The 5G era has arrived! Launched “MoveCamp,” a one-stop video x SNS campaign package that makes it easy to conduct SNS campaigns using product promotion videos by YouTube

Gondola Inc. The 5G era has arrived! Launched “MoveCamp,” a one-stop video x SNS campaign package that makes it easy to conduct SNS campaigns using product promotion videos by YouTube Held a service briefing on October 4th Gondola Co., Ltd. (Chuo-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO, Eiji Furue, Tokyo Stock Exchange 1st Piped HD) for new experiences and business co-creation required in the 5th generation mobile communication system (“5G”) Group ■ Video x SNS Campaign One Stop Package “MoveCamp” Overview You can immediately launch an SNS campaign that makes use of YouTube's overwhelming collection of videos and appeal. Video distributors such as YouTuber introduce the campaign in the video, tell the goodness of the product properly, then guide to the campaign page at the end of the video. Users are highly interested in products, can immediately apply for campaigns from SNS such as Twitter, and can disseminate information at the same time as the application is completed. [Image 1

■ Features of “MoveCamp”, a one-stop package for video × SNS campaign (1) Appeal the appeal of products with visual and auditory sense through video YouTuber and other video distributors will introduce the video in an easy-to-understand manner, comparing products and using them. It is said that the amount of information conveyed by a one-minute video is 1.8 million words, which is equivalent to 3,600 pages of a website, and it can be expected to have a higher appealing effect than images and text. (2) How to apply for the campaign! Automatic diffusion with SNS The application method for the campaign supports various SNS collaborations. You can choose the application method according to the campaign to be executed, such as the one that completes the application by posting with a hash tag on SNS, or the one that will reply the lottery result immediately if you follow or retweet the official account. By linking with SNS, campaign information is spread every time a user applies, and effective sales promotions can be expected. (3) One-stop support from campaign planning, management and product shipment SNS campaign planning, content production, SNS operation, secretariat support, product shipping all in one stop. The campaign can be started more easily than the conventional operation that required coordination with multiple companies such as marketing companies and production companies. [Image 2

With the launch of this service, “MoveCamp-the beginning of the 5G era. What should be the SNS marketing and campaign business in the changing Internet society?” On October 4 (Friday) We will hold a free briefing session to introduce If you are interested in video advertising and video marketing, including advertising agencies, please apply for this opportunity.
■ Outline [Table 2:”>

* This briefing is for advertising agencies and corporate video marketers. Participation of customers who are not eligible may be refused. * Please note that the contents of lectures and speakers may change without prior notice. Speaker profile and biography [Image 3

■ Gondola Co., Ltd. Overview Location: 5-13-16 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Hulic Ginza East Building 5F Representative: President and CEO Eiji Furue Business description: Advertising business, Web solution business, Social management business URL:
■ Sync Inc. Overview Location: 2-35-2 Nishishinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo Representative: Representative Director Shojin Nakata Business description: Comprehensive production of website / campaign site, development and operation of web campaign platform “CAMP”, operation of digital campaign office URL:
■ Inquiries about this matter Gondola Inc. Contact: Tawara TEL: 03-6744-3143 FAX: 03-6278-8899 E-mail:

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