced today is connected to a Wi-Fi network at the user’s house, while the PP01B product for collective housing currently under technical verification uses NB-IoT technology, which is low-cost and power-saving. I will use it. As a result, apartment owners will be able to provide high-quality delivery box sharing services to tenants at low operating costs by using existing commercial NB-IoT communication services. A collection request service that flea market users are happy with! As the market for personal second-hand goods sales is growing rapidly, not only the receipt of luggage but also the need for collection is increasing. In the future, “PacPort” will enable users to ship successful bid items while staying at home by cooperating with the trading system of flea market operators. This will reduce the stress for active users in double-income households, child-raising generations and flea marketers, and provide a better user experience. PacPort delivery box is smart here! [Image 3

Pre-order on Makuake for 39,800 yen (tax and shipping included)! Today we started recruiting crowdfunding at Makuake at the same time as the product announcement. The pre-order price is 39,800 yen (tax and shipping included), 20% off from the regular price, and the offer period is from September 12th to November 29th. Products will be shipped sequentially from December 1st. Application site: Product Summary Product name: PacPort Model number: PP01A Dimensions: Width 400X Depth 500X Height 600 (mm) Material: Metal, rainproof, fortified, UV cut compatible Color: Silver Accessories: Door handle (standard equipment for Macake) [Image 4

Smart lock Body material: Resin Battery: 6 AA batteries, 1 year standby time, daily use for 6-8 months Communication method: Wi-Fi [Image 5

Comment from PacPort Co., Ltd. President, Jin J3 “With the expansion of the EC market, Japan has placed a heavy burden on the home delivery service industry, and driver shortages and reductions in redelivery have become an urgent social issue. The last mile solution offered by PacPort is a declining birthrate and an aging population. In addition to solving the labor shortage problem due to the IoT, it will also reduce consumer’s “home delivery stress” by preventing misdelivery and spoofing receipt.In the near future, flea market collection request service and various shares We are willing to meet the diverse needs of consumers so that they can be applied to ring services. ” About PacPort Established in Japan in May 2018, PacPort Co., Ltd. is working on alleviating labor shortages and re-delivery issues in the home delivery industry with advanced IT technology, with the mission of “Last miles solutions from advanced countries and Japan to the world” It is a venture company. In February 2019, we established a research and development subsidiary in Shenzhen, China. Website: Facebook:

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